Luci Phurr’s Imps “Calls & Punishment” #8

Fascinating Fact 250368:  At least three of the Fun/Fascinating Facts are true.  But not the ones you think. And I’m personally dubious about this one.

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  1. Chibichibi

    I don’t blame them, I hate eating peas too 😛

  2. dale_mettam

    Actually, when I wrote this one, it was Broccoli (which I firmly believe is actually some kind of Lovercraftian alien spore). However, when we Courtney sent me the pencils, I missed that he’d changed it to peas (he’s clearly been taken over by high levels of broccoli in his system and has become one of THEM). It wasn’t until the art had been through Matt and Tracy and came back to me to letter, that I realized and tweaked the script. It still works. Peas might NOT be one of the Unholy Trinity of Evil Vegetables… but they’re close.

  3. Minax2802
  4. dale_mettam

    Awesome link. I especially like this part:

    “Legumes are plants that bear fruit in the form of pods…”

    Y’ know what else comes in pods? Body Snatchers, that’s what!


    “Help Your Heart by Passing the Peas…”

    When you read Friday’s strip, that line will have a whole new meaning.

    Now if I could just find some marrowfat peas, I could make some mushy peas to go with my fish and chip. Of course, I’d also have to find some decent fish and chips here in the States too!

  5. Tegger the tank engine

    Tears looks real wierd in the first panel, like he just realized something…what could it have been? also, did they ever get caught when they went out of the house the first few panels they arrived? i just like having plot holes filled! =P

  6. dale_mettam

    It could be that he’s just realized that as an Imp in the 21st century, Tears sees “Master” is something of an archaic term and a 21st Century “Mistress” is something very different to what he means.

    It could just as easily be the chili-cheese-dog he had for lunch is not agreeing with him.

    But at the end of the day, he’s a small blue, bald guy with five eyes, technically he ALWAYS looks weird.

    As for the plot hole. They DID sneak back in. In the SPECIAL EDITION DIRECTOR’S CUT of the story arc, you’ll see the Imps hit a nightclub after the movie, tagged along to a private party hosted by Paris Hilton, then headed home just before dawn.

    Realizing there was a chance they would get caught, Pain set fire to the neighbor’s car as a distraction and as the Fire Crew battled the raging inferno and the flames finally hit the gas-tank, taking out three houses (which were fortunately empty due to the downturn in the housing market), the Imps tip-toed back into the house and pretended they were just up early and had gone to bathroom before anyone woke-up. Only after this, did they realize they could have, again, just teleported back into the house before the alarm-clock started BEEPING.

    But the story was running long, so we cut that whole chain of events assuming our loyal readers either wouldn’t ask, or would assume the Imps were smart enough get back before anyone noticed.

    These are the creative compromises we have to make to meet deadlines.

  7. Tegger the tank engine

    sounds like a full night, would have been quite funny to see all that! but the story must go on i suppose… also sorry for being “the reader that asked”! XD

  8. dale_mettam

    You were just asking what other readers were probably wondering.

    And now you can be our OFFICIAL Reader Who Asked! (I think the job comes with a designated parking space and possibly a badge.) 😀

    It wasn’t a complete loss. Courtney and I went and did EXTENSIVE research for that night-out. The resulting plot line we developed was based mostly around the parts we remembered.

  9. Tegger the ORWA tankengine

    now i wish i had a car…and ill be waiting on that badge! =P

  10. dale_mettam

    Badge has been sent. Check your email. Enjoy. 😀

  11. Tegger the ORWA tankengine

    i will wear this with pride!

  12. dale_mettam

    AWESOME! 😀

  13. kitty

    if they were tasty vegetables, sure, but eating peas? that’s just downright demeaning! poor little imps…

  14. dale_mettam

    I’m currently working on a theory that states STEAK is a vegetable. Cows eat vegetation, and if humans are what they eat, it stands to reason that cows are too… ergo, steak is a vegetable.

  15. kitty

    you should immediately write a thesis on this. meatitarians everywhere would sing your praises and get revenge on their health-nut spouses.

  16. dale_mettam

    This is also why I won’t eat Tilapia. Especially farm-raised.

  17. Visagor

    I could go into a rant about how incorrect you are. So I summarize it here. “Meep! You wrongzo!” Thank you, thank you, Thank ya very much!

  18. Visagor

    I cannot Remember why I said that!