History Ain’t What It Was #2

While it might be true, as Winston Churchill once famously said, that “history is written by the victors,” I think it’s a safe bet the first draft was written by our guys here.

Once again, please check out today’s Bonus Comic.  You’ll get more information about what you can expect this coming Sunday, 6th of June over on the the LPI Facebook page when we start BEHIND THE IMPS.

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  1. Ragedoll

    I’m in love with tears! He is most certainly my favourite of the three – although they are all awesome. I hope we get to hear some examples of pains history!

  2. Sicarius

    *grins* I quite agree, Tears is definitely a winner in my book…

  3. keylaleigh

    I dunno about you two, I’m more of a Pain person. He’s just so loud and obnoxious…. I could say a sort of kindred spirit.
    But yes, little Luci will have the best history report EVER!

  4. dale_mettam

    I think you will find Tears becomes a much more interesting character. There was always tons of love from me for the little blue guy… that was not the same for everyone on the creative team. However, what I saw in the character is finally creeping in more and more.

    And that History Report…? You have no idea. 😀

  5. Lisa

    Awesome incentive today! The guy on the left is soooo cute! 😉

  6. purplerose133

    i like pain…

  7. Dangerdoll

    I’m so in love with Alisdair! It’s the band-aid…HAWT!

  8. Kiriel

    I love Alisdair, too him and Tears are about even (but only when Al’s wearing his glasses, he’s so adorable that way xD).
    I wonder what her teacher’s face will be like when she says that report… xD

  9. dale_mettam

    It’s been a while, but we have NEW IMPosters!

    AT LAST!

  10. Kiriel

    Those two.. are amazing o3o *huggles* You’re awesome.. even if whomever posted it spelled my name wrong ;P it’s sorta cool that way. 😉

  11. dale_mettam

    Name is fixed. I blame the next IMPoster down for the typo. 😀

  12. ghubert

    so with pains farts did they use those for atom bombs

  13. Kiriel

    xD blame Tegger instead, you just forgot my name ;3 also it’s fun, my friend is all o-O about the drawing.. but I oddly enough really like it..
    Plus YAY cousin for Tears <3 :3
    You guys = so so ossum, seriously.

  14. comichero

    Ha nice well im a fan of the all but if i had to choose one id say luci is my favorite cuz seriously what not to love about having the powers of hell are your finger tips, and tot he insentive comic nice i’ll have to agree whole heartedly with lisa the man on the left is oddly attrative must be the a combination of the hiar gottee and glasses i dont knwo glasses can make you say awww adorable tho the man on the right looks like the kinda guy id hang with and probly share his weed with me too

  15. dale_mettam

    Welcome ghubert – that’s a good question. Mostly I’ve focused on what goes IN Pain… which is pretty much everything. May have to ponder what all that does to his gastric system.

    Glad the two new IMPosters met with approval. We’ll try to get more out soon, but the lead up to Comic Con tends to be busy time.

    If that dude with the hat does have a ready supply of weed, it would explain an awful lot. I’m pretty sure the other guy is flattered to be found attractive as well, but I think he’s taken. 😀

  16. Kiriel

    I have a steady supply of weed… my friends 😉
    (Also.. I think I might be an agent for hell normally, anyway o-o I say some weird stuff in my sleep, like I said once ‘I’m gonna blow up the world’ and when Britt, Amber and Tasha were all in a room with me.. ‘kill us in the woods… with the fire.. and the parents…’ I dunno.. sounds semi demonic to me :P)

  17. comichero

    awww nuts oh well whom ever has the guy onthe right must have the devils luck to snag a fine lookin man like that .

  18. comichero

    and yes that does sound very demonic Kiriel * note to self build under water fallout shelter*

  19. Wicked

    xD wondering what sorts of things she’s going to end up for this report.

    And trying to get my facebook cleared out. x.x Use to have tons of friends from mafia wars…wondering if it might just be easier to make a new account then to try to clear out all these people I don’t know.

