Luci Phurr’s Imps “Calls & Punishment” #5

Fascinating Fact #12:  I sometimes lay in bed, sending F-word facts to Courtney via my iPhone so I don’t forget them before morning.

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  1. Sheryl

    The expression in the middle panel is awesome. That does look like someone who considers his job Hell.

  2. dale_mettam

    I think we’ve ALL had that job at some point. And I gotta give kudos to Courtney… he layers in so much extra with the art. Not to mention what Matt and Tracy do adding the cream and cherry on top.

  3. Byakugan01

    Okay, just HOW MUCH of phone hell is Misfortune’s work?!

  4. dale_mettam

    Alisdair’s reach is far… and usually very petty.

  5. Byakugan01

    Wait, the trio have actual names other than Pain, Misfortune and Tears?

  6. dale_mettam

    Each Imp (and there are more than just our three – others will appear in the future) is the living manifestation of their name. Most are like Pain, they love their life and they ARE what they do in EVERY sense. A few are like Tears, who doesn’t especially like his life that much but has grown to accept his place in the world.

    And then there’s Misfortune. He’s possibly a little too self-aware and definitely thinks too much. During the five years in the bottle, with not much to do, he decided that if the Imps names defined them, then by changing his name he would change his place in the world. Of course, as you’ve already seen, he’s really in a battle with himself because he’s more like Pain than either would like to admit.

    Only time will tell how he evolves.

  7. kitty

    sheesh, Misfortune is really one devious (but ingenious) bastard.

  8. dale_mettam

    It’s the little things in life… that can make it a living hell.

  9. Warriorking4ver

    Misfortune deserves a higher rank in the demon pantheon for all the truly evil ideas he’s cooked up XD

  10. Master David Goodmen

    I do not care WHAT kind of accent one has: I refuse to spell “Dave“!!

  11. Visagor

    I agree with the King.

  12. Moth

    I looked it up. Alisdair is a variant of the name, “Alistair,” which means, “defender of men.”