History Ain’t What It Was #10

Welcome to our second stop on the History Class Through Time. Next stop, a lesser known period of history revolving around an enduring mystery that can finally be resolved, the details laid bare and questions answered.


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  1. Melkior

    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Mr Squeaky says he knows the answer!

    Pain ate all their food. :-)

  2. keylaleigh

    Yes! Roanoke!

    The crazy conspirator in me loves to say that aliens did it. I guess it wasn’t aliens.

  3. Minax2802
  4. Ragedoll

    So many wonderful possibilities! Don’t want to wait to find out what you guys chose!

  5. Revok

    YAY, for demonic history lessons

  6. Kiriel

    Funny, I knew about roanoke but not the previous one.. I think this is better known, at least they taught us about it in Elementary or Junior High not sure which.

  7. Animie fan

    big surprise

  8. keylaleigh

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with this strip, but I thought I should share this with the others on here.


  9. dale_mettam

    @keylaleigh – I’m frightened.

  10. Selpher

    Ohhhh my, the things Pain does. *Shakes her head.* Hi there everyone!!! I wish I could be Lucy and see what my imps would take me too. It would be fun for all. Then of course I’d have to ->|Poof|<- about to a whole bunch of fun places, and maybe take a few of you along with me…hehehe…*Coughs.* MuahhahahahahaHAHAHAha

  11. comichero

    @ Keyla Ha that was funny

    Roanoke huh what about james town virgina that one mistyeriously vanished as well also Roanoke remins me of one of my favorite names and places “Okefenokee” i cherokee i means land of the termbling earth one of my other favorite words to say is unequivocal

  12. Sicarius

    *cackles* Can’t wait to see what y’all managed to come up with…I’ve been wondering about the Roanoke colony’s disappearance…

  13. Krogeh

    And my parents said comics and video games weren’t educational. I’m betting they feel pretty silly now. Haha Well I honestly don’t know much about these events, but just seeing them makes me want to actually learn about these events. Grrr… Thanks for making me learn when I don’t want to.

  14. Dangerdoll

    Roanoke, one of my favorite history’s mysteries!

  15. dale_mettam

    I guess we have some smart readers. I was sure this would need explaining. Color me foolish for doubting lpi readers.

    @Krogeh – Yup. Tell everyone who mocks to check us out. We’ll show ’em. And welcome. You’ll find lots of stuff here that make more sense or are funnier with a little extra reading. But there are fart gags too… just in case you don’t wanna check the library. 😀

  16. Ari

    Is “OOOOOW” Luci’s thing or something? I’d imagine her saying something more along the lines of “Ooooooh” because “ooooow” just kind of sounds like… she’s screaming in pain. But if it’s a verbal tick, I’m fine with that. Just wondering since that “ooooow” before struck me as strange but I didn’t want to say anything about it then.

    Great comic, by the way! Loving all of it so far.

  17. Courtney

    @ Keylaleigh: Lol…that ranks right up there with “The Girl from Ipanema”

    @ Krogeh: Hello and welcome to our Metropolis of Mayhem. Dale is our host. I’m his co-host. And everyone else here is the co-host’s co-host.

    @ Ari: Welcome! And absolutely love the sig!

    @Dale: Discrimination is so ugly. I totally think we should petition for libraries to start carrying “fart gag” books.

    @Ragedoll: I don’t want for you to have to wait. But there’s no way around it. So instead I’ll just offer a few things that I wanted to touch on that didn’t make the cut. And please feel free to reciprocate and let me know what or where you would have liked to have seen the imps in history.

    1. I wanted to touch on the Declaration of Independence. But, only because the paper it was written on was made out of hemp. I could totally see the imps using the paper for medicinal reasons. Ahem. :)

    2. Early Romans actually used porcupine quills to pick their teeth. Mix that with a little Pain and Misfortune, and your bound to get some Tears.

    3. We already touched on how some of the Romans adored their steeds. Well, the Ancient Egyptians actually use to decorate their pet crocodiles with jewelry. I wanted to touch on how many masters the so called average domestic crocodile had.

    These are just a few random historical subjects that I would have loved to touch on. With history being so vast, the possibilities are endless. Anyone else have any historical stops they’d like to have seen happen?

  18. dale_mettam

    Do I need to find my fart-noise link again? Would that make you happy, Courtney?

    I can see we’re maybe gonna have to go on a time-trip again, because all the locations and eras are now locked. Maybe you guys should drop us an email via the contact page and send us where you’d like to see the Imps. Just the favorite location or event… maybe you’ll get surprised this time and what we have coming is what you’d like to see, but any which way, I am thinking some more historical hijinx could well be in order.

