Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #2

This strip is based on the way anything goes wrong in my house, it’s assumed to be my fault.

Usually it’s Courtney’s fault.

Even if he wasn’t here.

Even if he is in a different State.

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  1. Kiriel

    Why do I feel like Pain is probably gonna be the most big brother like one overall? (you know indignant about her being bullied?)
    Also I thought the same thing when reading the last strip “okay he’s not even Tears and they;re accusing him of it?”

  2. Chibichibi

    Aww, i kinda feel sorry for him.

  3. keylaleigh

    I agree, chib. Usually I’m all for Alisdair, but I’m feeling bad for poor Pain.

  4. dale_mettam

    See if you still feel that way on Friday.

  5. Dangerdoll

    Misfortune makes me cry more than Pain does. I have a high pain tolerance though. I think I may even like it…hmmmmm TMI but ya can’t wait for Friday! :)

  6. Selpher

    I hope they don’t start to bully poor Pain himself. I’m quite intrigued as to where this goes on Friday! POWER TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE…literally this time Luci is quite tiny, and imps alike. :)

  7. Minax2802

    LucY Phurr’s Imps?

  8. dale_mettam

    No, LucI Phurr’s Imps. 😀

  9. comichero

    I’m amazed no one has noticed sarrow isnt craying any more and i’ll have to agree with Kiriel onthis one i think Pain is going to go all big brother and mess some ppl up got kick some ass pain!

  10. Animie fan

    Hes’ got a point

  11. dale_mettam

    Tears doesn’t need to cry all the time. Granted, he does enjoy a good ol’ weep now and then but all the Imps can control their powers. Most of the time they choose not to, but around their new master… mistress… whatever Luci is… they need to keep things in check.

    In theory, Luci is supposed to bring about the End of Days – it wouldn’t look good if the Legions of Hades were led by someone who is wont to suddenly cry for no apparent reason; incessantly trip over things; and suffer sharp aches at random moments.

  12. Chameon

    Additionally, it’d be a horror indeed when one could get past having to deal with misfortune at EVERY turn in order to cause the end of the world.

    C’mon, not even a LITTLE luck?

  13. dale_mettam

    You don’t wanna rely on LUCK.

    She will hang out with you and then when you really need her…. gone!

  14. Kiriel

    Lady luck is a royal jerk, she taunts you with little hellos here and there, getting your hopes up, but when the going gets rough she just laughs in your face.. -_-

  15. keylaleigh

    I’m sorry, but once again, I have been struck by the showtune bug…

    “Luck, be a lady toniiiiiight
    Luck, be a lady toniiiiiiiight
    Luck, if you’ve ever been a lady to begin with
    Luck, be a lady toniiiiiiight…”

    and I can’t STAND Guys and Dolls…

  16. dale_mettam



  17. Kiriel

    Hey at least we know how to strike fear in Dale’s heart… get the good digital TV, and put the showtunes channel on full blast, leaving him tied up in the room with it.. alone C:

  18. dale_mettam

    That’d be even worse if I then had to eat chocolate scrambled eggs and some of the other things you guys seem to like as well.


  19. Kiriel

    I never said I LIKED Showtunes.. ;3 or chocolate scrambled eggs (they’re gross now) I just have a very high mental pain tolerance levels (I can put up with my best friend’s hip hop obsession, I can handle anything xD)

  20. keylaleigh

    …I actually like most showtunes. Just not Guys and Dolls or Bye Bye Birdie. Every other one is fair game. Especially RENT. Or [Title of Show]

  21. Iceburgh

    I could probably find some horrible Black Metal…I KNOW it’s out there!

  22. Ragedoll

    Poor Pain, I can see him crying with Luci yet.

  23. dale_mettam

    Pain doesn’t cry. Girls cry. And Tears, obviously. But not Pain.

    Pain makes OTHER people cry.

  24. Kiriel

    Ohh >3> I guess I do like Showtunes some.. (I adore Rent and other musicals so so much xD)