Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #3


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  1. Paige

    And the moral of the story is, never pick on children who have minions of hell on their side, or guns… heh, those kids and their guns nowadays.

  2. Lax

    Nice rhyme in the last panel 😀

  3. Kiriel

    Oddly enough, none of the kids who treated me like crap ever swirlied me or stole my lunch money (that I remember) though.. one DID steal my DS (and when I was younger two bosy took over $300 worth of mine and my mom’s gaming equipment)

  4. Kiriel

    Also, Luci’s expression is panel 2 is awesomely done, same with Tears’ in pannel 3. I love the sorta grumpy angry look he has 😛

  5. chibichibi

    Pffft! Okay, I don’t feel as sorry for him as i did before.

    I hope the imps show that bully they messed with the wrong little blonde.

  6. Animie fan

    I second Pains statement, I like him already. especially when I set him on fire.

  7. keylaleigh

    Yeah… I don’t feel as sorry for Pain anymore… but I have noticed something about this bully.

    *dons Sherlock Holmes cap and bubble pipe*

    It seems that the bully only strikes those that have names ending with the letter “y”… which means… err… I… dunno. But isn’t that odd.

  8. dale_mettam

    In the first draft of this strip, there were other kids mentioned, including Chuck Ribovic, Jane McMillan, Connor Jameson, Min Cho and Bertrum Pettigrew-Forster III.

    We’ll maybe see them, and their problems with Matty, in the “Director’s Cut” of the comic.

    And if your theory held, wouldn’t the bully ALSO be a victim?

    The hat and pipe look good on you, though. 😀

  9. keylaleigh

    Why, thank you!

  10. Dangerdoll

    As a former child bully I understand Pain’s admiration, as a parent I have become wiser and mended my ways to now find that acts such as those are intolerable…well, except for the spider one. That is still very funny :p

  11. Minax2802

    I wonder how Luci and the Imps will address and justify their collective responses to this situation?

    1. “The ends justify the means.”

    2. “An eye for an eye.”

    3. Or perhaps they will use a different approach

  12. dale_mettam

    If Pain has his way, it’ll likely be closer to this…

  13. Animie fan

    8) Now thats some fireworks.

  14. Kiriel

    Or they could make his nightmares a living hell, make him think he’s going insane.. >3

  15. L.C.S

    Heheh. I vote for turning his lunch into something disgusting! 😀

  16. comichero

    Pain is definatly a fan of the scorched earth tactic but with misfortune adn pain you pretty much know what your getting sarrow tho sarrow is the one you have to really worry about beware the sleeper because like the quizat haderack the sleeper must awaken sarrow can turn even the toughest person into a quivering mess of snot and tears ever seen some one stricken with sarrow? its a horrifying sight, no one is immune to sarrow thoyou may think you are there is somthing that will drag you down into the muck pain you can tolerate and misfortune you can percivere through if you never lose hope but sarrow no defence against sarrow so i say let saroow loose on matty hooper and bullies are especialy vulnirable to sarrow cuz well its a image of toughness they project make a fool of a bully you ruin his or her school career

  17. keylaleigh

    Hmm… what should be done about this bully character…
    Give him cookies… with laxitives!

  18. Minax2802

    That might work, but maybe Matty Hopper isn’t your average bully.

    If you were Matty, would you accept cookies… from a classmate?

  19. L.C.S

    He would if he thought he was stealing them! 😀

  20. purplerose133

    tee hee! sneaky!! i say we just blow matty up and be done with it. btw nice pic dale_mettam!!

  21. keylaleigh

    Exactly! Plant the cookies on one of his victims, the victim offers them as a peace offering… and BAM! You won’t be seeing little Matty for quite a while…

  22. Kiriel

    But then eh thinks he knows it’s the person.. an yeah they get hurt more for the laxatives…. I say get him in trouble with something that’ll get him expelled, like planting a pocket knife or porn on him (but I like the sneaky blame it on the bad guy technique)

  23. keylaleigh

    Ooh… and make it really bizarre porn, too!

  24. dale_mettam

    JEEZ! You guys are evil!

    He night be a bully, but he is still only 10 (he got held back).

  25. L.C.S

    It’s the rage of the oppressed lashing out against the oppressor. It’s not evil. IT’S JUSTICE!
    So, how about that Robespierre guy? Pretty thought-provoking if you ask me.

  26. dale_mettam

    Yeah, but you guys woulda been knifing Marat in the bath for what Robespierre did!

    Or at the very least feeding him laxative-laced cookies.

    And thanks purple. It seemed to fit.

  27. purplerose133

    ur welcome. I like the real punishment in the next strip better tho… :) *grins slightly dementedly* mwahahahaha

  28. purplerose133

    I like pain. hes got the worlds most funny expression in the last panel. kinda like a little kid with a new teddy bear…except hellish imp version.

  29. charliez

    And for his crimes,. Matty will die. Pain and Mischief will inflict Tears upon Matty.

  30. ghostkeeper

    Ahem- Matty Hopper–living (but not for long!) proof that ‘if you make a man a fire, he’s warm for a while. Set a man on fire and he’s warm for life!”

  31. D.Durand

    Reddy is the best ! Nearly cuddly.