Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #6

In Salzburg, Austria sometime between 1922 and 1924, Theoretical Quantum Biologist Ernst Schlagfeld determined that the brain generated heat while processing information.  In his now famous thought experiment, known as Schlagfeld’s Brawn Soup, he theorized if one were to read the complete works of Shakespeare, backwards, processing and transposing the plays and poetry as you went, it would be possible to cook one’s own brain via the heat generated in the cranial cavity.

This lead to the Werner Heisenberg proposing Heisenberg’s Certainty Principle, in which he postulated that Schlagfeld was certainly an idiot.

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  1. Wicked

    Kill him with kindness!

    …that’s all I could really think of after the comic. I really like Alisdair’s expressions in this one too.

  2. Lax

    She’s too soft with her enemies! And her name would suggest otherwise :(

  3. Kiriel

    Bah, no fun tormenting of the bully.. *sulks* As someone who just got bulliedl ast night… I’m wishing revenge myself >C

  4. keylaleigh

    Oh my! What happened, Kiriel?
    And I gotta say, as an ex-bullied, I was hoping for some sweet, sweet revenge. But I kinda understand where Luci’s coming from. After I stabbed the guy with a pen, I felt really, REALLY bad and wanted to apologise, but I knew he wouldn’t accept it. So it stayed with me as a miserable feeling for about a year until I could finally let it go.
    Luci’s only in her sigle digits. I wouldn’t want her to have that miserable feeling just yet. And if the imps would’ve done something, it would’ve hit her HARD. Harder than it hit me.

  5. dale_mettam

    This story is a LONG way from finished. Don’t count the Imps out just yet.

  6. Courtney

    If I could have just one personal imp for myself to hang around and help me out, it would be a Karma Imp. I like to think that Karma does exist in some capacity. But, it just doesn’t satisfy me because it never seems to happen when I’m around, so that I can enjoy. However, if I had a Karma Imp, it would be more immediate, and I could just sit back and watch, satisfied. No more bullies! No more driving the wrong direction in the parking lot to steal my parking spot. No more parents bringing in kids to rated R films. No more purposely loud and rude movie theater talkers! No more bringing your car to the wrong side of the gas pump. No more purposely taking up two parking spaces. Did I mention no more bullies? The list is so much longer. But with a Karma Imp, I could see justice served. Immediately.

  7. dale_mettam

    Karma is coming.


  8. Kiriel

    My friend’s little brother called me looser than a sleeve, basically said I’ve slept with over 30 men (yeah right) and he doesn’t see how anyone can date me, besides throwing a dog bone at me.

  9. Kiriel

    But.. I guess it’s better than the time he said I have herpes on my face and sprayed me in the face with windex..

  10. keylaleigh

    Ooh! Karma can be a bitch sometimes.
    And I see this as a time for creative problem solving!

  11. Wicked

    Karma sounds interesting…though I have a feeling they wouldn’t be too popular among the other imps.

  12. Ragedoll

    What Colour do you figure Karma would be? or maybe he would change colours/patterns? Just the thought of that makes me all bubbly.

  13. dale_mettam

    I actually meant more on the vague, invisible, wibbly-wobbly, karma is coming, kinda way.

  14. Minax2802
  15. purplerose133

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no eating him? T_T (you rlly should make karma an imp!)

  16. Animie fan

    …um, I didn’t do it? 😈

  17. dale_mettam


    We’re gonna be switching the server that hosts the LPI site this weekend. We might be down for short periods. But don’t worry, everything will be back in no time, we will have a new strip Monday as usual and there is always the Facebook Page if you guys wanna hang out in those brief down-times.

  18. Kiriel

    Awhh D; That’ll eb no fun *clings to Dale* good luck on the switchover though.. 😀

  19. Chibichibi

    She’s a good kid. Makes me wonder how she’s supposed to perform her destiny. I wouldn’t be nearly so nice if i had imps to do my bidding.

  20. Melkior

    Looks like Pain burnt out a brain cell. Aaaaww! Now the remaining one will be lonely. 😉

  21. kwah

    i was lucky as a kid to a point i was one of the big kids i didnt get bothered by bullys tile 3rd grade even then it took 3 of them to make it evenish ah the fun of picking up the smallest of the 3 and using him like a weapon on his friends

  22. Courtney

    Hawk, the mental picture you just gave me was so satisfying. Of course, mine is the exaggerated Lord of the Rings version, where you use the kid to take down a legion of orcs. Epic.

  23. Courtney

    Oops, on the last post. I meant to address Kwah, not Hawk. I accidentally played the record backwards. :)

  24. dale_mettam

    Actually, if you say ALL the posters names here, in order of appearance, backwards, three-times, you summon Great Cthulhu from his dark sleep at the edge of space (and he is notoriously cranky when he’s just woken up).

    Or am I thinking or Beetlejuice?

    I know if you say Ringo three-times fast, you can summon Beatlejuice.

    Any which way, if you do it, you’ll likely dislocate your tongue.

  25. L.C.S

    “Ring three-times fast”. 😀

    Pain has a brain?!

  26. comichero

    Yes! epic orc slaughter using hobbit sized houminods and blunt force weapons * inhales shaprly* i love the smell of dead orcs in the monring and i think Pian is actualy have a strokes cuz i smell toast , also if you say alex trebeck’s name backwards banishes him fromthis plane

  27. keylaleigh

    You’re forgetting the bathroom mirror. You have to look at yourself in a bathroom mirror at night and say Ringo three times fast. THEN you’ll summon Betle juice.

  28. Dan Genesis

    Poor Pain has fried his brain!

    What sort of chaos will come next, I wonder? *evil laugh*

    In other news, I have quite enjoyed how the story has twisted to where three imps from hell end up in the hands of a good little girl – makes me wonder… will the girl slowly turn evil, or the Imps become more kind-hearted?

  29. dale_mettam

    Welcome, Dan. And rest assured, plenty of chaos is still to come.

  30. Kiriel

    The usual way would be for them to grow more kind hearted, but hey, I think for being imps they seem already pretty caring for Luci

  31. dale_mettam

    The Imps are just told to help “The Chosen One.” If you look at who Hell originally wanted to send to assist Luci, actually getting Pain, Tears and Misfor… Alisdair, is a pretty significant drop.

    And they have never had to focus the way they are now. Usually, they just float around and being where they are Pain, Tears and Alis… Misfortune just happens.

    Ultimately they’re working under the assumption that Luci knows what to do, because they are clueless… in every sense.

  32. Kiriel

    True.. true.. :3 But compared to demons of hell, they definitely (under Luci’s control) aren’t the most terrifying out there (could definitely cause some trouble though)

  33. Ragedoll

    could Karma also come in Imp form? That would be awesome!
    @ Kiriel I think that these three imps could be the most terrifying if Luci would unleash them. They sound like the three that are meant to bring the end of the world! 2012 imps really haha.