History Ain’t What It Was #8

Writing a humorous comic strip and being English, I am contractually obliged to work in at least one Monty Python nod.

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  1. Ragedoll

    Monty Python is full of Win! Nice one guys!

  2. Kiriel

    Cute guys, cute.. 😛

  3. Kiriel

    Oh! and.. some other time traveling imps going around having fun? 😛

  4. Wicked

    xD I always do love a rousing rendition of ‘look on the bright side of death’.

  5. keylaleigh

    Hooray for Monty Python! Now all we need is a Mel Brooks reference….

  6. Bismarck

    —–Face palm’s—–
    I fell out of my chair!!!!!

    @ Revok – You know it my “Evil” brother! 😉

  7. gamersuperbeast

    I am a monty python fan I don’t speak latin so could some one translate. I am pretty sure once that is done I may get the reference. But as is it’s going way above my head.

  8. Mirkwood


    “Now write it over again, 100 times” XD

  9. dale_mettam

    I believe the translation is:

    “The people called ‘Romanes’ they go the house.”

    More here.

    …and welcome to our new posters, one and all. If you haven’t already, check out the extra comics in the vote thingy-button-doodad as well as the weekly comics on a Saturday AND Sunday, over of the LPI Facebook page.

  10. Ragedoll

    I would really love to have my own tears! haha – Yay for the Bonus being up now! : ) It’s cute guys!

  11. purplerose133

    omigod i <3 monty python. " you are all individuals! I'm not…


  12. Melkior

    Judging by Dale’s exact translation, I would guess that the intended interpretation is:
    “Romans, Go Home”

    I’m afraid that most Monty Python “humor” leaves me cold and therefore I am no fan, but I do have a certain appreciation for this particular type of subtle humor. :-)

    What do you think, Mr Squeaky?
    My sentiments, exactly. 😉

  13. dale_mettam

    Can’t argue with Mr Squeaky.

  14. Sicarius

    …I could…but my genetically enhanced talking Herring Walter tells me it would be a bad idea…so I won’t…

  15. comichero

    Sweet monty python for the win “It was the salmon paste!” “every sperm is scared!” “never be rude to an arab!” “How sweet it is to be an idiot!” “isnt it awfuly nice to have a penis!” “Wont you sit upon my face and say you love me!” “its the upper class twit of the year award!” ‘SPAM!” …………. ok no that is over i have to say i might argue with mr squeaky on sheer principle, but i dont know about arguing with with a space hampster , but seriously how how can you not laugh at 6 grown men dressing in drag genius and some of the insultt he tossed around are just funny like in the holy grail, eric idle ( brave sir robin) yell its john cleese( at the time the enchanter) YOU TIT!! ha ha ha insidently i have that as an error message on my computer makes me giggle every time

  16. Iceburgh

    Or “Mankey Scottish git!” But you know this whole storyline is nvts, right?

    There’s your Brooks reference. LOL

  17. Dan Genesis

    Hehhehheh…. Monty Python.

  18. Kiriel

    Never been the biggest monty python fan, it’s fun but I preferred more.. trippy stuff (Beatles related, usually)

  19. BeckyMcW

    I have that LP.
    I like Chinese!!