Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #1

Welcome to the start of a new storyline here at Luci Phurr’s Imps.

This is a very special story that deals with an issue faced by many kids.  Demon, Imp and nefarious beings of the netherworld are more common than you might think and once an infestation begins, it’s almost impossible to get things back to normal, without a great deal of green projectile vomit; 360 degree head rotations; inappropriate language from a minor; levitation; apparent electrified bedroom furniture (causing wild convulsing); and tall, gaunt Swedes repeatedly shouting “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!” It should never be taken lightly whe…


It seems that’s NOT the message in this very special story.

I’m being told it’s about bullying.

WOW!  That’s staggeringly mundane.  Kinda happens to almost everyone, doesn’t?


Message.  Bullying is bad.  If you do it, STOP IT! If you’re the victim, don’t suffer alone.  Not everyone has a set of Imps to help them deal with it.  Tell someone.

But seriously, watch out for the minions of Mr D.  They’re everywhere!  And no one wants to answer the door to Max von Sydow on a foggy night.  That imaginary friend of Johnny’s might not be imaginary nor that friendly!

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  1. Courtney Huddleston

    I’d just like to say that I’m a recovering Bully addict. It’s been 13 hours since I’ve had a hit, or offered one. Is there anyone else that would like to share their story?

  2. Kiriel

    Well I was bullied constantly for my whole childhood and most of my teen years (till I dropped out of school when I was sick, I know, stupid of me). Kids tripping me, calling me many names, like fat, witch, ugly, etc on the mean scale (some kid 2 grades higher I’d never met even called me a fat whore). They’ve tricked me by being nice to me, pretending to be friends, and stealing from me or just using it as material to laugh at, taking my stuff and not giving it back.. being all..
    Person A: Hey Alexa Person B likes you!
    Person B: No! I don’t like you Person A likes you!
    Person A: Eww! I’d never like her YOU do!
    Etc so using me as the butt of their jokes, etc.
    Once when the bus driver was off the bus after school but kids were still allowed to go on when I tried (it had started to rain) they closed the door and wouldn’t even let me on even though I was begging and cried, they laughed, one of the friends of my bullies though named Mike stood in front of the doors for them to open it for him to go on, but didn’t go on until after I had gotten on.
    Also sometimes nobody’d let me sit next to them on the bus (so I always tried to get on first to have a seat) one time a girl even said “but my bag is already there” and sometimes I’d even have to sit in the isle instead of on a seat (I made sure I wasn’t sitting on grime by using my backpack before they outlawed those in my Junior High).

    But I was the democratic atheist girl with witch ancestors, the anime geek who moved so often she was afraid of getting close to people living in Mormon Country (Utah, a real hell on earth) x.x So I was way out of place, and let me tell you those conservative, republican raised mormon kids are pretty nasty when they want to be, all the while with a holier than thou attitude.

    (Hopefully this is good for your addiction, Courtney ;P)

  3. Animie fan

    as a pessimist, i can only see that this is gonna go badly.

  4. keylaleigh

    Of COURSE… blame Pain. Well, then again, of course, blame Pain.
    Yep, I was bullied a lot in elementary school, but most of the time I ended up beating somebody up and getting into trouble.

  5. Kiriel

    Nice keylaleigh 😀 I was too much of a wuss to fight back usually, unless they insulted my mom D< Then they saw my evil side (one breakfast time the lunchladies had to stop me, one kid drew an insulting pic of my mom and I chased the farker down 😀 They had new respect for the speed a fat girl can run after that.

    You should tell some stories of what you've done to kids who bullied you and what you did to them C:

  6. Courtney Huddleston

    I’ve actually had 1 real bully in my life. I first ran into him in junior high. He was a big football player that I made cry in front of the gym class… accidentally of course (as there’s no way I could have taken down this behemoth of a kid). He chased me through the locker room, but was cut short when I found the coach and innocently stood behind him, as if to be totally into his lecture on why a dodgeball to the face is unnecessary. Please. The face is the only place to aim for…er..ahem…unintentionally of course. Anyway, I spent the remainder of the school year looking over my shoulder for the bully, who had threatened to get me later when least expected. He finally caught up to me at a football game. I was watching the game, when I suddenly felt a hand firmly grab my neck from behind. Of course, it was him. The odd thing is that he laughed and chose not to pummel me. To this day, I have no idea why. It was a divine moment in which…I guess I had my imps watching over me…or under me perhaps.

  7. Kiriel

    Or maybe he was such a wuss in the end he realized doing that in front of a bunch of people’d get him in trouble.. or your imps just decided to scare some good sense into him. Bullies usually seem to be cowards, I’ve noticed.

