History Ain’t What It Was #3

Let this strip stand as an important educational warning to all you kids out there considering time travel.  Do YOU want to responsible for a Tunguska Event type explosion?

OK, having read through the comments of previous strips, I can see that is not the deterrent it should be.  Just don’t touch yourself.  At best you’ll go blind… at worst… BOOM!

And again, please check out today’s Bonus Comic.  This time you’ll get a Very Important Message about the new Weekend Strips we’re just moments away from launching over on the the LPI Facebook page. And remember, the ONLY place you can see the new WEEKENDER and BEHIND THE IMPS strips are on that Facebook page as a member of the page.

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  1. Kiriel

    Uh oh.. what happens if they touch? 😛 Although Alisdair seems more like the type to have the misfortune of ending up touching a previous self.. This is gonna be interesting 😀

  2. Dan Genesis

    See, while Pain will intentionally touch himself, Misfo- Alisdair will like end up accidentally bumping into himself. Or causing Tears to do so.

  3. keylaleigh

    Oh god, Back to the Future 2 all over again! Or that Futurama episode, where Fry became his own grandpa!
    And on the incentive comic… *squints*…. I can’t see it.

  4. Ragedoll

    And all this time I thought it was a meteoroid but this makes MUCH more sense!

    Also I LOVE Tears little suit in the bonus, it is full of win. <3

  5. Dangerdoll

    LOL Pain would “touch” himself! LOL . I couldn’t help that one. But great strip! History at it’s finest 😀

  6. Byakugan01

    So THAT’s what happened back there…what happens if Pain bumps into four of himself?

  7. dale_mettam

    Ever hear that theory about what happened to the dinosaurs?

  8. comichero

    HA tears makes the ultimate straight man thats a great bonus strip well this proves that Tunguska was an interdimenstional cross rip

  9. Wizard

    keylaleigh – I think I could see the edge of the clue, but the rest of it was blocked by some big sign thingy.

  10. Sicarius

    …yeah, in my defense, I’m legally blind…even with my glasses, things tend to show up blurry…Hell, I’ve got the screen view zoom level at 400% now and sometimes I still can’t make anything out…if anyone was able to actually see that clue, would they be so kind to point it out?

    …so that’s what really happened to the dinosaurs…

  11. phage83

    What if you don’t trust face book? what about us

  12. dale_mettam

    Given the evil reputation Facebook has gotten for itself recently, what better place to host some Luci Phurr’s Imps comics?

    But seriously, we wouldn’t be there if we thought it was unsafe, and we certainly wouldn’t put our strips there. There are ways to protect yourself if you take a little time to wade through the panicky messages that are usually well intended, but not always that useful. That said, if you still feel like you don’t want to be on Facebook, we understand.

    At some point, we’ll likely collect the extra strips in a printed format, so you should get to see them eventually. This way you get to see them factory fresh and with that new car smell on them. Hope to see you on Facebook… or here next Monday.

  13. Dangerdoll

    I didn’t get the clue. Where will you be again?

  14. dale_mettam

    Just between you and me, Dangerdoll…. Facebook.

    You didn’t hear that from me.

  15. Dan Genesis

    Sure, Dale. No body heard you….

  16. dale_mettam

    Just remember, Mum’s the word. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

    I was never here.

  17. keylaleigh

    Say no more!

  18. Lisa

    Regarding the FB issues, spend time going through all the privacy settings. FB seems to assume that when you sign up, you want to share everything with everybody. So you just have to go in and set it to only share what you want to share.

    You’ll find the privacy settings under ‘Account’ in the upper right-hand corner. You can quickly change to only share updates, photos and the like with friends. And under ‘Basic Directory Information’ there’s a little link to ‘settings’ where you can set up your account so only friends can search for you, or send you messages, and other restrictions. Also make sure you check out the settings under ‘Applications’; there you can even set it up so that search engines won’t index your information.

    Like many things, Facebook is a tool and you just have to take a few precautions to keep yourself safe.

  19. dale_mettam

    The first weekend strip is live. You can click the banner on the right and it’ll take you straight there. If you have the Before The Imps banner, just refresh and the other one will come up.

  20. Kiriel

    That’s a cute little strip 😛
    Also good devil juice mojo for me guys, please ;P I need it I have a job interview at a certain evil fast food joint ^^;

  21. dale_mettam

    Good luck. And remember, even a soul sucking job can provide great material for a book, or a comic… or a class action law suit.

  22. Sargath

    Recently discovered the comic, love it!
    -nice to see I’m not the only one who remembers Timecop (intentional reference or otherwise)

  23. Nero Angelus

    I’d meet myself, figure it’d be fun the two of us can take over the world! I’ll need my M. Bison gear first!

