Luci Phurr’s Imps “Cookies & the Call Center” #18

It has been observed that the teeny-tiny bat wings on Forcas couldn’t possibly support him in actual flight.  In fact this is not true, and here’s why:

  • Forcas has an upper torso filled with highly noxious, but lighter-than-air gas.  Additionally he has hollow bones like those of most birds, making him much lighter than he appears.
  • The fact that he is a Demon of Hell and as such has access to Dark Magics that defy the laws of Physics as they apply to conventional mortals is also a factor.
  • And finally, it’s the way I wrote it and the way Courtney drew it, so there!

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  1. Chibichibi

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I love Lou. SO MUCH.

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I think this is a man after my own heart. Either he is very stupid, or he’s very persistent. <3

  2. Lax

    That guy is stupidly annoying (or just stupid AND annoying)

  3. Animie fan

    forgive me if i’m wrong, but is the big demon creature… CRYING!!!???

  4. keylaleigh

    That settles it. Time to start writing!

    “The devil was in his office, he was lookin’ for some time to kill
    When Raj, his telephone lackey, came in the room with a spill
    He said, ‘Boss, you gotta see this, it really is a thrill’
    Some little guy named Lou C. Furr’s complainin’ ’bout his telephone bill!’

    -creative juice gone, continue if you must-

  5. keylaleigh

    Oh, by the by, I remembered my password for the avatars! Yaay!

  6. Kiriel

    Heh, his persistence must be truly massive if he can turn a demon of hell into a curled up scared fetalfluff(well he’s ALMOST curled up into fetal position..) Poor Forcas, didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

    Also, jeez if he thought the bill was bad BEFORE how bad is it going to be this time? o_O

  7. dale_mettam

    I sense a refund in the pipeline for Lou.

    I think if Forcas isn’t weeping, it’s only a matter if time.

    Of course, after making his inadvertent “deal” Lou is now very wealthy. He could easily afford the bill.

  8. dale_mettam

    We also need some extra verses and a chorus for Keylaleigh’s song. Anyone any good with the actual music side? 😀

  9. Salisria

    Looks to me like Keylaieigh wrote using “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” as the music.

  10. L.C.S

    I’m going to hell. There is no good reason for me to find this so hysterically funny. It’s like Shaggy and Scooby–as demons! 😀

  11. keylaleigh

    yeah, it is the devil went down to Georgia. It’s the first thing that came to mind. I might write an original piece later on. I need to flex my songwriting muscles a little more often.

  12. Dangerdoll

    He’s resilient! lol That’s how I was with Grey hound…*grumbles*

  13. comichero

    Epic Lou ! as to lyrics maybe some thing along the lines ” now ole Lou was no fool you think he’d recall make that fatefull call that waa about to empty his wallet of its bills, Now the lackey was thinkin the must some kinda mistake, when the devil came in asked asked what allthe fuss the lack said lou was immue to his thick musak, no w the devil just chuckled and said give him to ther girl from Ipanema and see if that dont make him want his ma ma, Blah blah blah blah said the girl Ipanema and lou just hung his head the deivl grined and thought he was about to win his dues when good ole lou shurged and said how about a few more blah’s to be safe, Lou had won the war of blah’s he wasnt to be out done the devil in panic set the phone on automatic, now lou listened to the automated voice speak and say press this and press that, would you like an adtion add to your house Lou was ready for some fried grouse, Lou heard his number of choise press zero for an operator said the voice,press zreo lou did to no avail he quest had nearly failed , devil and lackey raj nearly won til lou did what other thought cound not be done, he pressed for the operator again , in fear adn disgust the devil picked up and said you won call your bank and quote the numbers for you funds, the devil wasnt about to loose to good lou lou so he hung and feined disconected,but good ole lou called the devil again to reestablish his connection, the devil begged and the devil squeeled make it stop raj say it not real!, and that is how Lou C. Furr bet the devil’s phone scheme partner. and i would think the chourse would go somthing a bit like this “devils playing evil games on the phone make plain folk scream in agony Lou if your not careful you end up paying more then you owe” probly could add a bit more to it but yeah that may take on it tho Keyla could do alot bet job then my meager skills can accomplish

  14. keylaleigh

    Well, after I wrote that parody lyric, I actually hunkered down and penned a ballad! And then last night I sat on my bed with my crappy digital camera and recorded it so you guys could see it
    I hope everybody enjoys my ameteur songwriting skills!

  15. dale_mettam

    That is possibly THE most EPICALLY AWESOME thing I have ever seen!

    Kaylaleigh, you ROCK!

  16. L.C.S

    *worships Keylaleigh* I second Dale’s opinion! THIS IS FRICKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!

  17. Courtney Huddleston

    Wow…just speechless Keylaleigh! Dale was speechless too, in that Dolphin-stunning-their-prey, kind of way. After a few therapy sessions, he regained speech, and was successfully able to respond to you. What you temporarily did to Dale, is a true testament to how awesome your efforts and lyrics really were.

  18. keylaleigh

    Wow… I’m left a little speechless by your reactions. You can’t see me right now, but I’m getting a little blush-y and tear-y at the same time.

  19. dale_mettam

    No need to get blushy. You earned the love coming your way.

    And Comichero…. man, you put in a noble effort there but you got tampled by the lyrical stylings of Kaylaleigh.

  20. Iceburgh

    There’ve been a few times I felt like Forcas, myself. And I only worked in a call center for a month and a half, inbound (thankfully), as a printer tech. OI! On the bright side, managed to talk to a customer about Bitburg while we were waiting for something. Was rather nice. And I got invited to go crawdad fishing.

  21. drackdrack

    @keylaleigh: You look very familiar….and sound very familiar…..O.o

  22. Chameon

    Here’s hoping we see the end results of this.

  23. comichero

    Indeed and i aceept my defeat but i knew Keyla was going to kiick my boot seems to be the running gag in my life were woman constantly kick the crap out of me, but *in hushed voice* just between you an me Dale i dont mind really.. too the matter at hand tho Kayla ,Excellant work i enjoyed it very much well done well done indeed as the defeat i pledge my service to you .