Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #8

Alisdair actually has a slight astigmatism and as such needs glasses for reading.  Mostly he uses them as part of a disguise though.

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  1. Ragedoll

    I love Pain, I think this has to be my favourite strip so far! This is priceless guys!

  2. L.C.S


  3. keylaleigh

    L.C.S, stop putting bad images in my head! It’s not nice!
    But… Matty’s strong enough to break apart a swing? That’s pretty awesome…

  4. Minax2802

    So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.
    If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
    If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.

    -Sun Tzu

  5. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – Glad you like.
    @L.C.S. & Keylaleigh – Fear not.
    @Minax – The Imps fall into category D – They know nuthin’ about nuthin’.

  6. Chibichibi

    OH GOD. I just fell out of my computer chair from laughter. This strip is win. Epic, epic win. Can’t. Stop. Laughing… xD

  7. Dan Genesis

    You fail in your attempts to capture me.

    I AM</strike WAS NOT THAT FAT!


  8. Dan Genesis

    Curse my horrible typing.

    “I AM WAS NOT THAT FAT!” is what it SHOULD have looked like.


  9. L.C.S

    Sorry… I’ve been having a straaaange week and it’s making me more random. (If that’s possible.) I probably need to sleep and have my brain scrubbed before I’ll be coherent and inoffensive again.

  10. purplerose133

    rotflmao! okay this one tops it all!!! loooooove pain’s face!!! btw is pain a girl??? ……….

  11. purplerose133

    okay i couldnt resist… ill probably change it back soon tho.

  12. purplerose133

    wait, it didnt work???

  13. purplerose133

    did it work now?

  14. purplerose133

    oh i give up!!!! i was trying to change my avatar to pain. it didnt work… :(

  15. dale_mettam

    Hey guys, couple of things.

    Tonight the server swap is happening… again… maybe… hopefully… for real this time.

    @ Purplerose – most blatant attempt to get an IMPoster EVAH! 😉 (Try Gravatar to change your avatar/icon thing).

  16. purplerose133

    ( wait, which?) 😛 :) i no!!! luckily u dont no me personally

  17. dale_mettam

    The SWITCH has begun.

    Swing over to the Facebook site if you wanna shoot the breeze. Should be all clear in the AM.

    See you on the other side!

  18. SladeJT

    Pfft. Someone needs to chain Pain down before he convinces the bully to team up with him. The suffering on the playground would be legendary.

  19. dale_mettam

    I guess we’re back!

    Excuse the mess while we sweep up the dust, and set chairs back on four legs.

  20. Kiriel

    I’ll help clean up, hafta do it here, too 😉
    (PS you guys might like my new BF he’s awesomely evil :3)

  21. Ragedoll

    Just a bit curious about the chained up kid, do you think someones going to help him or is he going to spend a lonely night on the swing set? could the bully at least find him a friend?

  22. Byakugan01

    He got his money. The kid tied to the swing has outlived his usefulness to him. I vote lonely night…or Pain’s midnight snack. So do the imps have ANY plan for dealing with this kid? Or are they out of Lucy-approvable ideas.

  23. Revok

    HI EVERYBODY… i’m new. (though i’ve been following since the third strip)
    i absolutly (spell check plz) LOOOOVE what you’ve done with this comic
    hopefully ill be posting regularly.
    *quietly waits for next strip or for people to talk at me*

  24. dale_mettam

    Tomorrow you guys will see something that changes the whole dynamic of the current situation.

    Welcome Revok, glad you joined the chattage. Gladder you’re planning on posting more. Gladdest you’re enjoying the strip.

  25. Byakugan01

    …wait! The kid’s not some sort of saint in disguise is he?!? No, that would be too predictable…

  26. dale_mettam

    Matty or the kid in chains?

    Either way, no. 😀

  27. Courtney

    Welcome Revok! Glad you’re enjoying the strip. I too hope you become a regular poster.

  28. Kiriel

    Dale.. you are more evil than your in strip imps :C not nice to taunt us like that.. *pokes Dale and Courtney* I love both of you.. xD

  29. dale_mettam

    Fortunately both Courtney and I have sworn to use our powers ONLY for good.



  30. charliez

    Imp/Boy love is a sign the end of days are coming…. Or just a way to have a good laugh folks.

  31. D.Durand

    I definitely like this Pain.