Luci Phurr’s Imps “Calls & Punishment” #9

We went through several versions of the way Pain would describe the way corn looked later.  Trust me, that was NOT a discussion you wanted to be in on.  Some were pretty graphic.  Some were hilarious.  Some were very immature.  Many were hilariously graphic and immature.  In the end we decided less was more.  Alisdair’s face says it all.

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  1. Byakugan01

    I guess Alistair is now tasting misfortune! And on the brocoli thing…it’s actually decentish if smotherted with Genera Tso’s chicken sauce. Then again, you’re not tasting the brocoli anymore…

  2. Minax2802
  3. dale_mettam

    So you take the same approach to broccoli I do to sushi. If my eyes aren’t tearing-up and flames are not scorching errant nose-hairs, I didn’t put enough wasabi in the soy sauce. As a result, ALL sushi tastes awesome and fiery… I have no idea where people get the idea it might be fishy-tasting from.

    But neither wasabi nor General Tso can disguise the fact that broccoli LOOKS like some alien spores ready to enslave the world under our new Cthulhu Overlords.

    And another health-tastic link. (Are we on commission from Whole Foods here?). And again, another quote jumped out at me.

    “Corn is an icon of American culture.”

    Does that mean American culture is corny?

    And I defy anyone who’s read this strip, to sit at a family meal, lean forward and say, “Can you pass the corn?” and NOT think of Alisdair’s face. Good luck explaining THAT one at the dinner table. 😀

  4. Tegger the tank engine

    personally i love corn! its delicious, and nutritious! but it reminds me of conkers bad fur day…good times… oh by the way, your add on has it down that your site is, instead of, just thought id bring that to your attention!
    P.S. america is corny…

  5. dale_mettam

    Ad is being looked into as I type. Thanks for the heads-up.

    And being English, your mention of conkers set off a whole OTHER chain of memories for me. Cool autumnal days, young boys gathered in circles. Conkers on shoelaces. Swinging. Missing. Swinging. Breaking knuckles. Swinging. Connecting. Exploding conker and shell shrapnel. A moment of victory… later shattered as quickly as someone else’s conker shatters yours.

    At this point I KNOW I’ve completely lost the US readers.

  6. Byakugan01

    Heh, been to England myself, although I have no idea what you’re talking about…for the record, I thought the food was good. And your alien spore theory isn’t that far off: after all, the part of brocolli that we eat IS technically it’s flower buds…

  7. dale_mettam

    English food gets a bad name. In fairness, if you only do the touristy places around London, it IS bad. If you stray, just a little, you will be in for a treat.

    And for our non-English readers…. CONKERS!

  8. Tegger the ORWA tankengine

    although when i was talking about conker thats not what i ment, but oh well, now i know something new and thats worth it! any way, get the ad fixed if it was at all broken?

  9. Courtney Huddleston

    Oh, how I loved Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the N64! I never got around to playing the X-box version though. And, though there were several fun and epic battles…none were more memorable than the infamous opera singing Poo Monster.

  10. dale_mettam

    Oh yeah, rub it in, why don’t ya? I had to make do with boot-laces and vegetation for entertainment as a kid… while you had the fancy electronics.

  11. Tycho

    Ok, so after getting to spend three days in the UK a couple of years ago, I have to give props to fish and chips served up at the Eagle and Child in Oxford. Of course it may have been fan-boyish glee at sitting in the Inklings pub. But, the food wasn’t bad either. Possibly the most humorous thing I saw while there was the restaurant featuring “American Fried Chicken.” Just saying.

  12. Tegger the ORWA tankengine

    stop being jealous, its very unbecoming….not to mention the only reason i was able to play it was because of my older bro, my main entertainment was hand-me-down toys like dinosaurs, and legos, but none the less, i love Conkers Bad Fur day, and the X-Box version just made it all the more entertaining… and corn could talk and had big eyes in the game now that i recal…good memories…XD

  13. dale_mettam

    When I was growing up in England, I don’t really remember KFC. I’m pretty sure there was one, close by, but really, if you had chicken, you had roast, with potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding and veggies… on a Sunday. So really, KFC and American Fried Chicken are probably the same, but the person selling didn’t wanna get sued by the Colonel. Fish and Chips though…. AND mushy peas…. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    The whole gaming thing kinda skipped me. I had friends who had Atari’s and Segas and the early stuff, then Nintendo came along, but I was always bored. I always wanted to play in games like on the Next Generation Holodeck and PONG just didn’t cut it for me. So I just went back to comics, movies, books and my imagination. i do play some now, when I have time.

    …and vegetation stuck on the end of bootlaces, obviously.

  14. dale_mettam

    OK, I know it completely contradicts the bit above, but I LOVED the full arcade version of Star Wars… with the wire-frame TIE fighters and the wire-frame… well, everything. And as you were going down the trench on the Death Star from behind your head you would hear “Trust the Force, Luke” from a disembodied Obi Wan – THAT one, I loved!

  15. kitty

    if it were frozen corn from a bag, i’d eat it from under the table for Luci.

  16. dale_mettam

    Then you’re welcome under my table any time corn is on the menu.

  17. kitty

    yay, free corn!

  18. dale_mettam


  19. Visagor

    I eat corn In other ways. What fed the cow? the chicken? The FISH! And ever wonder what High fructose CORN syrup is? come on, people! we a re ruled by the corn! Worship them…………….

  20. D.Durand

    Why all webcomics authors say that about corn ? How do you prepare it in America ? And don’t you use your teeths ?

    You are strange peoples.