    OH! And as my wife said, welcome Ari.

  19. dale_mettam

    OOOOOW! Excited, “I just had an idea” “This is awesome”

    OOOOOH! A slow realization, “I see” “I suddenly have an insight that I didn’t before.”

    OOOOOUCH! Screaming in pain.

    MUTHA-CHUGGIN’-FROTH-BUCKET! A surprised reaction to standing on a lego block.

    Hope that helps. 😀

  20. Ari

    @ Dale: Haha, yeah; that helps. I think I might just need to read more comics.

    Thanks for the welcome!

  21. Krogeh

    @ Dale: Yes, I’ll make sure to show those mockers. One way or another… Oh right, also thanks for the welcoming! Well I’m up for a little reading as long as it makes things more interesting or funnier. So even if I don’t get the joke at first, after a little reading I’ll have my “Ahhh…” moment of realization. Also fart jokes don’t hurt, so either way I’m all good. =]

    @ Courtney: Thank you for the welcoming! I’m looking forward to getting to know this Metropolis. Sweet, I’ve always wanted to meet hosts, co-hosts, and their co-hosts. I’ve only been able to meet their co-host’s co-host’s co-hosts. It means I’m moving up in the world!

    @ Ari: I’m just curious, but where is your avatar from? I feel like I know where it is from, but I’m not sure if my guess is right.

  22. Bismarck

    @ Dale What do you say about doing something to let all of the “Evil” residents of the World/Underworld have a place in your “hellish” world? You know, let the people suggest / use, any “unused” Imp or Demon “slots”. Maybe unofficially. BTW do you do commissioned Imp-ifying? you know, take someones picture and turn them into an Imp?

    And I completely “love” little brother “Pain’s” look in the last panel! :p

  23. dale_mettam

    @Bismarck – Not sure what you mean about suggesting unused slots. Feel free to expand, we’re open to ideas that’s make this place more fun for you guys. Stuff like places or times you might like to see the Imps visit, again, feel free to throw those in. No guarantees we’ll go there, ‘cos we have a pretty good idea where we’re going for the next few years.

    While this isn’t what you were asking, this is probably as good a time as any to say, story ideas and such like, we have covered (see above comment about how far we have this planned).

    As for commissions… I do the words. If you want to buy some words, I’m yer man. Courtney is the guy who makes it all look pretty, so he’d be the guy to answer that.

  24. Kiriel

    I have to agree the last panel’s expression is awesome, you need to make a skin with just them making faces 😀 I dunno why I think it’d be fun.

  25. dale_mettam

    I keep telling Courtney we should have some wallpapers and the like.

    But you know what he’s like… “HOLD!”

  26. Ari

    @ Krogeh: My avatar comes from the series “The World God Only Knows” and yes, it’s a Japanese manga series. Despite it’s somewhat pretentious title, it’s actually a comedy series.

  27. comichero

    @Krogeh if you read the entire archives you’ll see that not only is the strip educational and chalk full of nice little tid bits for more info please see the local tour guide of hell and welcome.

    @ Dale shame on you dale for being the master of this realm you of all people should know that your minions are far from your average meat bags we are smarter, stronger, generaly better looking and we make the best cookies also if your talking request on location id deffinatly like to know what stone henge is all about seems to me that is would be and excellant place to open a interdimentional doorway, or you could explain machu picchu i find it hard to believe that place wasnt built with alittle demonic help considering that the incas didnt use the wheel or had any super strong pack animal to rbing thos massive stones up the mountain side

  28. Krogeh

    @ Ari: I was right! I wasn’t sure at first cause I focused on the scythe, but I noticed the skull and I started making the connections. Haha I’m actually surprised that someone else reads it since everyone I talk to has never heard of it before.

    @ comichero: Yes, it was nice going through the archive from the beginning and seeing the nice little references and seeing the other imps in the prologue. Thanks for the welcome and I’ll be sure sure to see the tour when I get a chance.

  29. comichero

    well i used to give thtours but the management said tho i made the place sound fantastic i didnt really have the face for the job* sighs* ost yet another job to the fairer imps like Keyla and Kiriel oh well lifes a garden dig it gotta keep on keepin on my ideas are by far the best tho and probly the most likely to result in death injury or dis memberment event he board game we have the works here in R&D is likly to cuz some form of trauma

  30. SamB

    No, no, no! Lincoln’s diaries make it clear that Roanoke was wiped out by vampire!