Luci Phurr’s Imps “Cookies & the Call Center” #12

I have to admit, I really hate those automated switchboard things.  Especially the long ones.  There is usually one at the start where I think, “Yeah, that one might be the one that best suits my needs… but I’ll see if there’s a better one.”  So I listen to them all, gradually losing the will to live until I get to the last one and I realize the one I heard earlier was probably my best bet, but by then I can’t remember if it was option one… or four… of if maybe I’m thinking of an episode of The Office.

I think that’s actually the point.

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Discussion (36) ¬

  1. Byakugan01

    Ten bucks says he just keeps pressing zero every time it gets to the “0” part of the recording.

  2. comichero

    Wooo go lou press a random number why to live dangerously!!

  3. comichero

    Way even

  4. Orgadude

    Best. Automated-Switchboard. EVAR.

  5. keylaleigh

    *presses 8*
    My essay’s due saturday, and it’s barely halfway done.

  6. L.C.S

    “If you are calling with a complaint or a inane question about charges on your telephone bill, please hang up.”

  7. dale_mettam

    OK, be honest, if you had been listening to that list of options, you woulda forgotten the earlier options as soon as you got to #3, ‘cos at that point you’re already thinking, “Hold on! Who-what-now?”

    I’d just start pressing the later numbers just to find out what kinda person is on the end of THAT extension.

  8. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    but knowing it was hell youd think again about WANTING to know those extensions wouldn’t you? you just might get the big man him self, (at the wrong time), but i guess if you have a problem, then hes the one you “want”(?) to talk to. good luck with your essay key, i hate those things…but be careful what you do to get that extention…hate to see your prof. get in to an accident… “wink””wink”.

  9. dale_mettam

    That would be just another reason for me to press random buttons.

    And we’re happy to loan Imps out to assist in any and all college related activities… though you should know ahead of time, Frat Parties are pretty much the only thing they’re half-way good at.

  10. Salisria

    Considering that there likely have been a few college students willing to sell their souls to get an essay extension, option 8 makes sense, but probably should be higher.

    Interesting trivia fact, besides the standard twelve keys on a touch-tone keypad (0-9, *, #) there are four additional keys, A, B, C, and D not found on most phones.

  11. dale_mettam

    Imagine the extra extensions that woulda been in that automated switchboard with four additional keys!

  12. L.C.S

    The sad thing is… I can. *evil laugh*

  13. Chibichibi

    Gah! The evilness! I can’t stand it D:

    He’s a stronger Man that any I’ve ever known! Or just… dumber. Yeah. Dumber seems more likely.

  14. Dangerdoll

    I opt for dialing 9! LOLZ

  15. dale_mettam

    I DID go for #9. I now have luxuriant flowing locks.

  16. Ragedoll

    I think I would just start pressing numbers until I got it right, may as well annoy them if they’re annoying me

  17. dale_mettam

    With each post, I like you more Ragedoll. 😀

  18. L.C.S

    I wonder what would happen if you pressed all the buttons at the same time.

  19. Dangerdoll

    Lol @ L.C.S. all the buttons! Wow! Now that may just create a portal straight to hell!

  20. L.C.S

    YAY! Now we have a way to invade hell and take over! *evil laugh*

  21. Iceburgh

    >.< There a few auto-operators that I've memorized because I had to call it twice a day. Clock in, clock out… I think I've developed a bony protrusion on my forehead from hitting it against a wall so many times…

  22. dale_mettam

    Maybe the bony protrusion is the start of some devilish horns.

  23. comichero

    would make sence to me spend enough time communicating with the denizens of the outter planar worlds and you slowly become one of them thats basic metaphysics

  24. dale_mettam

    Metaphysics 101. You can check it out yourself at the local library.

  25. comichero

    yep it in the magical tome section of the libary along with the tobin’s sprit guide and the revised etheary catalog

  26. dale_mettam

    Anyone who references Tobin’s Spirit Guide SOOOOOOOOOOO belongs here.

  27. comichero

    Well i am well versed in the paranormal dreamed of being a ghostbuster since i first saw the movies i mean seriously who wouldnt want to carry around an unlicenced nuclear proton excelerator on their back

  28. Tegger the ORWA Tank Engine

    think the big guy down stairs would give me one of those? I’d love to be the one you gotta call! after you get past the switch board of course…

  29. Owen

    I would press 7 because our house is a one story and is very small.

  30. Courtney Huddleston

    Owen, I too would press 7, several times, in hopes of getting a mansion. :)

  31. comichero

    I almost got lost in the IRS swtich board it was menu after menu it was rather scary i could feel my soul slowly being sucked away, but i dont know if the morning star would give us proton packs as we could turn them on him as he is nothing but negitive energy and proton pack are by design ment to combat negitive psychic energy i think we would have to go to heavens R&D department for one

  32. L.C.S

    R&D? You mean, “Research and Development”? Or did you mean “Remodeling and Decoration”? 😛

  33. dale_mettam

    Rampaging and Devilment.

  34. Owen

    reconstruction and destruction

  35. comichero

    I would wager that those items would fall under home improvment tools so Remodeling and Destruction

  36. Kunnaki

    He cannot complain when the next phone bill is due.