History Ain’t What It Was #12

That’s it, a flying visit to North Carolina and we’re on the road again.  Next we’re gonna see a less mysterious, but possibly a less well known snippet of U.S. History.

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  1. Kiriel

    Ooh! Ooh! take a detour and come say hi to me in Rochester NH :3

  2. Melkior

    Hmmm….. Misfortune/Alisdair is a Southpaw.
    I guess that makes sense since “Sinister” comes from a word meaning left-handed.

    Mr Squeaky says that he’s left-pawed.
    Read into that whatever you will. 😉

  3. comichero

    intresting they are covering their tracks yet the have done nothingmy dad is a southie so is my sisters but id have to say i got my pretty blue eyes form pops tho do note that being part native american i do not like that Misfortune is plbaming my ancient brothers to the south but the past is the past and i am unable to change the blame game that or i dont want to tho i find it highly enter taining to visialize the unfathomable hoards of natives that could have poured out of the west to throw the white man back into the sea its a pitty the mayan and icans had to be such relgious nuts proof positive that orginazied relgion is usualy a bad idea

  4. Ragedoll

    All your US history is amusing, and funny for me, but I would really like to see some Canadian Interaction! I mean we did burn your White House down…. twice… I would like to see the Imps explain that one to Lucy : )
    And no I’m not lying we just learn a lot more about history here apparently.

    And the bonus comic is win!

  5. keylaleigh

    That is definately a win bonus comic.

    And… croatians? Those guys that live on Croatia? Wow… they traveled a LOOONG way to destroy a single colony.

  6. dale_mettam

    @Keylaleigh – Croatans not Croatians.

  7. Wizard

    Well, those Croatians are pretty evil; they did invent the necktie, after all.

  8. LostCity

    Croatoan not Croatan

  9. Lazar

    Only Imps would hide bonus comics under vote buttons! Truly, the measure of their evil cannot be fathomed!

  10. Kiriel

    Also poor Alisdair xD those flowers really don’t like him 😛 (at least it’s not a venus flytrap stuck to his tail..)

  11. Ragedoll

    Don’t you think that would be a great image though, A Venus flytrap with big eyes attached to his bum?

  12. dale_mettam

    And the winner of our “Put Words in Pain’s Mouth Contest is……


    Send us an email via the contact page and give us a mailing address and we’ll get your prize in the mail.

    And if you didn’t win, look out for a new contest soon.

  13. keylaleigh

    …ohh… suddenly it makes a lot more sense.

  14. dale_mettam

    Hey LostCity… I think, after looking into this, Croatan and Croatoan are both acceptable. I find references to both spellings. And to defend our version… http://www.stateparks.com/croatan.html

    …and welcome. 😀

  15. Melkior

    Ooooh! I won! I won! *jump around, clap hands, squeal with glee* :-)
    Yes, Mr Squeaky. I’ll buy you a new hamster wheel with the dynamo and LED light like you wanted, now.

  16. dale_mettam

    You’d better. Word on the rodent grapevine is that Mr Squeaky was the brains behind the entry.

  17. dale_mettam

    A new WEEKENDERS hits the Facebook Page NOW! It’s the last of this series… next week we invade a whole new classic strip. Check it our now, you don’t wanna miss the boat.

  18. comichero

    well done melkior thank fully i dont wear hats so you cant put mirco wave trans mitters in it

  19. comichero

    also it wasnt the canadians that burnt the white house down it was then british as at the time you guys were still loyal servants of the crown but now you are an independant common wealth much like Peurto Rico is to the US but i think PR has better health care then the US

  20. dale_mettam

    A new BEHIND THE IMPS on the facebook page… Courtney makes his long awaited appearance. Check it out here.

  21. Bismarck

    I have another point in history they can go to……
    How about when New York put up traffic lights?
    That should be a BLAST!!!!

  22. Jason Denson

    Hey I live in Kill Devil Hills on Croatan Highway. You should come say hi! The Ocean was the perfect temp yesterday no lie!

  23. dale_mettam

    @Bismark – That’d be a good one. Truth is, there are tons of awesome place we could visit… and usually, like you pointed out, the ones where someone invented something that would supposedly make life better for society as a whole (like traffic lights) almost write themselves. 😀

    @Jason – I’m gonna ge heading down to the beach in a few weeks all being well. Not sure if I’ll get to the Outer Banks or maybe just a little south of Wilmington. So many places just north of the SC border that are awesome sneak secret beaches most out-of-state tourists don’t know about.

  24. Kiriel

    *bounces around all excited* almost time for a new strip~ 😀

  25. xoer

    Croatan is an island near the roanoak colony site