Luci Phurr’s Imps “Bully for you” #18

While there is still no clue as to what game the Imps were playing that seemed to combine Poke’yamom, Poker, Monopoly and Clue (Cluedo), the story of Matty Hooper is finished… for now.

Next week we start a new journey as we unlock a door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. We’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. We’re crossed over into the Twilight Zone… um… an Elementary School History Assignment.

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  1. Kiriel

    With his serious expression and tie on he seems so.. businessman like.. xD and he sure as hell got the business all done 😛
    He is amazing, I love Tears C:

  2. Melkior

    Shouldn’t that be “Crybaby Hooper”? Or is that some kind of subtle pun which went right over my head?

  3. Iceburgh

    Either way, Tears is quite right.

  4. keylaleigh

    Whatever game Pain and Alilsdair are playing, I WANT it! Any board game with a flamethrower works for me!
    Oh yeah, good job Tears.

  5. L.C.S

    Keyalaleigh, I couldn’t agree more! It sounds like magnificent fun! 😀

    Yay for the destruction of a bully’s psyche and social standing!

  6. Bosn_C_Otter

    outstanding strip. You now have another dedicated reader.

  7. dale_mettam

    First off, I saw a few new names of late, so let me be the gracious host and welcome the new posters. Great to have you here, it’s one of my favorite places to hang out on the interwebs with a cool gang of folks.

    Second, I have toyed with making the game the Imps play through this story… maybe if I get time, I’ll let you know. Of course, if one of you guys want to take a run at it, feel free.

  8. Kiriel

    Ooh that’d be fun I’d love to see what kind of crazy random happenstance things happen in there 😀

  9. comichero

    well i make some time and some one good with cutting adn pasting im thinking of game that can be played by 2-8 ppl its a combination of clue and monopoly board its get up like the monopoly bard but has the clue rooms tha tyou can purchase but not only that you dont have to burchase whole roooms you could purchase say only few arearsin the room like ther short cuts and secret passage ways to other rooms adn to in coprate the poker and poke`yamom each round you would deal out 5 cards to each playerand based onthe cards you recived you would try to make as many fulshes, straights or pairs as you could so for example if you were delt 5 grass type you would have a flush now if theyare all the same creature from their baby form all the way up to fully evolved froms you have a stright flush some card dont nessarly have to match for exampleif you got all 5 legenardy poke’yamom cards then that would be a royal flush but whom ever won the card portion of the game and would move their peice around the board first royal flushes would be 12spaces a straight flush would be 10 spaces a flush would be 8 spaces a straight would be 6 , 4 of a kind would 5, 2 pair would be 4spaces, 3of kind would3 spaces and a pair would worth 2 spaces now if you were to get 3 of a kind timce in arow you would go straight to jail dont pass go dont collect 200$ and obivously chance adn community chest would work the same land on the spot get the card to get out of jail you would have 3 turns to get 3 of kind again or pay 50$ to get out

  10. dale_mettam

    I don’t know whether to be impressed or a little afraid. 😀

  11. comichero

    and after that it would play out like clue except you have to pay rent to enter a room and a set amount per question in a turn it would work like buying houses in monopoly each house you buy for a property the value goes up adn the more youhave to pay per question all question moneyand jail money goes in to the middle of ther board as the “pot” whom ever lands on the spot for example free parking wins the pot so it pays alot to get that but also the price of the room just doesnt go up for the play asking the quetion it goes up for every one in that room the sercet passages like a isaid can be bought spereate from thier rooms they would act like the rail roads in monopoly and that is what im thinking how it would play out what do you guys think? needs mroe work yeah?

  12. keylaleigh

    …Wow, Comichero. Just… wow. You’ve done far more thinking about it than I did.

  13. keylaleigh

    OH YEAH! I am discussing the concept of the board game with my father, and he says that instead of a house, it can be in a TOWN! And instead of rent and stuff, you get search warrants to go into places to find clues. And there’s bribery and stuff going on, which explains the paying. You CALL it “rent”, but really it’s more of a “protection” fee.
    With the Poker and Poke’yamom, go to Comichero. I don’t exactly know Poker rules…

  14. dale_mettam

    You guys are amazing! 😀

  15. SladeJT

    Is it just me or did anyone else read that as “Crybaby Pooper” at first glance?

  16. Dan Genesis

    Just you, Slade.

