Luci Phurr’s Imps “This is a mistake, right?” #8

Fun Fact #C3PO:  There are FUN Facts and FASCINATING Facts.  Neither set is respectively more fun or fascinating than the other, it all comes down to which specific F-word I remember at the time of writing said facts.  The obvious F-word is actually rationed due to over-usage by Gordon Ramsey and a subsequent global shortage of both expletives and BLEEPS.

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  1. Byakugan01

    I try not to eat at the movies. I always seem to end up with an upset stomach afterwards for some reason, no matter what I order. And on another note, there are actually guys who show you where to sit?

  2. dale_mettam

    If you hit a movie mid-afternoon and have the place to yourself, there’s probably no one around with a flashlight. But if the movie is new enough and the theater full enough, they occasionally have that guy with the flashlight to tell someone to scoot along a seat or two… or point you to the space, when the movie’s started or the lights have already gone down.

    Of course, it could be that Pain has visited the same cinemas you frequent and that would explain why you haven’t seen someone doing that. After the third guy goes missing, suddenly cleaning out the rancid faux-butter popcorn additive containers doesn’t seem such a bad job.

    The rancid faux-butter popcorn additive might also explain your other issues. They put that stuff on EVERYTHING!

  3. Byakugan01

    Wait-you’re telling me that the theater was full enough for a Uwe Boll movie that they NEEDED someone to do that?! The imps don’t need to kick off the End of Days-they’ve already begun.

  4. dale_mettam

    If you look at the previous strip, this isn’t a big soulless multiplex cinema. This is DEFINITELY one of the smaller, old-time cinemas, with one large screen and a smaller one for the more artistic movies that come through town.

    A small, family run place where they specialize in REAL butter on the popcorn, real cheese-substitute on the nachos, and a guy with a flashlight on hand to show you to your seat.

    Well, until recently.

    They have a job opening now if you know anyone looking for a job?

  5. Sigurd

    They still have a couple theaters like this here in St. Paul MN. I went on a field trip to see Hook with a theater class in Junior High we saw it on the small screen, but we were so close it still felt HUGE!

  6. dale_mettam

    I joke about cinemas but actually I LOVE them. I can remember the first movie I went to see and the impact that had on me. And even allowing for seeing some pretty poor movies over the years, I still get a kick out of it.

    Nasty food, over-priced drinks, sticky carpets and the jerk beside you who can’t sit still aside, you’re in a dark room with a bunch of strangers, and even if NOTHING surprises you; you’re the kind who NEVER jumps at that predictable cat landing in the laundry-basket when we all know the killer is loose in the house and the tense music is jangling the victim-to-be’s nerves… that other people in that room jump builds that experience for you. I just love going to the cinema (can you tell? 😀 ).

  7. Furrlock Holmes

    I do like the movies…. anywhoozers: I like that… i hate it when i forget a name. Rottson, do you remember? “I believe it was… tears? I’m not sure Holmes…” And you’re too lazy to look? “I wouldn’t know where to begin, Furrllock! I’m not the genius detective…” Ugh… Help is always a bother. Anyway, lets call it tears, i like that tears is crying over the theater steward. On a side note, from the look of the flashlight, the steward had three kids, was divorced, lived in a small appartment, has a slight drinking problem but not too bad, likes old style rock and roll, is a catholic, and tried to defend himself when he was eaten. *ring ring* Ahh. that would be the phone. We must off! Rottson! to the Holmesmobile!

  8. dale_mettam

    Curiously, that deductive analysis of the flashlight and the former user, describes almost exactly, Court. I guess he put a lot of himself into that illustration.

  9. kitty

    oh poor Tears…i wonder if he feels bad for eating the cinema employee, or if he’s wishing he hadn’t eaten him so quickly?

  10. dale_mettam

    See, it never occurred to me that Tears might have been responsible for that poor cinema employee’s demise. I just figured the guys drifted too close to Pain while he was going at his bucket’o’popcorn and got sucked beyond the event horizon.

  11. Mirkwood

    Gordon Ramsey is widely regarded to be the world’s only millionaire in the bleep-and-expletive business.

  12. dale_mettam

    Gordon is in’ awesome. I love it when a in’ Englishman shouts and in’ swears at in’ Americans.

  13. Warriorking4ver

    I can tell these three are not the sort you should sit next to at the theatre, i can easily picture them leaping out at the guy sitting behind them and ripping his vocal cords out for talking on his cellphone in the middle of a good scene XD

  14. Master David Goodmen

    I expect Pain ate the guy. The blue one just likes the flashlight. I had a fit, laughing, when I read the flashlight bit!

    Back when Star Wars came out, I went to San Francisco, to the long-gone Coronet Theater, to see Star Wars in seventy-millimeter film with six-track sound—three times. Lovely!
    I once saw Apocalypse Now, in 70mm/6track. That was awesome!
    Now, we have IMax, and stereographic movies; but with ridiculous prices, and no manners. (Sigh!)

    Yesterday’s Dear Abby was about a woman telling her companion (blind) the entire movie. Abby told the person who wrote in, that she should have complained to the manager.
    I think these yakky people should “take it outside”! And leave it there!!