Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #5

A little known fact of Teacher Training is that six weeks of the course are dedicated to techniques in Psychological Warfare.  It was decided, during the Nixon Administration, that to properly prepare future teachers to handle the rigors of a modern classroom environment, they must be able to withstand a barrage of psychological assaults on their mental well-being.  Once they have completed that part of the curriculum, there is an advanced class (which is non-accredited, but strongly recommended for those who did not do well in the previous six weeks) dedicated to inflicting psychological terror in even the most resilient students.

I think we have ALL, at some point, had a teacher who took that advanced class.

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  1. Lax

    Pfft, teachers are meant to suffer under our rule! As a proud teacher terrorizer, it was my duty to make every day for them like hell on earth! 😀 Teachers and students were always meant to be enemies, case closed

  2. Animie fan

    … you understand that Matty is a school bully right? Anyways, mental scaring is always an effective method.

  3. keylaleigh

    I gotta start re-thinking about becoming a teacher… heh.

    But yes, Mental damage will actually do more than physical damage if you want a long-lasting impression. Scars heal, but trauma takes weeks and weeks of counceling.

  4. [Database Error]

    I drove my 1st grade teacher to early retirment… I can’t remember how but I’m proud of it.

  5. keylaleigh

    By the by, BRILLIANT bonus comic.

  6. dale_mettam

    The cool thing (for me at least) is that we do the bonus comics backwards. Usually I have some insane idea, then I write a script and send it to Courtney and we’re rolling. With the bonus comics, Courtney just draws random Imp-related scenes and sends them to me to add some dialog or caption.

    Today’s might seem obvious, but it took me weeks to work out. And it hit me just before bed, so I had to jump up and note it.

    And welcome Database.

  7. Wicked

    Must be some bully – she’s actually letting them do some sort of harm. With a bully I suggest some good old fashion embarrassment.

    For those that commented yesterday – thanks for the welcome. And I’ve been Wicked longer then the play has been around. xP

  8. Courtney

    Mental Scarring is how we cure the sane, around here. :)
    Welcome Database!

  9. dale_mettam

    Just a quick reminder, since we’ve got some more folks posting comments… we also have a Luci Phurr’s Imps Facebook page. At the moment it is pretty loose and low-key, but very soon we’re gonna be adding some extra LPI content that you can ONLY see there.

    So if you have the inclination, swing over; sign in; say hi; tells us YOUR answers to the ten questions; join the conspiracy; start your own LPI related thread; or just read the stuff there.

  10. Selpher

    I have got to say that I love the bonus comic, it may be predictable, but you can’t go astray with the classics out there!

    And interesting turn around in the comic. I do have to say watching Pain eat a kid wouldn’t exactly be the thing I wanted to see in the morning, but hey it would have been an interesting adventure to see how you drew it. But yes…mental scarring is the best medicine to cure a bully of their issues and hopefully keep them from coming back again.

    And hell……..O (opps, forgot that) to Database and Wicked!

  11. purplerose133

    yah, but mental scarring is a more deep and painful thing. i think id actually rather see pain eat the kid then watch matty suffer inside. *sniff* plus its a bit harder to draw sumone with a mental scar. i guess u could just draw his face all screwy…. when i was in middle school kids used to hate me, because they would rant on and on about how evil someone is and then i go all empathitic on them.. ill try not to to much tho. srry.

  12. Minax2802
  13. SladeJT

    Considering that what the bully’s done has surely left mental scars on the kids no matter how small, a little mental scarring will be an apt punishment. It would be wonderful to see him get devoured for it but no matter how satisfying it would be it would still be a senseless waste of a (pathetic) human life. Make him suffer something truly horrific and let him live with that memory. Less immediately satisfying but more so in the long run~

    On the topic of teachers, I mostly got the fresh recruits not quite ready to use the power they commanded or the hardened solders more than capable of dealing with the ruckous my classes would try to kick up. Of course, the later usually either went to a Catholic highschool back in the day or in the case of my highschool were themselves the old breed of nuns that used to smack kids with a ruler if they misbehaved.

