Luci Phurr’s Imps “Cookies & the Call Center” #15

Fun Fact #XLIV:  276 5309 808, in addition to being the amount of money raised by Luci (and her Imps) in the above strip, also happened to be the Social Security Number of Elvis Presley, Grover Cleveland and Wild Bill Hickok.


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  1. Jason Denson

    How exactly do you find out a fun little fact like the Social Security Number of Elvis Presley, Grover Cleveland and Wild Bill Hickock?

  2. Iceburgh

    Well. Those are the world’s most expensive cookies.

  3. Lax

    Did you change the drawing style for this strip?

  4. Alyshazzar

    It does seem a little diff’rent don’t it?

  5. Animie fan

    … wow, this kid could run the world with these three little monsters. or in her case cut to the front of the lunch line. lol i just found your comic and read through the archive. great story, the shear irony in the girls name is horrible and at the same time great.

  6. keylaleigh

    WOW! If they had those sweepstakes on that one, she would’ve won the television, the mp3 player, and every prize below that!
    Congratulations, Luci! You have done what every child has dreamt of doing! Even if you had a little help…

  7. Courtney Huddleston

    (Lax and Alyshazzar) I was hoping I wouldn’t get caught. But I had a gut feeling there’d be a few eagle eyes. I experiment with the strip look from time to time, and this was one of those times. I’ll try to be more subtle in the future. :)

  8. dale_mettam

    First of all… WHAT THE…!!!??? You’ve been out-sourcing the art to small shoeless children in Malaysia again, haven’t ya, Court!?

    Old Social Security Numbers. In order to find those old numbers, you have to roll up your sleeves and do it the old fashioned way. This kinda information simply can’t be found on-line. You need to go to the Head Office of the Social Security Department and head down into the Bygone Sequence Department (it’s something of an arcane name for the department, but there ya go). Everything is kept in really big old ledgers, the entire place smells kinda musty and like an awesome old book store. I recommend allergy medicine if you’re sensitive to dust. You need to take a note book, because there’s no way to take the ledgers out nor photocopy anything, but heading down to the B.S. Department is a real joy if you’re into that kinda thing.

  9. Salisria

    That’s odd, I never would have thought all three of those individuals had been living in Ohio when they got their SSN. The first three digits of an SSN depend upon where a person lived when they originally obtained the number.

  10. dale_mettam

    The B.S. Department is just cram-packed full of these curious little oddities. For example:

    Elvis Presley – It turns out the while he was born in Mississippi, due to a fire in the local SSN office shortly after his birth (which is tied to the whole twin, did he die, was it fake theories) and among others, the Presley family data was lost. This was not a problem until he came to enlist. To cover this problem as quickly and conveniently as possibly, Presley was given the SNN of one Captain Arlie Metheny, an information officer assigned to deal with the press. Metheny had been born in Medina, Ohio (and was issued a new SSN several days later).

    Grover Cleveland – This one is really just a clerical error. When filling the paperwork, Grover Cleveland’s father transposed the family name and city of birth information.

    Wild Bill Hickok – His story is more interesting and reveals the true lawless nature of the Old West. Born in rural Illinois, like many people from that era his parent’s never bothered with such things as registering a birth. It wasn’t until many years later, during an attempt to carve out a more respectable life for himself, that Hickok attempted to procure himself a SSN. However, true to his ornery nature, he decided to play cards for the number. He won and took the SSN of one Clement “Two Shots” McNulty… who had been born in Chillicothe, Ohio.

  11. keylaleigh

    Aah, the B.S. Department- It told me that a goldfish can kill a gorilla- with the element of surprise, of course.

  12. keylaleigh

    Ohh… I’m thinking of a different B.S. Department. Sorry!

  13. dale_mettam

    Totally true. The goldfish can choke the gorilla if it gets stuck in the back of its throat.

    Additionally, if the goldfish has enough TNT strapped to it… “Say hellooo to ma liddle fren’, Goldie!”

    (And no… you have the right department 😀 )

  14. keylaleigh

    Yaay! I’m smart!

  15. Byakugan01

    Heh, I heard that too. Only it was where a chiuhua challenges a pit bull and defeats it by getting stuck in the throat. In my area, I guess that’s because the only gorillas are the state workers union and the teacher’s union.

  16. L.C.S

    B.S. Department once told me that if I ate spicy foods, I’d grow taller because the internal steam pressure (from when my saliva turned into vapor as a result of hitting my flaming tongue) would push my head and feet farther apart like a piston.
    I was ten and promptly forced myself to like spicy foods. Maybe that’s why I have a stomach like a garbage disposal…

  17. Iceburgh

    L.C.S, aren’t you Pain’s half-brother or something? I’m noticing a distinct family resemblance (or however that word’s spelled. Can’t brain right now).

  18. L.C.S

    Maaaaaybe. Food can actually be an effective means of torture (just ask any 5 year old who’s forced to eat lima beans), so there’s a possibility, but I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor… Partly because in hell, genealogy can be a little complicated.

  19. Dangerdoll

    Talk about a profit margin! lolz

  20. Ragedoll

    I love it, I wish I could have made that much money selling cookies as a kid.

  21. dale_mettam

    Some asked about the dubious amount of money raised on the “Ask the Writer” doodad (I believe that is the correct technical term). Here is the response.

  22. Kiriel

    I sorta like the style used in this strip, it looks different, but nice, Luci’s smirk in the last panel is amusing.

  23. charliez

    A self satisfied grin of doom exposed for the whole school to see.

    Saint-Saint John…. dang, that is a mouthful to say.

  24. D.Durand

    This one made my day.

  25. littlebeast

    So close, and yet… why is it not -8-675309?

  26. Marscaleb

    This one made me laugh out loud.

  27. Aslandus

    Whoa, 8 cents? that’s an oddly specific number… almost specific enough to sound like it couldn’t be made up…