  8. Selpher

    I know all about bullying. I moved around a lot as a kid just like Kiriel. I didn’t want to make friends and lose them so I was always the loner everywhere, not to mention the fact that I was the one that was a bit of a social outcast anyways because my views and beliefs weren’t deemed as the “norm”. While in high school it got worse, I went to a Catholic school, though my own personal views weren’t exactly that of the religion my school taught, so I was looked down for that as well as if I tried to voice my opinion on topics of why their beliefs were laid out the way they were. And just like Kiriel I wasn’t the cookie cutter image of godessness that 99.99% of the girls at school were. So, bullying sucks horribly. It shouldn’t happen but it does, and it’s usually those people with brains between their ears that end up getting the worst of it. I hope that Luci’s imps give the bully that was picking on her some justice. And Kiriel, think about how strong you are now because of the crap you went through with those guys and girls, you might not see it but you can hold your head up high now because you were able to survive that crap! Now I’ll stop blathering on and on.
    PS (Couldn’t help it) For the bonus comic….I don’t want to know what’s in that lunchbag!!!

  9. Courtney Huddleston

    Selpher, with the imps in Luci’s corner, there will be justice!

  10. dale_mettam

    One experience I had resulted in me, the bully, and my entire class (boys AND girls) wedged in the boys bathroom. I’d been forced into a fight… which this kid had been pushing for (no idea why… I was the tallest kid in the class, so maybe that was enough). Now to this point, I had never had a fight and was only around 8 or 9 at the time.

    So a clearing is made (which given how many kids were in such a small space, was quite impressive. But I didn’t want this fight. I didn’t know why I was even supposed to be fighting. Worst, I didn’t really know HOW to fight. And I couldn’t get out.

    And then it starts. The chant. Clearly quiet enough that it won’t attract the attention of a teacher, but deafening nonetheless.


    My nemesis is across this clearing from me. Usually I can talk my way out of most things, but that was not happening here.

    He had his back to me. Should I just jump him? No. ‘Cos that wasn’t what a good guy would do, and I WAS the good guy here.

    But then I remembered the scene from the start of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Paul Newman is in a fight he doesn’t want, and he can’t talk his way out of it. So he asks, just so everything is clear, what the rules for this fight are. His opponent sneers that there are no rules, and immediately Newman drops the guy with a kick to the “gentlemen’s parts.”

    Now all this is flashing through my head, and is not helped by random additional quotes popping in there, like, “Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?” and “The fall’ll probably kill us!” and then that last ditch, no way escape shoot-out freeze-frame which, all things considered, I did NOT want to be thinking about right then.

    But what stuck was the rules.

    Or lack thereof.

    So as this kid turns around, I punch him. And I punch him like I have seen on the movies and TV. And I connect, admittedly ‘cos he is not expecting it to happen so quick… actually he’s probably not expecting to be hit at all. And I connected with his nose.

    Didn’t break it, but I did start it bleeding.

    And the strange dark magic of that moment, which made it all so surreal and so slow and so frightening, burst like a bubble. I’d won (no one was more surprised than me). It was over before it started, but I’d won. And for some strange reason this kid was now more concerned about not bleeding on himself, not bleeding on the floor, not bleeding by the time we had our next class, and making sure his mom didn’t know that any of this had happened.

    The kid never bothered me again. There would be others in years to follow. But on that day, the little… OK, tallest little guy won the day.

  11. L.C.S

    I got nothing.

    I was the kid who nobody messed with because I used words like “expeditious reform” and actually knew what I was talking about. I wish I could say I was a rebel fighting for change, but whenever I tried to instigate a social revolution I got shot down by those in authority. Wrote a lot of scathing letters to said authority figures. Letters that didn’t get sent due to my instinctive desire to continue breathing.

    So, yeah, no bullies. I was too weird to pick on.

  12. Iceburgh

    Military brat with a pair of glasses and an eyepatch. I was also the slowest one in my age group. It wasn’t until Jr. High that I learned to calm down, and in High School I made friends with one of the most no-nonsense people in school. Hitting the side of the table, knocking the chair over, and looking like he was going to yank someone’s lungs out through one of the smallest holes on the human body quashed what was left.

  13. Bill_Wa

    As a former subject of bullies, I have to say that at some point you have to go into Popeye Mode. “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t Stands NO MORE!” That doesn’t mean hitting back, though sometimes that is what it takes to end it. But stand up to the bully, tell them you ain’t gonna take it no more, in fact, try to be a friend, maybe that’s all they need. But if it continues, sorry, sometimes you have to go nuke on them!

