Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #12

The phrase, “My plan is sheer elegance in it’s simplicity,” when used to describe a plan that is anything but, was taken from the awesome and unjustly canceled “Middleman” TV show (if you missed the show, I highly recommend the DVD collection and the books they were based on).  The show’s Creator and Executive Producer was kind enough to allow us the use of his villains’ catchphrase.  Thanks, Javi.

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  1. comichero

    Lol Mouse trap that funny but im cuirous what the heck does the turtle do is is spinning the rabbit or is the bowling ball is?

  2. Animie fan

    … Farther from simplicity i have not seen methinks. 😈

  3. SladeJT

    Should had been expecting far more than the other page. Pain your contraption truly does rival Rube Goldberg’s.

  4. dale_mettam

    I think the bowling ball is preventing the turtle pulling the stool (on wheels) forward. When the log hits the ball forward, that creates slack and the turtle can move the rabbit to eat the carrot, which again causes slack in THAT line and ba-da-bing, Matty is in the girls bathroom… shrieks and embarrassment ensue and Pain gets his revenge… oh yeah… deals with Luci’s problem too.

  5. keylaleigh

    That bunny looks so sad, though…

    And that is a rather genius plan.

  6. Lisa

    Great incentive comic… but I wonder how many readers are even gonna recognize that video game?

  7. dale_mettam

    Q-bert is a classic!

  8. Revok

    i am agast, there was a video game reference in there, and i MISSED IT!!! for shame…
    *hides in dark corner to cry*

    so what happens between the cannon and the Ewok-swinging-log of chickenwalker doom?
    also, I would like to nominate this for the “BEST TRAP EVER!!!” award

    ooh compleatly unrelated question, if somebody who’s title is simply “Misfortune” is capeable of creating something as destructive as “The Titanic” incident, and Pain started all of those horrific fires…then who is responsible for something as evil as “l33t speak” (because all three imps are fully qualified to do so)?

  9. dale_mettam

    Video Game reference is in the bonus comic. Just hit the vote thing and you’ll get sent there. If you did vote already, you can still go back and check it out, the thing will just tell you you voted already, but still show the bonus.

    To answer the question about Pain’s trap… Once again, you’d need to track down the Director’s Cut of this and the last strip. The RGD actually runs the entire length of a school corridor. We could only show the start and the end due to space constraints.

    The next story arc specifically shows you what kinda damage Pain can cause with a discarded match. We’ll also show exactly HOW the Titanic incident happened. Plus a whole pile of other historic events (and by events, I mean disasters).

    As for l33t speak… you might find the culprit for that when we start the 2011 run of strips. A new character will appear and could be a leading contender. (Yes, we’ve planned that far in advance)

  10. keylaleigh

    Ooh… the cluprit of 1337-sp33k… I can’t wait!
    And I HATE Q-Bert… It’s such an evil game…

  11. Cat

    I love the Bonus material! That game was an old fave of mine!

    However, I must question the effectiveness of Pains device. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure he will end up in the girls restroom. What I question is it’s affect on Matty. It seems to me a bully like him would just start terrorizing the girls upon finding himself in the girls room. It just sounds like another chance for him to steal lunch money to me.

  12. dale_mettam

    Hey Cat. Welcome. On Monday you’ll get to see exactly how Pain’s plan plays out. 😀

  13. Revok

    *stops crying*
    (0.o) so that’s who kept beating my asteroid high score at the nickle arcade!!!

    sweet the titanic “imp” tyle
    ooh Pain the TF2 pyro imma gonna draw that now…
    yay a l33t imp… wait did that say 2011? wow, HOW do you plan that far ahead? i havent even planed what im gonna do after class gets out…

    umm how would one track down the directors cut…?

    also @Cat, Hail and welcome

  14. Revok

    umm just a quick question…

    @Courtney i was checking around the site and stumbled upon the “creators” tab and i was wandering what fair you went to (since Ren, fairs have been something i have been into since i was about 5,and i dont mean going to stare at the locals)

  15. Dan Genesis

    Wicked totally called the result last week.

  16. Wicked

    Hehe, yeah I had a feeling it was going to kick him into the girl’s room.

    But I have a feeling it isn’t going to end up that simple in the end.

  17. keylaleigh

    Why does the phrase “Face-first into a toilet” pop into my mind?

  18. Ragedoll

    As always, very amusing! can’t wait to see Matty’s facial expression, its going to be priceless!

  19. Courtney

    @Cat, Welcome to the party. There’s enough drinks for everyone.

    @Revok, I attended the TX Renaissance festival. I’ve been a few times, and enjoy the shows and the food. Gluttony at it’s best.

    @Wicked, where are you hiding your crystal ball?

  20. Nero Angelus

    It’s my experiance that allowing demons to watch television results in this kind of situation.

  21. dale_mettam

    Or perhaps television is the result of watching Imps in this kinda situation.

  22. Iceburgh

    Yeah, imps have been around longer.

  23. SladeJT

    Poor bunny is so hungry that it’s getting angry!

  24. dale_mettam

    That wabbit will get fed soon enough. BWAH HA HA HA HAR!

  25. keylaleigh

    …if the Imps helped create television, then what are Televangelists?
    I’ve never trusted those guys…

  26. Iceburgh

    The spawn of Satan himself. I thought everyone knew that.

  27. comichero

    not to be a little black rain clud but no one has entertianted the possiblitt that our fair and noble impish heros have a chace to fail as matty may come fromthe other direction and just smach his way through the cludded hall way like a cave troll swinging inoccent boys and girls around like rag dolls not ony thatim sure we are all assuming the good and fair Luci is on the west coast have you seen how many kids crwod the halsl ways in school there heck even i know and i didnt even go to the thorugh the cali- school system i went to a small scoll ina small twon of 1300 ppl and ther halls were packed with bodies i fear even as epic as this trap is its doomed to failure

  28. Wicked

    Courtney, if I told you then I’d have to kill you. 😮

    I suspect more crazy hijinks instead of the plan going smoothly, perhaps even throwing Matty into Luci or something. xD The waiting is the worst part.

  29. Kiriel

    ;A; I wanna go to a ren fair.. but we never have anything that cool in my area.. we have.. pot smoking and that’s about it (and not even legally at that..)

    Sorry I’m late to the game BTW had a 4 day hiatus at a guy friend’s house 😛

  30. keylaleigh

    It’s alright, Kiriel! Everybody has compy off-time!