  17. Ragedoll

    Awesome Strip, they are too funny, and I do indeed want to try this game out. I suspect the rules would “fun” to try and figure out as well.

    I’m all for the actual making of the board/card/thing game. : ) Although I believe comichero and keylaleigh have that all ready on the go..

    When you do get to the IMP plushies, can we make one where tears can really cry? I want one!

  18. comichero

    the enitre concept of the game i had laid down there was entirely off the top of my head and im not above working with Keyla on this thing to hammer out the details as i am liking her dads idea of making it a town in stead of one large mansion as it would be far more easier to incorperate the untilites and rail roads as you could easily make the rials the subway and the utilites would alot easier to get in there infact you could add some if you wanted like a cable stationor for you fancy ppl statilte also would be easier to but the income tax on thier as you could add an entire tax office but insted of 200$ fee it could be 1000$ and Keyla’s idea of making it more of “protection” moneyit would make sence that the more suspious a zone pecomes the more the person land ing onit has to pay but as the game goes on the price dweindles as certain area’s become less suspect and to work the bribery in there we could marry my idea of have into pay to ask questions adn the bribes as you would be bribing the own of siad zone ore building for in fo or to keep thier mouths shut espcialy if we make it that at the chance cards of the game are continuesly performing crimes to throw off suspision and the oppiste of that would be community chest it would have a few bad cards but not as many as chance but community would be more along the line as of makeing zone or buildings less dangerous place to live with cards like ploice protection which would send you to one of the other loctions of the board if it is un own you can buy but it if youcan oronly pay half the protection rate but over all this game is very do-able might take a bit to hammer out a rough copy of the game im thinking since we are going for more of a city we culd canablize a life game for building for a rough draft i dont know, We’ll have to put our heads together on that one, and as it seems this game is going to be about exorbant amounts of money , misfortune pain and tears i wondering if we couldnt maybe get some fianacial assistants from our loveable imps.

  19. Sicarius

    …my brain hurts…you guys were -busy- putting some thought into this…

    …I am most curious as to just what our pal Tears did to the wouldbe bully… *ponders*

  20. dale_mettam

    While I can’t answer questions on the rules of the game (doesn’t a game with incredibly complex rule, possibly missing a page of the rule-book make the PERFECT game to come out of Hell?), I can tell you what Tears did.

    He just followed Matty around all day. I am sure most people have, at some point had one of those moment where you could just cry! Guess who was hiding in the room?

  21. Wicked

    xD I want to play board games with the imps now.

    Awww I do almost feel bad for Matty, but then I remember what a little turd he was before.

  22. Courtney

    What shall the name of the game be? This inquiring mind wants to know.

  23. keylaleigh

    Poker’yamom Clueopoly

  24. Courtney

    Try saying that three times fast…:)

  25. dale_mettam


    Hey gang. A couple of you sent us some fan art and links to such. Courtney broke the website again and we lost the links and images and the like. We LOVE that stuff, so please do me a favor. I have the page ready to go. I just need to find that art, so if you sent it, or sent a link, PLEASE send me a message via the “contact page” here and I’ll tell you where to send the art and I WON’T let Courtney near it.

    And anyone who wants to jump on that and flex their creativity, go right ahead, the more the merrier.

  26. Melkior

    “that three times fast”

    What? You expected a sensible answer? On this forum?

    Maybe I should be an imp. If so, I’d need to call myself “non-sequitor” :-)

    (Quietly sings “a little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men”) :-)

  27. comichero

    i dont know about a name but the perface of ther instrucion manuel would go something like *dawns an over an eunthused annouser voice * Dear, players thank you for buying and welcome to hell’s very first board game straight from the ppl that brouight you the life sized pain action figure now with pain amplifcation machine also the misfortune grab bag we seriously dont know what will come out of it next and finaly the tears and crybaby hooper combination pack watch the evil matty hooper messup your house laugh as you get blamed for it but watch him be come nothing but a quivering blubbering mess when your new tears action hero comes into the room laugh along with your friends and make rest of matty hooper’s life a living hell and in very fine print warning matty hooper doll may cause severe brusing and mental anguish if not left inthe company of tears also please enjoy this wonderfuly addictive new game of poker’yamom clueopoly the game where any thing can happen and most offten does it’s soo fun and full of impish delight you swear your selling your soul to play *more fine print* warning game may actually steal your soul and posses you for short periods of time upto 6-8 hours and in rare cases full demonic posses has lasted long then 3 days if this occurs please contact your neariest holy man for immdeate excorsism

  28. Kiriel

    Okay Dale, recontacted you guys about the drawing I did.. ;P

  29. keylaleigh

    I LOVE IT! Comichero, that is quite good. I want a Misfortune Grab Bag…

    I gotta start on this! You and I, Comi, you and I will create Poker’yamom Clueopoly! The rules have to be so complex it’s almost impossible to play! But those that master it should… get a cupcake or something.