  14. comichero

    Ha the tearminator that great i am all for messing up Matty’s frail grasp on reality seeing the minions of hell usualy have an adverse effect on the ole mental stablity usualy get locked in the looney bin for a time till you stop seeing the minion of hell after vast amounts of medications but im still game for eating matty 10 years olds are great with some steamed broccoli and glazed in butter and honey

  15. Kiriel

    I suggest something involving clowns… clowns are very very evil things… send a possessed clown with his head swirling around after the kid, pull an IT and Exorcist lovechild on the little brastard (brat and another b word combined .3. )

  16. keylaleigh

    I second the clown thing. Or evil scarecrows. I hate scarecrows.

  17. Chibichibi

    Mmm. Take the terror/sorrow his victims felt and make him experience it ten fold at once.

  18. Dangerdoll

    LOL Clowns. I know so many people with Coulrophobia. I think that would be a good route for the imps to take with this bully. But we shall see how it all plays out. Loving this comic guys!

  19. dale_mettam

    Minax2802 – The Imps really coulda used that book. They did NOT know their enemy before they entered the fray. But this battle was won and lost before the first engagement. Unfortunately no one really realized it… even the winning side.

    Dangerdoll – We’re loving doing the comic and REALLY loving the comments and conversations you guys are bringing.

  20. Ragedoll

    I agree with the Clown idea. May I suggest a clown chasing him in a bumper car? That would tickle my fancy : ) – and are we sure Pain can’t eat him, that would be funny.

  21. comichero

    I dont know which is more Intersting the fact that so many people are terrorfied by clowns or that dangerdoll know ther correct terminology for that particular phobia and I beliveve Dale has a point tho he doesnt know he made one or he does and is waiting for other people to realize it but Dale and Courtney have to enjoy their work even if they were minor demomic powers like our three loveable imps, if evil wasnt so much fun and enjoyable and satifying on so many levels why on earth would Lucifer keep doing it? could take the easy way out and just let the G-men win the battle for or souls but as i can tellyou from experiance there is somthing supremely gratifing about corrupting an inoccent soul and doing other works of evil like arson and causing Physcial and Mental angony ask dale tho you guys havent noticed and he has played most of it off as your guys idea’s Dale and courtney have rapidly excellerated the growth of the dark seed that resides in all of you but dont be afraid of it embrace it and enjoy it as the darkness makes the light all the more beautiful

  22. Iceburgh

    I’m at least 50% percent evil. Facebook says so (scary that it’s true, too). I’m all for grinding unroasted whole halbaneros into a paste, and switch it out for his lotion, or face soap, or something. Not lasting (there MAY be burn scars, but those fade with time, so it’s not permanant), but oh, the squeals of pain. Or, to take the mental scarring approach, nightmares are always effective (unintentional seguway here, but there’s a new Nightmare on Elm Street coming out in a couple of days. Always an effective tool). He can dream of the people he torments in teh waking works eating his head, and other assorted fun things.

  23. L.C.S

    I took an “How evil are you?” quiz once… It offended me by saying I was only 25% evil.

    Habanero juice in eyedrops. :)
    If we opt for mental scarring, I vote someone slips a barbie doll into his backpack. Few things are as mortifying as being Alpha-male and then someone finding a doll in your backpack.

  24. purplerose133

    oh fine… but only if its got clowns!! plus maybe small children.. they scare me!!!

  25. keylaleigh

    Hehe… barbie dolls. And a my little pony for good measure.

  26. lovedove830

    It’s not…a bad thing if I find myself…attracted to Alisdair, right?


    For the love of pete, please tell me it’s not!

  27. Visagor

    I say remove his eyeballs and feed them to him, they flay him alive and put his skin on the flagpole.