History Ain’t What It Was #14

Come now, be honest… how many of you REALLY heard of The Speedwell before this strip?

If not, look it up.  It’s real… it really sank… and now we know why.

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  1. Wicked

    Ehehehe, I had heard of it before…Alisdair’s positioning is wonderful in the last panel. xD

    I suspect that Pain might be jealous that he didn’t sink it.

  2. Sicarius

    *grins* Once again you amaze and amuse me…good to know I’m not the only one who’s heard of that little underappreciated event.

  3. Dan Genesis

    Strange. It LOOKED like it was Pain that was using the auger, considering that the yellow eyes had moved towards the bottom of the panel…..

  4. keylaleigh

    WOW! You learn something new every day!

  5. dale_mettam

    Dan – Alisdair drills a hole in the wall to see where they are… while they would obviously sink a boat just for a laugh, they are more interested in discovering their current location.

    HOWEVER, since it IS Alisdair who does the drilling… and what his REAL name is, that was never gonna be an uneventful discovery.

    If you look at the panels, you will see Alisdair moves to the side (beside the wall) and Pain is a little shorter anyways, but in the last panel he is looking down at his feet (even though he can’t see in the dark – he can feel he’s getting wet).

    Hope that clarifies.

    …and yes, we should get some kinda grant from the Department of Education – we teach as we entertain. Maybe we should be a new category… Edustripment. 😀

  6. dale_mettam


    I wanna give some SERIOUS credit and love to Tracy on this strip. Check out that water!!! You’d have trouble getting that kinda quality in a prestige format, hardback graphic novel that’d give you very little change from a $50 bill. And we give it to you FREE! Tracy is like a Jedi Master of Color.

  7. hubert

    Man dale your right thatjwater looks awesome

  8. Wisdn

    W00t Speedwell! One of the better/best lesser-known stories of all time. Also, yes, that water is epic. And the bonus comic is awesome. As usual. But I like the whole idea of the imps *trying* to take responsibility for things (in a good way), and it backfiring back on them or on something else (in their usual way).

  9. Wisdn

    Food for thought: since we loyal co-co-hosts here can’t wait for the next comic to be presented, would Greed be the one who could help with the aspect of speeding up time? Or is that someone on the other team? Or a neutral player that just screws with everyone’s head and that everyone (or mostly everyone, at least) hates but on some level secretly likes yet refuses to admit that they like (i.e. The Ellimist)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellimist http://animorphs.wikia.com/wiki/Ellimist

    …Man that guy was a jerk sometimes.

  10. Kiriel

    I love the face palm Alisdair is doing… I swear Luci and the imps keep getting cuter the more often you draw them C:

  11. Courtney

    Thanks Kiriel! It’s taken me six months or so, but I think I’m finally starting to get a better feel for the characters.

  12. comichero

    Nice you think that being misfortune he would be used to doing embarassing things like that

  13. ThaAlphaCroc

    lmao i just read the whole archive guessing this is still a new comic since there arent that many updates but! i love this comic it is draw so well and the story is great so far! 😀 cant wait to c wat happens nex

  14. dale_mettam

    Welcome TAC. Glad you’re enjoying it. We have an awesome set of people who comment here and are always looking for more voices to add to the mix.

    I think I might have missed welcoming someone just recently. If I did, I apologize. We’re seriously stoked that you guys read our strip. It’s just icing on the cake… and the cherry on top of that… and admittedly there is some school-girl giggling of glee from Courtney, that you guys THEN take the time to send us a message. You have no idea how awesome that is for us to receive.

  15. Kiriel

    I’m glad us commenting gives you guys schoolgirl glee, pretty sure it does the same for us when you guys have the imps so awesome things, or randomly evil cackle, I’m not sure >.>

  16. dale_mettam

    And for the record, in response to this, one of us is English, like a VERY famous super spy. This same individual can neither confirm nor deny he has undertaken dangerous undercover missions around the world nor whether or not he possesses a “00” ranking.

    The other likes rodeo, which employs clowns.

    You guys do the math.

  17. Revok

    (ooh yeah, also, really good work on the water)

    wait… clowns? what? ooooh…. teehee… :)

  18. Ragedoll

    Can’t believe that I missed it, although I don’t understand why he feels bad shouldn’t he be happy?

  19. TheCartelDude

    “A Smart Aleck’s Guide to America” Chapter ONE
    “The 930-page Book of Totally USELESS History” Page 87, paragraph 3.