Luci Phurr’s Imps Prologue Page 4

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  1. Sheryl

    Ha! I love the “eh” in the sign. Very cute.

  2. dale_mettam

    I couldn’t have done this strip without the inspiration given to me by two Canadian friends.

    And even though I don’t think I’ve ever heard either tag “eh” onto the end of a sentence, that wasn’t reason enough to stop perpetuating a national stereotype.

  3. Byakugan01

    Why does war love frozen drinks? I would have thought his favorite drink would be blood drunk from the skulls of his fallen enemies! Or a snakeblood beer.

  4. dale_mettam

    When you’ve spent the day inflaming international tensions, there’s nothing so refreshing as an ice-cold beverage, and what better kind of ice-cold beverage than one that has ice in the name but for legal reasons I can’t mention? I’m reliably informed that Winnipeg is the World capital of frozen beverage consumption. I’m also reliably informed it’s like the Old West there too. Seemed like the perfect place for the guy to chill… ha-HAR! Chill.

  5. SamB

    I see. ;-P

  6. Visagor

    I prefer sprites to frozen drinks.

  7. Tamfang

    I had a Canadian friend who would say “eh” whenever he made a crack about Canada.

  8. Randilin

    I stumbled across your comic and as a Winnipeger I can confirm we are the slurpee capital of the world. Enjoying the comic a lot so far.

  9. Dale

    @Randilin – Welcome…. and keep your head down when you go to buy your own Slurpee.

  10. Miss Kara

    It’s true, we DO love our frozen drinks. So much so we go out to get them in the middle of our many blizzards.

  11. Juju

    Seriously? A 7-ten?