History Ain’t What It Was #21

OK, time for me to ‘fess-up.  When I wrote this one, and I added the character who for legal reasons is NOT Leonardo D, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I know m’colleague us an exceptional talent, but I didn’t really expect him to nail the look of the character who is NOT Leonardo D quite so well.  This is one of, if not my all time favorite Luci Phurr’s Imps strip so far.

Don’t forget to check out the Weekenders and Behind the Imps, and look out for us at SDCC next week.  Assuming I can organize it, I will try to make sure both Courtney and myself send a couple of messages from Comic Con… that presupposes Courtney doesn’t break the interwebs again.

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  1. Courtney

    Yeah, I’m still gonna check out the movie, Inception.

  2. Ragedoll

    bwahahahahahahah! I approve this strip!!

  3. Wisdn

    Hahahaha this is awesome. Probably my favorite strip so far, as well. @dale and @Courtney you are all set, the ICRW (Impish Commision of Ragedoll and Wisdn) has given this strip its most prestigious stamp of approval. Great bonus comic as well. @Courtney I’m probably going to see Inception tonight.

  4. Ragedoll

    haha yes you certainly are all set! – I want to see inception, sigh not enough hour in the day sometimes!

  5. keylaleigh

    Enjoy Inception! Honestly, it looks like an american version of Paprika. Less about bizarre theories and parades of refrigerators and more about action and the government.

    And on the movie that is directly being parodied, I have never actually seen Titanic. All I remember seeing is the boat hallways with lots of water in them and electric sparks everywhere, and I thought. “Those sparks are hitting the water. How come nobody is getting electrocuted?”

    And also: Romance+Keylaleigh=naptime

  6. Iceburgh
  7. Topazert

    I see pain has a secert hate of that guy. Other than that at least he’s doing his job and hurting people in comical ways.(Perhaps there’ll be a baracuda attack in store for the guy?)

  8. Kiriel

    Nice, and Dude Keyla likes Paprika? 8D I freaking LOVE that movie…
    Also Inception so far has an insanely high rating on imdb, my mom and her BF might see it, but prolly without me, those jerks ;C
    Also Mr. NON Leo D. Is sorta cool looking, except the funky expression on his face, then again he probably has freezing air blowing in his face..

  9. Kiriel

    Oh and @ Last thread’s mind crack stuff..
    My mind crack f or a while was Trading Spouses.. and I still love Ghost Hunters, I don’t care what people say on it ;3

  10. Sicarius

    ….Thank you Pain…You did what I only wish someone would have done during the course of that god awful film…

  11. Revok

    seeing “not” Leonardo D. getting taken out with a chair made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
    oh and @ Topazert : “secret” hate? … i dont think so… :)

    ooh :( … i wont be able to go to SDCC…

  12. Topazert

    Ok, @ Revok,Pain has a extreme hatred for that guy.(I still say there should be a baracuda attack!)

  13. dale_mettam

    @Topazart – You assume we have finished with Not Leonardo D.


  14. dale_mettam

    Hey, don’t tell anyone I told you… but the new Weekenders strip is up on the Facebook page.

    You know how and where. 😀

  15. comichero

    Ha i approve of this strip

  16. comichero

    i also love you in the ironman suit dale

  17. Wizard

    Better watch it, there, Pain. Sure, you may have hurt not-Leo, but just think of all the pain you spared the rest of us watching…

  18. dale_mettam

    A new BEHIND THE IMPS. You know what to do… you’re very clever like that. Not like the readers of SOME comics. 😀

  19. Wisdn

    Inception was Pure Awesome. A very good comparison to Paprika, looking back. Yes, less refrigerator parades, although both movies were very good in their own ways. I highly recommend seeing both.