History Ain’t What It Was #1

Well, here we are, starting a new story for Luci and the Imps.  One that will take them on a journey that will be surprising, shocking, educational… and might even pass through the Vomitorium.

Also, please check out today’s Bonus Comic.  You’ll get more information about what you can expect this coming Saturday, 5th of June over on the the LPI Facebook page when we start THE WEEKENDERS.

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  1. Dan Genesis

    Well, someone seems happy…

  2. Melkior

    “It’s just like being at home” – Misery loves company?

    I presume Misery is hell’s party animal, always inviting other imps over to share his misery?

  3. Sicarius

    Real Housewives fantastic? That’s stretching it a bit…then again, considering I like to watch horror flicks with a big bowl of popcorn and cackle at the supposed scary bits, perhaps not…

  4. Kiriel

    I love how happy Pain looks, like the cat who got the canary (and maybe some tuna and a saucer of milk to rain down on that dumb canary, too)

  5. keylaleigh

    Aah, Real Housewives. At least they aren’t desperate. Or on the Jersey Shore.

  6. Wicked

    Hehe, Pain’s expression is awesome.

    xD and I watched one of those housewives shows before…they really do create soooo much drama for themselves.

  7. comichero

    I have to say tears must be manning up abit since the whole luci getting picked on stip cuz he hasnt shed a single tear since then most be cause he is feeling to good about himself haveing one upped the other two also i didnt know vomitoriums still were around havent seen one snice the fall of rome but that was a entire diffrent level of decidence back then too ………………….. *sighs* damn i miss those days

  8. Sicarius

    …Ah the fall of Rome…good times, good times…The Dark Ages were nothing compared to that…

  9. Ragedoll

    I Love how it doesn’t look like tears knows how to feel about the tv show. Is the poor guy homesick?

  10. Dangerdoll

    LOL – good one. They say “mo money mo problems” (mo = More ) But i gotta say I don’t believe it to be so. These “reality” shows are so far from real but I guess folks love them. Good stuff. Still lovin’ the strip! You guys rock ?

  11. Dangerdoll

    Oh and the Incentive is SICK!! I was laughing at the brought to you by brimstone advisory. I am still giggling :p

  12. Kiriel

    It is a very awesome incentive isn’t it? :3

  13. dale_mettam

    We have Pain in the bonus tomorrow and Tears on Friday. Different Sponsorship ad on each.

    And tomorrow (Wednesday) you get to see two VERY new characters that are even bigger screw-ups than the Imps.

  14. Courtney

    Dale and his twin? 😛

  15. dale_mettam

    Close. Dale and his Work Wife.

  16. Courtney


  17. comichero

    lol wow i can feel the love in that room allthe way over here makes me all warm and cuddley guys

  18. keylaleigh

    Yes, love abounds! And two new characters? Oooh….

  19. dale_mettam

    I think it is fair to say that there is a great deal of respect in that room. Courtney would never slam me the way he does without that respect. And for my part… he’s an easy target.


  20. comichero

    also i think I may have made a break through on the board game ive been mulling over how to get the city scape idea of clue and monoply together so they couldhave a kid and create this game =P but it hit me as if pain were chucking bricks at my head RISK! we could set up districts you would have the order would be from the startig postion around; red light, slums, suburbs,, mid town, uptown, downtown and the buissness center and scatared around the board ar the w electric cable/ satalite company, watercompany, the sub ways and the Public Libary and a weapons store you manage to get all of thet hem they would act like asia on the risk board very hard to get them all but worth doingalso the weapons store need to be tossedinthere other wise the ppl would be making home made weapons yes they are ingenious but ultimately dangerous to the user adn ew dont want that plus i plassed it in the burbs that being said the burbs takes a whole side of the board as that is were most ppl live unless you are like me and love living in the country srounded by woods and birds singing bt that s diffrent story , i also would need to make a few board alter ations for the new design to work but it works as it add to the complexity of the game asit is diffacult to navigate

  21. comichero

    oh i also chance ther go to jail spot to drunk driving and assulting an officer

  22. dale_mettam

    If you want, you guys could take this game design plan to the FB page where you can keep all your plans in one place so it doesn’t straddle various strip comment sections.

    If you wanna stay here and do it, that’s cool. Just an idea to help you all manage your creative process in one place.

  23. comichero

    mmm good point dale but then the game could easily be come public and the idea stolen i have that happening enough as it is in my life it like some one is tapping my brain for great idea’s infact i would be sur prized that this new board design and game as a whole isnt on some R&D tabel someplace in Parker brothers or Hasbro or Milton Bradly some place , but i ultimately live it up to my much fairier partner in crime if she wants to move this party to the FB site either way im sure to get some excellant feed back from our target demographic

  24. dale_mettam

    Well it ain’t like this is not out there in the public eye. 😀

    At least I hope we’re available for everyone to see. We want more readers all the time.

  25. keylaleigh

    As I said before, I have cards that will be on DA the moment I get my scanner up and running again. There are now seven of them.
    So another board game has been thrown in the mix…

  26. Sicarius

    …Ye gods and goddesses…not -more- boardgames!! *twitch*

  27. Sicarius

    …er, another boardgame that is…

  28. comichero

    By the end of this side porject i want to in corperate as many games as possable its going to be a conviluted mess of epic porptions