  20. Lisa

    @Wicked – In FB, Go to Account > Edit Friends > Friends. Then create a new list, and give it a name like “Friends I actually want to hear from” and in that dialog box you’ll also be able to select all the people or pages you want in that list. Then back on your FB Home page, select ‘Friends’ (in the left sidebar) and then your new list will appear and you can select it. Now you will only see updates that you want to see.

  21. Sicarius

    …I do wonder which imp was responsible for social networking sites…those things have got to be evil…I mean really, I spent (yes, past tense…I was in the void and managed to escape…sheer dumb luck) countless hours doing absolutely nothing…I could have been refining my plans for how best to take over the planet…

    After society has been completely undermined by the parastic Pluots and mutant zombie space gophers of course….

  22. Wicked

    xD thank you Lisa.

    And whatever imp was responsible likely specializes in people (like me) that get stuck trying to figure things out.

  23. Dan Genesis

    Can’t wait to see how everything REALLY happened…..

  24. keylaleigh

    Forget what imp was responsible for social networking sites. I’m gonna cut right to the chase and ask what imp started Farmville.

  25. Courtney

    LOL @ Keylaleigh

  26. dale_mettam

    Actually, next year you might just meet that Farmville Imp. Have you been reading my notes?

  27. Wicked

    Farmville scares me a bit >.> considered looking at it just out of curiousity a few times and couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  28. Kiriel

    I played farmville a little bit.. never liked it… OTHER face book games on the other hand.. >.>;

  29. keylaleigh

    I admit. I was addicted to Farmville for about a month. Then I got tired of it, and stopped.

  30. comichero

    i dont do farmville im in love with castle age tho bring me back to the glory days of table top D&D oh lord i thinki i gave another clue to my real age

  31. Ragedoll

    Oh not Farmville! I would also like to know who created it, and send the imps after them.
    also I’d beg to say the man on the right is the lucky one!

  32. dale_mettam

    That guy on the right has no idea how lucky he is to work with the guy on the left.

  33. comichero

    HA ifeell safe tellingyouguys this a week or so back im watchingmy 4yr old nephew and he come in from out side and says in that lovaable 4yr old way “the truth is your a bad guy and i shoot bad guys.” ha but hte only reason i bring it up is the truth of the matter oll of us here are exertemly lluckyfor we have witnessed one of lifes small miricales that we at all were brought into existants here and now and that by some twist of fate that two of the most awesome guys we know got togetehre and hatched this master peice that is Luci Phurr’s Imps just thought id say thanks to Dale and Courtney and every one that we dont really know about that makes all of this possable for including us the readers in small ways and giving us the tools to enjoy even a small part of this choatic existants we call life thanks again guys

  34. Kiriel

    I thank you guys, too, I really enjoy the comic, and because of it all the fans that have come together in our fits of weirdness.
    I’m eternally grateful for you making this amazing comic, all 4 of you (Hey I read the creator page I know it’s not just the two more talkative ones there 😉 heh)

  35. dale_mettam

    I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we’ve passed the audition.

  36. Courtney

    @ Comichero and Kiriel

    Thanks a bazillion for the kind words! I have to bask in the moment though, as I worry that your opinions may change toward us once you see the weekend strips on Facebook.

  37. dale_mettam

    Yeah, that guest writer and artist we got in for the weekend projects…. SHEESH! Talk about slackers. That’ll teach us to get in ghostwriters and ghost artists and just stick our names on.

  38. comichero

    your very welcome i’ll sing your praises as much as impishly possable adn to your guest writer and artiest laments well they all cant be winners but im sure they did i fine job all the same, also you passed the auditions you start as soon as you sign your souls and the souls of yoru first born over to Kiriel im told she loves the taste of souls.

  39. Dangerdoll

    Here here *holds up chalice* 😀

  40. keylaleigh

    On a strain of total randomness…I wonder if the flavor of a soul varies from each person, like the soul tastes like their favorite food?
    If that’s the case, mine prolly tastes like mashed potatos and turkey gravy.

  41. comichero

    right on i think i know whos soul im going to nibble on from time to time =P

  42. Kiriel

    I guess I’d taste like random sushi, then.. o3o;