Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #13

Hey folks!  If you have visited the site a couple of times in the same day, you might have noticed that new banner ad on the right (with Pain doing a little light reading on his favorite seat) will swap out for another ad featuring my desk.  That because we’re starting not one, but two new strips.  And unlike the bonus comics we run through TWC, these will be full strip format.

The Weekenders (Pain on the can) will explore what would happen if the Imps had found themselves in other comics strips instead of this one.  It’s our way of paying homage to those who did the job before us.

Behind the Imps came from an idea Courtney and I had to have us appear in the main strip.  With all the ideas we were throwing around, we decided we had more than enough to just make it a regular weekly feature.

You’ll be able to see these new strips exclusively on the Luci Phurr’s Imps Facebook Page, starting the first weekend in June.  Unlike the Bonus Comics, which only stay visible for around 24 hours, the weekend strips will be around a lot longer, but you’ll need to be a member of that page in order to view them.  Hopefully we’ll see you there too!

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  1. Melkior

    Knowing Pain, one word comes to mind:
    I forsee many failures followed by ultimate victory, probably in the most unexpected way imaginable. :-)

  2. Iceburgh

    A la Bugs Bunny. I LOVE it!

  3. Kiriel

    This is gonna get pretty ugly, isn’t it? (moreso than Pain basically mooning the audience :P)

  4. Kiriel

    Also LOL Lucas Jack’s little speech in the bonus is just like how my brain process works xD

  5. keylaleigh


    …and do I sense a prank war?

  6. Wicked

    Hehehehe, I see it escalating…and the imps getting saved by Luci in some way.

    xD big problem with crazy intricate plans – more ways for them to go wrong.

    Still loving the imps disguises.

  7. dale_mettam

    @Kiriel – I used to have a job where I worked nights, but on a funky schedule – two nights on, two off, four on, three off, etc. When I had a a bunch of days/nights off, I would come home from work and just stay up the first day, to be a little more sociable.

    However, by around noon of that first day I was… somewhat punchy. I would start talking about something, and then just run-on in this epic stream of consciousness. It could start with me seeing a squirrel in the yard, move to furniture, to Star Wars, to hummus, to baseball, to roadkill, to the beach, to recycling, to what’s for dinner.

    It all linked perfectly and made a kinda strange sense if you followed along… but it was kinda disturbing too.

    Lucas Jack in the Bonus Comic is a toned version of that.

  8. Kiriel

    I am very oddly similar to that >3> *clings* you are awesome, Dale.. and I wanna feed you many many energy drinks 😀

  9. keylaleigh

    Oh yeah I just noticed… wonderful “Press Start” tribute. And Lucas Jack sounds kinda like me on monster…

  10. dale_mettam

    I keep telling Courtney I’m awesome. He won’t have it. Maybe now there is an independent assessment….? 😀

  11. Kiriel

    well, I AM pretty awesome myself.. and I say you’re super awesome so that means you are double superly awesome 8D Here, have some flavor twists frito thingies :3

  12. Kiriel

    Also.. this side needs like one of those chat things >.O

  13. Revok

    War har har… senceless school yard violence…
    I LOVE IT (and i cant wait to see what happens next..this is gonna be epic)

    and i totaly agree with Kiriel. Dale you need energy drinks and other things very high in sugar

  14. comichero

    you could always get yoru self ashirt like i did proudly pronucing how awesome you are adn how proud you are to be so awesome a kid on a sugar high goofigure that is the only weakkness imps have and poor pain sorry your glourious plan ended in failure

  15. keylaleigh

    Ooh! A side-chat would be wonderful! And there are some free ones, I think.

  16. dale_mettam

    Email me with info on the side chat things, Keylaleigh. Can’t promise I can set something up, but if you know something, lemme know.

  17. Animie fan

    that sneaky little s***

  18. Dan Genesis

    Wow. Teach me, oh wise and powerful Matty.

  19. keylaleigh

    I’ll go do some research!

  20. Lisa

    The problem with those stream-of-consciousness thingies is that they might actually all link together in some way if one followed along… but the problem is that it is nigh impossible for anyone to actually listen that carefully.

  21. Kiriel

    Well I know there is a free groupboard you can get… it has a drawing applet thing, too 😀

  22. keylaleigh

    Ooh! What is it?

  23. Kiriel

    this, the free version is a little sucky but hey it’s waay better than nothing, right?

  24. keylaleigh

    And I found, but I’m not sure how good it is. I might make a sample board just to check it out.

  25. Kiriel

    try groupboard, also it’s been around years, I <3 it

  26. Revok

    lookong at pains expression i feel like giving him a hug and saying “there there, i’m sure your next attempt at revenge will go much better”…but i also think that i would regret it…. (he did eat the guy working at the movie theater after all…i wander what he tasted like…)

  27. Revok

    oh yeah, i finished the fan “Pyro Pain” picture… wish i knew how to send it to ya though…
    (if ya want me to that is)

  28. dale_mettam

    @ Revok – We would love to see the your Imp Art. Send us an email via the site with a contact email address and we’ll drop you a message and where to send the file.

  29. dale_mettam

    OK, hold that thought. I just saw that the email thing doesn’t seem to be working.

    Lemme get that fixed and get back to you.

  30. dale_mettam

    Page is fixed. So use the contact us page. We’ll then let you know where to send the file.