History Ain’t What It Was #16

Well, the day after Fourth of July, when things are rocketing skyward to appreciative “oows!” and “aahs!” and Luci and the Imps arrive at a location where the sky seems to be falling and the sounds are more like “OUCHS!” and “MUTHA-FUDGE-BLASTERS!”

Seems kinda fitting for the Imps.

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  1. Ragedoll

    Haha I love that pain finds it funny! Good strip guys! : )

  2. hubert

    Ha i thought he was soppuste to cause mischeif and pain means all not al

  3. Bismarck

    The only thing I have to say is………

    “That’s Gotta Hurt! HAR! HAR! HAR!”

    Think of the right fire marshal! OH yea! The “FIRE” is next!!!
    YES! YES! YES! Brother Pyromania is there somewhere, “He” wouldn’t miss this! 😉

  4. keylaleigh

    Hehe… the sound effect for the falling debris was “Crunk”, one of the most undefinable words in the history of words.

  5. Topazert

    It seems to be that pain had a hand in misfortunes, misfortune.(HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!)

  6. Lazar

    There’ll be tears after this. I’m sensing a pattern.

  7. dale_mettam

    They are a great team.

  8. ThaAlphaCroc

    he b crunkin 😛

  9. Kiriel

    Oh sweet an event pertaining to my family 😀
    One of my ancestors was a very famous mural artist in San Fransisco, and all of his works were destroyed (I guess his wife was told all 7 or so of their kids were dead, but they were alive, and because of it she ended up going in and out of mental institutions..)

  10. Wisdn

    Alrighty, I’m back from hiatus. Who missed me? Anyone? Anyway, great comic as usual. @keyla I’m a big fan of the undefinable sound effect known only as “Crunk” as well….although it also brings to mind a certain show (read: back-up segment) by the name of The Justice Friends…anyone else remember that?

  11. comichero

    nah its not the justice friends i remind me more of adam west’s batman show with POW!!!, SMACK! BANG! flashing up onthe screen and after every pow or smack the loud trumpet blast ah yes classic tv

    @ Kiriel dang that kinda sucks im sure that would put just about any one in the ole asylum

    and dale where can i get a mutha fudge blaster?

  12. Revok

    This just in! : “WOO”
    that is all…

  13. keylaleigh

    And on the random stream of “crunk”



  14. Wisdn

    @Kiriel That does sound like it sucks, I second @comichero on that one, and @comichero that works too…

    @keyla…..I don’t know whether to be amused, impressed, or terrified. Probably a mix of all three. Also, for anyone who’s wondering (if anyone is actually wondering), I am planning on getting an avatar soon, so no more blank silhouette avatars coming shortly.

  15. Byakugan01

    Augh! I can’t believe I missed comics! Oh well, more catch up fun.