History Ain’t What It Was #22

Well, here we are, you wanted to know what happened… it could have all been different if they’d taken a thermos of hot chocolate.

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  1. Ragedoll

    haha, how unfortunate that they iceberg moved…. great strip guys!

  2. Kiriel

    Yeah if they had a thermos of hot chocolate it would’ve melted the bridge from them to the iceberg.. and it still would’ve drifted in front of the ship.. Alisdair WAS there, remember? 😉

  3. keylaleigh

    No… the hot chocolate would’ve been TOO hot, and they would’ve needed a LITTLE bit of ice to cool it down. I know this, because I do it all the time.

  4. Topazert

    So thats how those polar bears got those coke-cola bottles…..!

  5. Wisdn

    Haha that’s great…(somewhat) expected, yet at the same time unexpected…expectedly unexpected? Anyways, again, the ICRW approves. Great bonus as well (as usual). And to anyone who has yet to see Inception, go. It’s great.

  6. Ragedoll

    yay the bonus comic is up! And adorable! <3

    I love the polar bear commercials haha : )

  7. Revok

    wow… didn’t see that one coming…
    also, liked the bonus :)

    (is Alisdair… smiling in panel 2?)

  8. Elfguy

    Guess this means we pretty much know what REALLY happened to the sphinx’s nose…and the arms of the Venus De Milo…

  9. comichero

    lol nice one , also who wouldnt want the mach 5 also great movie the blue brothers great band too may favorite part is the mall scene

  10. comichero

    and time travel is very thrist inducing work so i dont really blame this one on Misfortune , imean have you tried glacial ice it is very refreshing

  11. Wisdn

    Glacial Ice: Now that’s what I call high quality H2O.

  12. SamB

    Guys, you are aware that that’s only the tip of the iceburg, right?