History Ain’t What It Was #13

When we’re discussing the stories we’re gonna explore, we do that in a very loose and general way.  Sometimes I have an idea, sometimes Courtney has an idea.  Something we have almost the same idea, and sometimes one has an idea that evolves (occasionally devolves) into a very different concept.  But once we’ve kicked around a few ideas and made each other laugh, I go away and work out a series of scripts.  Often what started as a very simple idea gets way more complex, and because we kicked it around, by the time it gets to Courtney, he has thought through some visual elements and boom! you have this awesome looking art that Matt has lifted with inks and Tracy has just made pop with color.

The idea on this one was that I’d give the art team an easy strip.  It was pretty much all black panels with eyes (that Looney Tunes vibe coming in)…  and STILL they made it look good.

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  1. Melkior

    Doesn’t Tears have 5 eyes? Where’d the other 3 go to?
    Mr Squeaky the hamster wants to know as well.

  2. dale_mettam

    The other three are resting. If he does this he can see in the dark alternating between the two and three. Did you see the episode of Mythbusters about pirate eye patches? Tears did.

  3. Kiriel

    ..I was just watchin that show earlier.. hmm >3>

  4. Dan Genesis

    Well, as usual, Pain is making a mess of things.

  5. gamersuperbeast

    Okay it took me a while to figure out where they were at least in a general idea. The funny thing is that is how (in a D&D game) me and some friends were able to sneak onto a really big enemy ship and kick but as we went from floor to floor taken out enemies in there sleep. Part one friends idea who knows a lot about ships and part my idea. 2 guess what class I was playing.

  6. keylaleigh

    The voting site is being a meanie… I can’t go on it right now.

  7. Ragedoll

    hehehe, I love their eyes! awesome.
    I think mean is an understatement for the site, weeee can’t vote or see the bonus comic =depressed.

  8. Kiriel

    Well it’s up now.. and the voting comic is adorable xD

  9. Ragedoll

    OMG I love the bonus comic it is absolutely priceless, I want a baby imp!

  10. Courtney

    @ Melkior: I’m assuming that you wouldn’t buy it if I said Tears was in mid-blink, or even mid-sneeze. So, I’m gonna come clean. I blame Dale! He gave me a script that was too easy. I didn’t know how to handle it. He didn’t prepare me for such simplicity. 😛

  11. Ragedoll

    lol@ Courtney, I can’t imagine how you don’t know how to handle simplicity in your life : ) hehe

  12. dale_mettam

    I have fixed Courtney’s screw-up… it is NOT the first time… and I expect it will not be the last. There are now the requisite eleven eyes per panel.

    They don’t pay me enough for this.

    Wait a minute… they don’t pay me at all for this!

  13. Sicarius

    *blinks* Who turned out the lights?

    …as far as not being paid, I doubt that…surely they at least throw a bucket of fish heads down the stairs of the basement you’re chained in……right?

  14. dale_mettam

    Not even.

  15. comichero

    poor dale nome money’s and no fish heads what about the very least they have to head you the souls of hamsters

  16. Melkior

    That’s better, although I did have to reload the page to get the fixed strip.
    Mr Squeaky says he likes his soul right where it is, thank you, and Dale should run faster if he wants more light. That’s what he does with his brand-new hamster wheel with the dynamo running a LED light.
    (I shouldn’t give away all my trade secrets. Now, someone’s sure to make a hamster wheel just like that and I won’t get a cent for having the idea) :-(

  17. Ragedoll

    hey, can tears blink one of his eyes at a time or do they always blink them at the same time?

  18. Byakugan01

    Ah, finally back in a place with free internet connection! Dale, the bundle of strips I missed make a most excellent early B-Day present. …and did Alisdair just drill a hole in the bottom of the Mayflower?

  19. dale_mettam

    I like to think that Tears blinks like Blinky the Fish on The Simpsons.

    Nice to see you back Byak… while it would be nice, I can’t take all the credit, it’s a team effort putting the strips out, so take that backlog as a Happy Birthday from us all.

    …and no, not the Mayflower. Wednesday will reveal what Alisdair did.

  20. Wisdn

    Hi all,

    First off let me say that I absolutely love this comic and reading through all the comments. I have been following since day one, and up until now I haven’t had time to read the comic, the blurb underneath and all the comments (I was one of those quiet supporters mentioned a few strips back). I can’t wait to see where the story goes, and Luci Phurr’s Imps is now officially on my list of webcomics that I read regularly. I hope to be a regular (or at least semi-regular) commenter…but that’s enough from me for now. Until next time.

  21. dale_mettam

    Welcome Wisdn. My creative wife should be along soon with the canapes and drinks. Glad you’re enjoying it… makes the planning we’re doing for 2011 so much better when we know people are looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  22. Ragedoll

    I get impatient the one day in between new strips…. haha

  23. Courtney

    @Wisdn: Welcome aboard! Glad you’re enjoying the strips. Sadly, we’ve only scratched the surface of where this story is headed.

    @Ragedoll: I’m totally with you. I’m absolutely impatient in between new strips as well. At times I want to go to 5 days a week. But, my night job as a super spy keeps me away from the art desk. And Dale’s second job, as a clown dressed, bumper car attendant, keeps him from the extra writing. So we have to manage with three a week, for now.

  24. Ragedoll

    Are you an expensive super spy? I mean you know just in case I ever need that area of expertise! haha -pluse *shivers* at the thought of a clown and bumper cars.

  25. Wisdn

    @dale and @Courtney Thanks for the welcome, it’s much appreciated.

  26. Kiriel

    all of a sudden, tears gained his three eyes, huh?

  27. dale_mettam

    He’d been blinking… but because he’s a comic strip character SOME PEOPLE didn’t think he should… so we took everyone back, reshot the entire scene at great personal expense and there ya go.

  28. Kiriel

    *snerk* silly man, silly.. >.> I swear both you and Courtney must be on weed or other similar drugs (Shh I’ll share my stash with you 😉 kay?)

  29. dale_mettam

    Y’ know the really scary thing?

    This stuff comes out of my head when I am completely straight and sober.

    It would not be a good idea to expose those thought processes to anything that can impact them.

    I cannot of course speak for Courtney… I suspect him of being a complete ganja-head.

  30. Kiriel

    I would love to see the things you, Dale, would come up with on acid… it might be hilarious to watch, even as a youtube video 8D

  31. dale_mettam

    I am pretty sure that Courtney would confirm there is nothing acid could do to make the ideas I share with him at times, any wilder or stranger. And he only gets the tame ones I am willing to share… he never sees the ones even I think are crazy.