History Ain’t What It Was #23

And as you can see, the reason so many people died was the fashion aesthetic… and decals.

Courtney and I are, depending when you read this, at San Diego Comic Con NOW!  If you want to find us, check out the LPI Facebook page (you don’t need to be a signed in member to get that info).  While we’re away, the strips will pop, up as usual and we will try to post the odd comment.  Ragedoll, if you can water the plants, and if Keylaleigh can check on the goldfish, everything should be good.  Don’t play with the matches while we are gone… yes, I am looking at you Iceburgh.

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  1. Kiriel

    I’m guessing they opted away from flame decals, and just let it have whatever flames happened when it sunk?

  2. Topazert

    In a suit pain looks like a squat, fat and four horned version of their boss the devil.

  3. keylaleigh

    …I didn’t know that I was on goldfish duty…
    I’d better make sure they’re okay!
    And honestly, the Titanic would’ve looked AWESOME with flame decals!

  4. purplerose133

    lol…pain looks awsome…nuff said

  5. Revok

    Ooh flame decals, imma gonna draw that now…

  6. Wisdn33

    I think they should have put an incomplete version of the flame decals, so that when the real flames started, both parts would look more awesome combined then either one would look separately. Pain in the last panel also looks awesome, and reminds me of a character resembling The Boss in some movie or another…I’ll think of it eventually….and the bonus comic is great, as usual.

  7. Wisdn

    Oops…mistyped username…ignore the 33 at the end. *There Is No 33*…it’s still me.

  8. Ragedoll

    lol- Why does the aesthetics not surprise me?

    -as for plant duty -no worries My plants are my babies – however don’t ask my dad to do it ever.. he looked after mine for two weeks, and bless his heart he thought the apartment was getting to hot with the blinds open for them…… needless to say they are in a recovery phase. :( getting much better, most of them.

    As for the bonus comic! I love it! Makes me wonder which imp create Scientology…

  9. Kiriel

    Awh, I’m sorry about what your dad did.. better than me unless left specific watering times for each I’d probably be too scared and overwater them or underwater them.. ;3;

  10. Wisdn

    I’m thinking they should have done a half-finished flame decal, so that the combination of the unfinished and the actual made each more awesome than they would have been separately. Pain does indeed like some movie version of The Boss in the last panel, I can’t remember who…it will come to me eventually. But yes, the bonus comic is indeed awesome today, as usual. Also, @Rage @keyla @Iceburgh (wherever you are), congratulations on being promoted to having actual tasks, you’re moving up in the Imp world.

  11. Salisria

    Oddly enough, the Titanic as originally designed did have enough lifeboats for everyone aboard.

  12. Melkior

    According to what I’ve heard, the Titanic was actually designed to have enough lifeboats for everyone on board, but partly due to asthetics and partly due to cost, it was built with only the minimum number of lifeboats required by the regulations at the time.

    I presume that the original regulations said something like X lifeboats for every Y amount of tonnage. The Titanic’s sinking caused the regulations to be changed such that there now must be enough lifeboats for everyone on board.

  13. dale_mettam

    Hey gang. A big hello from Courtney and I out here in sunny California. OK, technically it’s kinda gray and cloudy. We’ve had a quick look around and had a very brief chat about things. Some cool ideas we’ve kicked around. Have fun and don’t do anything we would while we’re away. 😀

  14. Ragedoll

    haha @Kiriel, he did mean well, they aren’t fully dead or anything but if I was gone any longer there would have been a chance they never would have come back!