History Ain’t What It Was #5

The title to this strip is Romanus Equus Exsi.

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  1. Lisa

    Is it some kind of weird coincidence that when I voted, the image I had to select to validate my vote was ‘Caligula’?

  2. Byakugan01

    NOTHING is coincidence my dear Lisa. NOTHING! muwahahahaha!

    And I fear poor Lucy is about to get a real eyeful of the absolute WORST of the roman empire. You just COULDN’T take her to meet Augustus could you Alisdair? Or do they have another reason for bringing her here?

  3. Kiriel

    Cousin Tears’ expression in panel 3 is pretty priceless, poor guy.. he’s gonna have a hard time explaining this (unless they make Alisdair do it)

  4. Dan Genesis

    YES! It’s CALIGULA! One of my top 10 favorite historical figures!

  5. Iceburgh

    Historical figures, or hysterical figures? I’m rather fond of Bodacia, personally. She and her daughters were raped and left for dead by Roman legionairres…boy did THAT ever backfire! It wasn’t until she was outside the gates of Londinium that she was finally killed, and in the meantime if you were Roman, she just killed you, but if you were a Roman-sympathizing Celt, well, I think both Cousin Pain and I were there for THAT bit of entertainment…

  6. Ragedoll

    Bonus Comic is grand! I often wish I could try things they do at home… one day when I have lots of money maybe haha.

    I personally like tears expression in Panel two… I’m pretty excited for the continuation!

  7. Kiriel

    xD Haha now that the bonus comic is up.. that is amazing <3

  8. Byakugan01

    Ahahaha! Pain: Founder of the Hellborne Legion!

  9. Animie fan

    oh dear God, this is bad stimulation for a young girl.

  10. Revok

    @ Iceburgh … mmm… the only thing worse than the morning after a drunk night at a bar that involves betting and a ghost chili? Being a Roman-friendly-Celt in in Boudica’s way (Hey those both do look like they would fall under your job description dont they …)

    meanwhile, at the league of reacurring antagonists: i should be able to send in the fan art i made within the next week or two (friggin’ scanner)
    also why does tear look so…is that guilty?… in panel three?

  11. Kiriel

    No.. he looks more embarrassed or similar than guilty to me… but we’ll find out? Maybe the horse cried many ears oo

  12. keylaleigh

    Yeah… it’s Caligula, not Nero…

    Nero was the one with the terrible concerts that people faked their deaths to get out of.

  13. Dangerdoll
  14. dale_mettam

    Thanks for getting the word out, Dangerdoll.

  15. comichero

    Lol Yes the bound rocket pack great idea i wonder who came up with that one =P excellant work on getting the word out on our personal canival dangerdoll the more the merrier, and i am pretty sure luci doesnt wanna know what our buddy Caligula is going to do with that horse also funny said thought adultswim.com has great game called viva caligula you get to play as caligula and spread terror around roman street with varius weapons collect them all and you unluck they orgy room do enjoy

  16. comichero

    Amenddium http://games.adultswim.com/robot-unicorn-attack-twitchy-online-game.html yeah this game must be a product of hell for its catchy song and for the combination of robots and unicorns also it has EXPOLDING unicorns which oddly is not what makes me giggle

  17. Wicked

    Poor kid, she’ll never be the same after they explain this. I think her report would be much more amusing if they didn’t xD

  18. Melkior

    I must be woefully ignorant of ancient Roman culture and habits, because the joke went almost totally over my head. The only thing I can “get” is that the decorated horse has nothing whatsoever to do with what Lucy thinks it does.

    The only clue I have is the reference to “honeymoon” by which I guess (and it is only a guess) that the horse is one half of the marriage…. %-P Is my guess close enough or has the joke gone so far over my head that I couldn’t touch it with an 11-foot pole and a hamster? :-)

  19. Melkior

    Errr….. Luci, not Lucy. :-p

  20. Sicarius

    Of course they couldn’t take her to see Agustus…that old windbag wouldn’t have been a quarter as entertaining as ol’ Caligula… *cackles*

  21. Sicarius

    …also worth mentioning…is it just me or does the horse look less than pleased?

  22. NeoDarklight

    …and remember kids, history can be a little ****ed up.

  23. Wicked

    Melkior I don’t think you want to introduce a hamster into this too. xD

  24. Iceburgh

    @Revok Yup. But then again, I’m 1/8 Irish (so you can imagine how Hennessey plays into my normal day), 1/8 Welsh, and 1/4 English (Mom’s side. I’m certain there’s Dutch on my Dad’s side somewhere), so I’m somewhat familliar with the Celtic stories.

  25. Revok

    WOOT first post from a home computer!!! i am soo happy…

    @Iceburgh, cool. i know i’m part irish, welsh, and scotch… but i’m not sure how much of what is what % (there is also some german and some native american in there too)

    @dale, does there happen to be an imp of mental pain, specificaly heart-ache or some such, or does that also come under pain’s job description?

    @Kiriel, your right, that is embarrassment, thanks

  26. Revok

    also love the bonus comic it a little like last saturday … lol…

  27. Selpher

    This is perfect! Sending my friend a link so that he can read this. Muahahahaha

  28. charliez

    And next up on Fox-“When Ponies Attack”

  29. Jason Thorn

    Check me on this. Mt. Etna was in Sicily. The one near Pompeii was Mt. Vesuvius…