History Ain’t What It Was #20

The show the Imps reference here is, I must admit, something of a guilty pleasure.  I embrace my inner Imp and watch the train-wrecks in progress with stunned admiration for the never before seen levels of self-absorption on display.  It really is the driving theme behind this set of strips – the real historic disasters set against what sometimes passes for entertainment on TV.

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  1. ladyofthedreamscapemist

    Don’t feel bad about the ‘Real Housewives’ thing, I find myself addicted to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. -facepalm- It’s like they add mind crack.

    …That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

  2. keylaleigh

    Pain just LOOOVES his Real Housewives, doesn’t he?

  3. Topazert

    Of course he does, When pain eats he does not settle for imitation house wife.

  4. Wizard

    Ah, “reality TV”, possibly the single greatest oxymoron of our age.

  5. Kiriel

    The smirk in the final panel, and what Pain says is all too true. :3

  6. Ragedoll

    LOL Awesome strip! Pain is priceless!

    And I believe chickens could fly if they wanted to! Bees do after all!

  7. Wisdn

    Awesome strip. I love the silhouettes in the first panel, and Pain’s smirk in the last panel absolutely made my day. It looks like what my friends describe as my “evil grin” (which comes shortly before the evil laugh, kind of a Salieri (a la Amadeus)/Jack Nicholson (a la The Shining) with some background music from Carrie (missing in the background of course)…but anyway, my “evil grin” apparently only happens when I start thinking or when I get an idea that I know is going to be tons and tons of fun…Pain is definitely a kindred spirit. Besides the fact that I like to eat a lot, too. And start fires. But I think those last two qualities exist in everyone on some level…(end tangent).

  8. ThaAlphaCroc

    lmao pain very awsm ! >.<

  9. Courtney

    @ Ladyofthedreamscapemist : Sadly Trading Spaces was my crack for a while.

    @Ragedoll: We believe the same about ostriches, but they’re heavier than they look.

    @Wisdn: I like to start fires for my food. That should be enough for me to qualify for those existing qualities, right?

  10. dale_mettam

    @Wizard – I LOVE that avatar! I want that sign in my office.

  11. Byakugan01

    Ahh. But isn’t this more of Alisdair’s gig?

    And I noticed that since Pain has been responsible for so much of “What went wrong”, isn’t he kinda violating the rule to not meet up with himself? Also, we really need to see what happened back in the Cretaceous. 😀

  12. dale_mettam

    Technically, the Imps couldn’t go to the Cretaceous Period.

    Either dinosaurs et al never existed and our characters have only been around as long as biblical canon states the world has been around (6000 years, give or take). OR, Mr. D., Mr. G., and the various minions of either side are manifestations of a growing human consciousness attempting to make sense of a chaotic senseless universe… and once again, our heroes couldn’t have been around in a “prehistoric” era.

    And neither of those two well reasoned positions means that we won’t go there anyway. 😀

  13. Bismarck

    @ Everyone who commented on my comment…..

    I think a HUGE CHUNK OF ICE, that may weight millions of pounds/kilo, will win every time.
    When there are ‘imps’ to distract you from looking the right way. 😉

  14. keylaleigh

    @ladyofthedreamscapemist AND courtney

    My mind crack was “What Not To Wear”, and right now I’m off the reality shows and watching a combination of Winx Club and JLU.

  15. Revok

    hmm… i wonder if this will some how be Tears’s fault…

  16. Wisdn

    @Courtney Yes, you are very well qualified. @Revok (and possibly @dale and @Courtney) Tears are somewhat made up of water, yes? Water frozen = ice, yes? Tears maybe plays a bigger part in everything than we think, yes? (I mean, give him some credit, he did turn the bully into a crybaby.)

  17. dale_mettam

    @Wisdn – It’s an interesting theory. Time will tell.

  18. comichero

    HA throwing chicken and giant ” unsinkable” ships hiting ice bergs what more could you ask for throw the word couche bag in and we can all die happy oh wait look dale did YAY!!!!

  19. comichero

    also dale id like to make a rebuttal againt your threoy of non prehistory the bible, tora and koran do not refute the posiblity of pre history Mr. G “repopulated” the world in 6 days not made it and that 6000 years of history is how long “modren man” has been around, and why did he have to repopulate you ask well when Mr.L aka Mr.D was cast from heaven he fell to earth and this blotted out the sun and the resulting wave of desturction from impact well destroyed all life on earth read the book its in there or take my word for it either way you learn somthing =P

    @Wizard i have to disagree i believe the greatest oxymoron is Civil War