Luci Phurr’s Imps “Cookies & the Call Center” #1

Fun fact #27:  The original idea for Luci Phurr’s Imps came from Courtney.  But it was very different at the start.  Instead of Imps it centered around three angels.  They were there to help a tiny guy, called Charlie, trapped in a 1970s intercom speaker.

Long story short, after extensive research we discovered another webcomic… maybe it was a radio-play… or an off-Broadway production… I forget, but the net result was we needed to think of a new name and Luci Phurr’s Imps was born.

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  1. Salisria

    Truly few things are as evil as a school fundraiser that gets people to buy junk at prices they never would have bought it for otherwise out of guilt. Looks like the imps were sent to the right place after all.

  2. dale_mettam

    Indeed. Our local school is great, teachers are great, kids could (and do) have done a lot worse. Yet it seems like every other week the kids bring home some kinda fund-raising notification. Cookies, magazines, photos, more photos, books, even more photos. And it’s all bright and shiny and the kids get all giddy, wanting to do their bit AND get some neon green water-bottle, with a value of 20¢, as a reward for raising $100.

    EDIT: I realized that unlike most of the posts I make here, this one really wasn’t funny. To compensate I offer this. (Disclaimer: Click at your own risk. Might not be appropriate for work… though it depends where you work. They can’t all be clever and funny.)

  3. Sheryl

    Ah, I would have loved to have help selling magazine subscriptions or whatnot back in the day. Luci, make “good” use of your minions!

  4. dale_mettam

    Well, there’s help, and there’s Pain, Tears and Alisdair. You were probably better off alone.

  5. daymon

    Selling cookies, yeah this is going to go great. Oh the problems will probably funny, and they are reduced from causing world panic to selling cookies. How they have fallen.

  6. dale_mettam

    Selling them would be the obvious, normal way to approach this situation.

  7. Tangent

    Trust me. Those Girl Scout Cookies are evil. Most evil. ^^;;

  8. Chibichibi

    I’d just like to say i contribute to the evilness of Girl Scout cookies by buying them… they’re just so damn tasty. Mmm. Thin Mints.

  9. dale_mettam

    OK… um… yeah… the chocolate minty ones… lemme apologize NOW for Friday’s strip.

  10. Lisa Becker

    Weird timing…. yesterday my kids brought home cookie ordering info.

  11. dale_mettam


  12. Chibichibi

    An apology for Friday’s strip? Oh dear. Um. I also like Samoas and the peanut butter ones? Aww, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure I’ll still get a kick out of it xD

  13. dale_mettam

    Then perhaps Friday’s strip won’t ruin cookies for you entirely…. maybe…

  14. Byakugan01

    Is there any particular reason you have to apologize with regards to the thin mints?…I have a feeling i know where this is going.

  15. dale_mettam

    There IS a reason, and if you DO know, I hope it’s through logical deduction and not through experience.

    And yes, for those who DON’T know and are waiting for Friday to roll around, I do appreciate this is a little frustrating. Would it undermine my professed sympathy for you all if I now went, “BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HAR!”


    You should totally add your comic to so I can save it to my faves. =]

  17. dale_mettam

    Thanks. We’ll look into that. Thus far Courtney has been handling that stuff since techology tends to confuse and frighten me. Just posting replies here is a major achievement.

  18. kitty

    selling cookies is a great cover, and the best way for a cute small girl to start out on her path to world domination. it teaches her about achieving goals through manipulation (it’s ok, my puppy doesn’t REALLY need that operation…i’ll just go back to my room and play with mommy’s old needles and daddy’s bottles again…), getting people hooked so they’ll always need you, and knowing how to put the hurt on them when it’s time to pay up. *sniff* ah, i miss my girl scout days…

  19. dale_mettam

    Are you sure you were a girl scout and not a minion of the under world sent to assist a REAL girl scout?

  20. kitty

    *slides to the side* no…i do not know what you mean…and if i WERE a minion of the underworld, my name would not be Mischief or Temptation…

  21. dale_mettam

    You are SOOOOOO right for this place. 😀 We might have to create an imp for you.

  22. charliez

    The Master Plan is now revealed. Cookies…MUST buy COOKIEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!

  23. Visagor

    I admit it. I love the cookies.The peanut butter ones. I don’t care for mint.

  24. ghostkeeper

    Selling cookies door to door– why isn’t Misfortune taking credit this time? Is it that there are some things too horrible for even demons and imps?