  30. comichero

    cupcake is too small a prize for mastering the rules of such a complicated game maybe they win their soul back from the devil or they dont have to pay any phone bills from hell for a year or they get to be in the employ of hell for all time creating more comlicated rulles and games to play oh my good doyou think that is what happened to us Keyla? oh no i figured it they are going to wipe my mind again !!! but yes you, dale and courtney ,myself and any one who wants to join in the insanity should have a face to face some place are seriously get the ball rolling on this game and hey if we are lucky we could start a whole line of merchandise and dale and courtney could hire us or whore us out what ever is more perferable to all parts as their brain trust and merchandise idea ppl

  31. Ragedoll

    I’d be good with a cupcake, it would have to an amazing cupcake but it would still be good.

    @Dale, maybe you should restrict Courtney’s access to most things, you know for safety purposes?

  32. dale_mettam

    First, cupcakes wouldn’t work. No way we could get ANY cake past our editor without bloodshed, someone losing an eye, riot-police intervention and a broken finger-nail. For EVERYONE’S safety, step away from the cupcake idea.

    Second, Courtney is already restricted in may ways… often based on Court Orders.

  33. comichero

    Seems to me soe one has a cake problem dont let him know i make kick ass cheese cake and at ther board game meeting there will be cheese cake tho i might have to ship it a head of me seeing as the air line are uber nuts these days

  34. dale_mettam

    Actually, just a quick heads-up, talking about flying cheesecake (it’s how my head works… don’t try to work it out). Both Court and I will be at San Diego Comic Con this summer. If any if you guys are gonna be there, we’ll give you more info about where you can find us closer to the event.

  35. keylaleigh

    Wow… didn’t mean to get everybody all in a tizzy with the cupcake comment. It’s my default prize.
    And if only I wasn’t on the other end of the states…

  36. comichero

    No tizzy here hun just a mild suggestion of prize size and a defualt prize is nice to haveif i have a defualt prize i have to say it and allyou can eat chinese buffet but yeah…. im not quite sure on dale’s adn courtney’s base of operation is set up but i would seggesta more user freindly place like chicago not that i dont like sandeigo have a few friends down that way

  37. keylaleigh

    Alright, the cupcake is the “Consolation prize”. Once you buy the game, you get a cupcake.

  38. comichero

    wooo free cupcakes with the purchase of te game they willsell like hotcakes seewe must be working for hell on some level Keyla

  39. keylaleigh

    I am an ImPoster here, so I’m definately working there on some level.
    And I have three Poke’yamom cards made up. If you can work on the game board, we’d be all good.
    Oh yes, and the five legendary Poke’yamom cards are my brother and his friends. They demanded it.

  40. Sicarius

    You do not strike me as the type to give into demands, keylaleigh…are you sure they were not simply begging incessantly?

  41. comichero

    yeah i’ll have to agree on that one Key la you dont seem the type to give into demands but your in charge of the cards tho with things like cards the only thing i’ll say is that it always more fun with more ppl working on it as it one of those things that its greato bounce idea’s off pplmuch safer the bounceing game boards of them beleive you my and less chance of getting jabbed with a pointed edges

  42. keylaleigh

    Actually, they requested very politely. I wanted to be dramatic. They all knew that I would never have listened if they were rude.

  43. Iceburgh

    Desired it would have worked.

  44. TheCartelDude

    May I make a set of rules for this game?
    The only winning combination will be as follows:
    ‘I have five aces, so I choose Col. Mustard, in the garage, with the Deucenburg. I win 27.6 million dollars, sans the 800 I owe Mark here for landing on his garage. Also, DAVE! You said the winner would be Peekatyew! Y’a’owe me ten quid!”
    Please say yes….