  24. Kiriel

    Thanks and naaah ;D Any job = good job right now, I wanna help my mom out… but I’m gonna have to walk about a mile in the rain to get to my interview x.x argh

  25. dale_mettam

    Welcome Sargath (is it just me or did that sound like a line from Star Trek… or Futurama?). Glad you’re liking the comic. You’ll find TONS of references in the strips. Some obvious, so less so. Part of the fun for me is putting these things in and seeing who gets them.

  26. keylaleigh

    “Welcome Sargath” actually sounds more Buffy-esque to me.

  27. Wicked

    …I just got the image of some crazy scary vampire.

    *waves to the new folks* Not sure I ever waved to everyone in general *waves to the old folks too*

  28. comichero

    *in a soft welcoming voice* Welcome to hell Sarath! You’ll find that the dezidens of this hell are very welcoming and not entirely evil and all of us here hope you enjoy your stay i recomend the amusment park of Pain tears and mis fortune on level 9 is to die for also you may enjoy shoping in the new greed strip mails on levels 2, 5 and 7 the cummunity pool is on level 8 with mulitple slides on all upper level i also suggest you make a rezservation at hell’s very own 666 star resturant on level 4 and try the daily soul food special, and please enjoyyour stay in the 9 levels of hell hotel where you can check out but you can neve leave. ……lol wow i think i belong in some kinda ad firm in hell really get the Ooooow Idea juices flowing. =P

  29. Sargath

    “Welcome Sargath” wow! it does sound like an intentionally cheesy line from some Sci-Fi/fantasy themed show. 😀

    comichero-you make Hell sound like *such a lovely place*, I would never dream of checking out, or for that matter running for the door…eh there is a door right?

  30. dale_mettam

    Hey gang! Check out BEHIND THE IMPS, here on the Luci Phurr’s Imps Facebook page. It too, is LIVE! NOW! Check the banner link on the right… the one that is NOT Pain on the toilet.

  31. Dangerdoll

    Man y’all run a full one stop shop! LPI strip, Weekenders, AND Behind the imps! LOVE it! :)

  32. dale_mettam

    You should also see what we do in our spare time!

  33. Sicarius

    …now that’s a scary thought…

  34. dale_mettam

    You’ve heard those rumors then. 😀

  35. comichero

    @Sargath ther is one exit In Mr. D’s office closet guests are not primited to entere on less they be come employee’s or they beat the devil in a contests at that only a select few employees are ever fortunate enough to go through but there is many entrances into hell.

    But i have been thinking on the princeples of time travel and the metaphysical ramafcations of “running into your self” but simple put the same object cant occupy the same place in space and time that being said either you and your pervious self would collapse into each other and you would die very painfully by imploding or you would desintergrate even if you dont manage to meet your previous self even being in the same time or dimention too long would be painful as your bodyies would slowly starts to pull apartas the fabric of reality slowly started to warp and tear around you. but im going to asume as extraplanar beings the imps are held to the same laws of phyics that mere mortals are.and as luci is non existant she would be causing any sort of time paradox but if she met one of her ancestors well yeah things could get crazy

  36. Sargath

    @comichero By chance does Mr. D play in chess or Battleship competitions or is that just Death?

    Interesting theory, hears a few of my convoluted ideas: If you went back in time would your current body even be composed of the same matter, save maybe your enamel or your soul(if it’s not immaterial)? of course if your waring the same clothes that could certainly be a problem, but doesn’t seem to apply to Pain (by chance is he a time lord?, he certainly has the style, well his past self). Of course you probably would not need to meet your past self since the matter that comprises your current being could be *anywhere* in the past. also if space and time were one space-time, given that the universe expands and expansion may be the mechanism of time you could end up in some unoccupied or occupied region of outer space would result in very unpleasant consequences, no doubt depending on the whims of the writer and on hand CGI, or puppetry (head is already throbbing).The Imps on the other hand being as you say extra-planar beings could be composed entirely of the same matter(with perhaps changing properties)(making the big kaboom with both participants survival normal if our laws of physics down t apply the same way to them), or just something else beyond our comprehension entirely. Either way its probably not safe for mere mortal mental faculties to think about it too much, who knows it could attract insanity.

    However going back in time before you existed (if you didn’t always exist in some form that is) could lead to all sorts of crazy or Groovy possibilities for any involved.

    Wow! That is a long post!

  37. dale_mettam

    To answer a couple of questions (kinda) definitively.

    The general rules of the universe for the Imps (and Luci if she’s with them) are that of Looney Tunes Cartoons. MOST people in the strip of a mortal disposition are stuck with the same rules you and I have to deal with. NOTEMOST!

    Time travel and the result of meeting yourself. I know why that happens in the Luci Phurr’s Imps universe, but frankly, it’s way too much fun reading the ideas you guys are coming up with.

    Mr. D does NOT play games. EVER. If you roll the dice, he is not playing… he is winning.

    And there IS a way out.