Luci Phurr’s Imps “Cookies & the Call Center” #17

Based on this series of strips, Ben & Jerry’s considered the idea of making a Luci Phurr’s Imps “Cookies & Call Center” Ice-Cream.  Vanilla & Curry Swirl ice-cream, studded with chunks of cookie-dough and brimstone.

This idea did not move beyond the concept stage as the mere thought of it induced violent vomiting in 7 out of 10 Ben & Jerry’s employees who heard it.

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  1. Chibichibi

    He’ll call back! HE’S GOING TO CALL BACK! I cannot see him giving up so easily. This will all end in tears!

    >.>;; I’d call back. Life just wouldn’t be the same without getting that refund.Especially if it made you overdraw your bank account. *cough*

  2. keylaleigh

    He’d better call back. He went so far!
    If you do call, Lou, there will be epics written in your name. There was Johnny, who bested the devil in a fiddle competition and then there was Lou, the guy who bested the devil’s every telephone trick and got his money back.

  3. Chibichibi


    I want to see the song written for Lou after this then *smirk*

    That song is being referenced everywhere these days, there’s a lyric to a song, can’t remember by who but it says “The Devil came to Georgia, Mr. Daniels showed him out.” <3

  4. L.C.S

    *facepalm* Seriously? I agree with Chibichibi: Lou is going to call back. Especially since now he has two long distance calls to hell on his phone bill.

    I want Cookies & Call Center ice cream….

  5. Dangerdoll

    Dude that may warrant a trip to hell. I HATE when i have been holding forever and then it hangs up. Man that’s a pet peeve. I love online chat help. That needs to be the way to go for most things IMO

  6. Dangerdoll

    Also i wanted to know why you frequent posters don’t use the “Get an avatar” option for this commenting section? Just wondering :)

  7. Selpher

    I don’t use an avatar because that takes to much time to find the perfect one…and I’m at work currently. Even funnier thing about that is I work at a call centre, so this is absolutely hilarious to be reading. Trust me, it’s much like hell to be an employee working here.

    Great comic Dale!

  8. Ragedoll

    @Dangerdoll, I agree with the online chat help, however I don’t think more efficient and better service is on the to do list for hell.
    I would call back, and ask retarded questions, and then ask the same questions again, expecting a different result. Anyone who’s worked in a call centre knows this is the way people work. : )

  9. matr

    great job mr huddleston that was the best

  10. Courtney Huddleston

    Thanks Matr!
    I can’t wait to show some of the upcoming strips, though. Dale’s insanity really shines later.

  11. L.C.S

    I don’t use an avatar because of the ninja dodos. They’ve currently put a bounty on my head and I dare not show my face lest they stumble across this site. I can’t afford to comprise my mission; I’m in too deep to pull out now….

    Just curious, does the winged ghoul-man have a name? Because I think he looks like a Chauncey. :)

  12. dale_mettam

    Y’ know, I had a feeling SOMEONE would wanna try that ice-cream.

    I also had a feeling it would L.C.S.

    And if anyone writes that song, I wanna hear it and post it on here.

    The demon in charge is Forcas, the guy who Raj, our unlucky Call Center Operator is pretending to be.

    Raj has a script he’s working to, like everyone in the building, all claiming to be Forcas. In the previous strip, left to right we also had Raj P (don’t you just hate it when there’s someone with the same name as you and the surname initial gets added?), Phil, Delbert (most definitely not an evil Dilbert, because that would be wrong) and Sunil. Way at the back we have Benjamin, Doug and Gary.

    And a little heads-up… we’re closing in on the end of this story arc with just one more strip on Friday, then we start a whole new storyline on Monday.

    PS. Fear the Ninja Dodos.
    PPS. Fear the Space Hamsters more.

  13. Minax2802
  14. keylaleigh

    I don’t use an avatar because I forgot the password and the e-mail I used to make an avatar connected to this name.

  15. dale_mettam

    I used this… gravatar for my avatar.

    If any of you guys who have your own IMPoster would like a smaller version, or something like a head-shot to use, just lemme know.

  16. Tegger the ORWA Tank Engine

    the option of making my imp my avi is VERY tempting, but i think ill stick with my badge, on a side note, can i park my bike in my parking spot? too much stuff in the garage…

    Lou isnt the type of man to surrender so easily…if you can call what he did easy, so i think we can expect him to call back very soon, if not right away.

  17. keylaleigh

    Wow… I just read what Forcas was the demon of… I’m SO going to hell for my love of Astrolgy.

  18. L.C.S

    I’ll start worrying about the Space Hamsters if they team up with the Ninja Dodos, but until then *shrug*.

    I’d say I’m going to hell for my love of Rhetoric, but, given the decor surrounding me, I’d say I’m already there.
    Actually, this is probably just purgatory. I don’t think Hell has coffee.

  19. Kirk

    Actually, Daemons in call centers look like plain white boxes.
    Or black. Occasionally you find an IVORY colored one.
    It matters not. It’s still the technology of purgatory.
    Remember, I work in one, I signed on the dreaded line a LONG time ago.

  20. Kirk

    And yes, hell has coffee. It is old. Nasty, bitter, weak, and has not nearly enough caffeine. And the creamer looks suspiciously like powdered paint.

    And in some houses of hell, the management actually charges you for it.

  21. L.C.S

    So, what about sweet yet bitter coffee with way too much caffeine and soy milk?

    And I have to make it myself. At 5 a.m..