Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #9

The word wedgie can trace it’s origin back to sixth century Japan.  Wrestlers could score a point if they could give their opponent a wai’jee (the move was very similar to the schoolyard version we know today).  As time passed, this lead to the modern style of Sumo Wrestling attire and after the Shogun’s favorite wrestler was accidentally castrated in a particularly vicious bout during the 13th century, points for that move were removed and it was eventually removed from the sport.

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  1. keylaleigh

    Honestly, this bully HAS to have superpowers. We’re not dealing with your typical bully here. Ripping the chain right out of a swing, giving people wedgies when they aren’t even wearing PANTS, let alone underwear. This kid is special! What’s he doing in a normal elementary school? He should be at Professor X’s Mutant conservatory!

    And on the bonus comic… it gave me a lip pout. Sad bunnies make me sad.

  2. Byakugan01

    OR he’s an imp HIMSELF. My money is on Greed.

  3. dale_mettam

    I promise, he’s not an Imp.

  4. Minax2802

    He could be something even worst… he could be the school principal’s child. That would be quite problematic for Luci and the Imps to say the least.

  5. Revok

    Thanks for the welcome : ) (i’d have responded sooner but i only get an hour or so a day if i’m lucky)

    as far as being the principal’s kid goes, they aint to hard to deal with; if you prick them, they’ll bleed like any other mortal, ya just gotta prick them a little harder. Mwa ha ha *strokes the evil laugh cat*

    (also… how do i go about getting an avatar?)

  6. dale_mettam

    Custom avatars at gravatar.

  7. Iceburgh

    I still vote for stuffing a pepper up his nose…

  8. Kiriel

    You’d think Pain’d love getting a wedgie.. also, Alisdair’s little disguise is seriously growing on me.. he looks positively awesome that way 😀 I think it’s how the glasses make his eyes look :3

  9. keylaleigh

    I KNOW! I love Alisdair’s disguise soo much!

  10. Kiriel

    I now just wish we could see what they look like to other kids.. :C

  11. SladeJT

    An underwearless wedgie? Ouch. Probably pulled on the imp’s hide or something. With all that fat Pain seems to have, it could be done although it would hurt far more than it would if it was just underwear.

  12. Byakugan01

    I suspect they look much the same as they do as imps…except their features get translated into what a reasonable equivalent would be for a human. They do need to be able to interact with peoplke around them afterall. Just my hunch.

  13. Byakugan01

    Oh, and you’re joking about the whole sumo wrestling thing right? Right?

  14. Dan Genesis

    Ahahahahaha! Matty has reached new levels of awesome!

  15. purplerose133

    i drew an imp… … … pain just got served!!

  16. Wicked

    Wondering if that makes him like Matty more, or gives him second thoughts.

    Though a wedgie without wearing pants…sounds painful.

  17. dale_mettam

    I know some of you guys are wondering what’s coming next, now the enemy has been engaged, so to speak.

    Are you guys familiar with Looney Tunes cartoons? Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck? Sometimes it’s a head-to-head thing between those two; sometimes it’s Daffy and Elmer Fudd; sometimes it’s Bugs and some Opera Singer. And things are building, and building, until suddenly someone goes too far.

    The line that follows, and is VERY appropriate here, is:

    “Of course you realize, this means war.”

  18. Melkior

    Has anyone else realised that at no time in any of the comics has Misfortune stated that he’s changed his name to Alisdair?
    The closest we’ve come to seeing a change of name is a throwaway line in the cartoon from 2010/01/13 about an imp “definitely changing my name”, but the line is not attributed to a particular imp. It’s simply coming from one of the imps inside the bottle and there is no followup for it to say which imp made the statement or that it was meant seriously or what name the imp decided on as a replacement.
    So how come people keep on calling Misfortune “Alisdair”?
    (Cue Twilight Zone theme)

    As for the current story arc, I’m eagerly awaiting the war and the outcome. :-)

  19. dale_mettam

    There is an original short story that basically runs parallel to the Prologue strips.

    The original plan was that this short story would be on the website in some form, but as we moved along, that plan got shifted. The current idea is that as and when we do a printed collection of the strips, along with a whole bunch of other extras, the short story will be in there and it will add a whole new dimension to way things started.

    Including Alisdair changing his name. It’s also referenced here.

  20. Ragedoll

    I still vote for evil clowns in bumper cars! haha seriously! <3 I love it, poor Pain, I don't know why he just doesn't eat him after that!

  21. Kiriel

    the back and forth war’ll be sorta fun to see. 😀 Especially if kids take sides.

  22. Byakugan01

    You know…if the kids take sides, wouldnt Matt ironicly be the “good” side since he is the antagonist of the imps? Of course, there is also such a thing as the lesser of two evils…

  23. purplerose133

    but isnt war on vacation??? :) this is gonna b epic…

  24. Selpher

    Ohhhh my! What I have missed since not being able to pop on during work hours. Amazing job, and this bully has quite the arsenal of bullyish material. Of course bullyish isn’t a word, but it works in this circumstance I suppose. Now I’ve finally caught up and am feeling so much better that I know what’s happening.

  25. Kiriel

    Selpher I think bullyish works for Matt… I mean c’mon he gave him a wedgie.. a wedgie! WITHOUT. UNDERWEAR! O_O

  26. comichero

    I say that the imps make a detour into ther highschool football trainers room and grab a bottle of undiluted liquid heat and then go to his house and douse his underwear in the stuff see how his super strength hold up to a burning bumm and dangly bits all day wont be bullying any one fore some time would leave him raw and tender walking would be painful for several weeks

  27. Byakugan01

    ^Luci told them no mental scarring.

  28. comichero

    that not mental scarring tho it wont eve leave a mark out side red adn raw neither region

  29. wraithendream

    kudos on the first panel, love the whimsy of the playground equipment!!!