History Ain’t What It Was #7

If I’m completely honest (which I try to avoid as often as possible – it keeps Courtney on his toes), when I wrote this strip, I thought exactly what the Imps think.  It wasn’t until I did a little research, looking for some lurid and ghastly details (that I could use to some gross, inappropriate and hilarious end) that I discovered I was incorrect… it seems what I learned back in Elementary School was incorrect.  Curse you, Mrs. Bellman! What other lies did you fill my eager to learn head with?

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  1. Sicarius

    *grins* Love the look on the Imps’ faces…

  2. Ragedoll

    hahaha, but if the Imps know what it really was why does tears look like he’s going to vomit?

  3. Kiriel

    Soo.. what IS a vomitorium? 😉 (BTW I love the Imps’ faces.. it;’s so fun xD)

  4. Sicarius

    …a vomitorium is simply a exit situated below or behind a tier of seats that allows a crowd of people to “spew” out of an amphitheatre at the end of a performance…I’m a veritable walking encyclopedia of useless information like that…

  5. Minax2802
  6. keylaleigh

    Usually Vomitoriums were used during those large who-know-how-many-course banquets. People would get full, then go to the vomitorium to make room, and then go back to eat more.

    It’s interesting that Luci knows about a Vomitorium. Honestly, if I were in Rome, I’d be all for the temple of Vesta. Always wanted to see that fire thing.

  7. Wicked

    lol I saw one when I went to the Shakespearean festival a few years ago. There is no vomit actually involved. xD It’s part of a theatre.

  8. keylaleigh

    Well, I didn’t know that! I learn something new every day!

  9. Sicarius

    …All of life is learning…at least that’s what someone told me once…

  10. Kiriel

    If it’s with arenas.. maybe the gladiators or similar would go puke there when they had stage fright before going out or when they were done.. 😛

  11. Bat-Snake

    But of course, it would really be pronounced “Wom-it-toe-ree-um”…I think. Being out of school, thus Latin class, is gonna do weird things to me O_O

  12. dale_mettam

    Welcome Bat-Snake. I wouldn’t work too hard on figuring out my Latin. At best it’s sketchy, at worst, it’s completely made up and mixed with Latin of the pig-genus. 😀

  13. keylaleigh

    …in other words, Dale, your Latin is just as good as mine!

  14. dale_mettam

    Possibly worse.

  15. Revok

    heh, heh, the little girl knows more about ancient history than the immortal time traveling imps
    i like that…

    @Bismarck : your right, we NEVER get the girl… :(

    @Sicarius : WOO veritable walking encyclopedia of useless information!!!

    @dale : WOO (just because)

  16. dale_mettam

    I think m’colleague, Mr. H deserves half my WOO.

  17. Wicked

    *adds more WOO* >.> There now it doesn’t need to be shared.

  18. Kiriel

    ..I am now reminded of the scene in Futurama where Bender was a human and died and whenever they pushed on his fat folds his body would say WOOO…. from a release of trapped air.

  19. comichero

    lol yeah that was a good episode of future-rama i find it funny that we were briefly mentioned the vomitorium in our chats here and it pops up its that or ive been veiwing th future in my dreams again ..

    @Sicarius if your a walking encyclopedia of useless info then what color is monty pythons big blue book?

    @dale ha the fish salping dace of classic i love monty python

  20. keylaleigh

    I think I can answer that question for Sicarius!

    It’s blue… no… green! No… I dunno.

    *is propelled off of a cliff*

  21. comichero

    HA! funnystory about that moive the man throwing the dummies off the cliff was the captain of mountain rescue patrol ior what ever it is in scotland and people pasiing by asked who was throwning the people off the cliff like that and the crew said it was the captain and the passerbyers were like “errr. right not going hiking any more

  22. asfasdfadfsadfs

    its funny because it actually IS exactly what they think it is