  14. dale_mettam

    As Courtney will tell you, I have a Popeye Threshold.

    However, there are different situations and different people. Bullying is often as much about what goes in people’s heads as it is the physical side. I wouldn’t have punched the kid had I not been literally backed into a corner. Everyone deals with their experiences differently and what might push you over the edge, one person might be already crying and wanting to be somewhere else, and the next person would have lashed out three weeks sooner.

    I think we can all agree though, that bullying is best dealt with when addressed. Bullying is done by gutless wimps who work best when they can make themselves feel good by lashing out from a safe distance (literally or figuratively). Take away their hiding place and reveal them for the cowards they are and they have no more power.

    But that isn’t always about a direct confrontation.

  15. Kiriel

    :( *Huggles Selpher* I wish we could’ve had our own Imps when we were young now.. 19 myself and still a semi shy girl (IRL anyway)
    I have low confidence, and I feel semi worthless, but I know I can stand up through a lot.

  16. Chameon

    Being apparently attached to a hair trigger mentality, I haven’t had trouble with bullying. This doesn’t mean that my paranoia didn’t convince me that the slightest insult directed to someone out of sight wasn’t actually directed at me.

  17. Chibichibi

    >.> I was out in the playground, and they took my library books are ripped them up. And I was the one that got in trouble. I was bullied by the teachers and students alike. =/

    That wasn’t the only one, I also got punched in the stomach, and hit with a saxophone case in middle school.

    So yeah. My childhood in school wasn’t all that happy.

  18. comichero

    Ha Ha good on you Dale my man way to be like Paul Newman excellant fight story and i sence a reacurring theme in Kayle’s life. I suspect I am not the first man she was thrashed and honestly im kinda hurt by that. =P not really, but good on you the kayle for not standing for that crap, Intresting enough i wasnt bullied infact most ppl thought i was the bully guess i pays off to be big, tall and and have a mencing look in your eye tho i supose it doesnt make matters any better that i took a punch at my fourth grade teacher cuz i was sick of her miss pronouncing my name

  19. Iceburgh

    I will say that as an adult, I have frightened people bigger than me and in better shape. When I get angry, I get that blank-faced, sociopathic stare thing going on apparently. The kind of stare that says “There’s a lot of pain heading your way, and you’re going to stay alive and conscious for all of it…like shoving a pepper somewhere a pepper shouldn’t go.”

  20. Minax2802
  21. keylaleigh

    Yeah. I was picked on, and one day I got fed up with it. I bludgoned a guy with a math textbook, stabbed another with a pen, and almost bit a chick’s arm. Eventually, I was known as “The really scary one that nobody should mess with… ever.” All I had to do was look angrily at a person and they would stop whatever they were doing immediately.
    The thing they never saw was me crying about the fact that I got that angry.

  22. dale_mettam

    After reading through these comments, I think Courtney and myself are gonna dedicate this story to you guys. No spoilers, but I think you guys will like this one.

  23. keylaleigh

    AWW! I’m even more excited than I was before about this story now!

  24. Kiriel

    8D Sweet~ and kaylaleigh, though I never got that menacing, I kicked a boy in the balls in elementary school (and bit his kneecap), stabbed a kid who was flirting with me (jokingly.. but he was pretty cute) in the back with a pencil (he used to be all “you’re my girlfriend” randomly but has a jerk in my German class.. and yeah xD) smacked same dude with a bamboo flute and it broke :C RIP my bamboo flute~

  25. comichero

    Awww poor bamboo flute.. and i knew it Kayle is a totaly in to man bashing quiet literaly too =P thats epic Kayle, i was prone to fits of blind rage tho i recall one time i broke a table in half probly in tandum with the teacher insident was why i was avoided most of my school life but inretrospectprobly for the best as the many years of isolation forged me in to the man i am today only perfectly happiy to get ther stuffin kicked out of him by a lady. hail the conquering hero as they say and kudos on the dedication to those of you whom here where bullied in their younger days its a horrid experiance one that none should have to endure

  26. SamB

    So, um, where Misfortune says “Lucy”, am I correct in thinking he meant to say “Luci” but somehow mispronounced it so that it came out as a homonym instead?

  27. dale_mettam

    @SamB… um… yeah… TOTALLY a homonym-type thing. Yeah…yeah… NOT a typo that I just went and fixed. No… not a typo.

  28. Visagor

    I was bullied continually. But I never stood for it. I was known as “The Embodiment of pure Fury”. And they still picked on me, even though it always ended with furious yelling and them on the ground crying. Course, I was in detention and the principals office more then class, so my way maybe wasn’t the best. But it was my way.

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