History Ain’t What It Was #24

OK, now we’re done with NOT-for-legal-reasons-Leonardo DiCaprio.

That was fun.

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  1. thedualityprinciple

    Dude that is awesome! I laughed out loud at this one! lol, keep up the good work, man!

  2. keylaleigh

    If my brother wasn’t asleep, I’d be laughing REALLY hard right now.

    And both this AND the bonus.

  3. Kiriel

    (Bonus comic.. awwh little fire imps be cute <3 I want one ;A; pleeaase~? Also YAY COUSIN TEARS~)
    Ah so THAT'S Why the Mio LuCarpediem sank into the ocean..

  4. Topazert

    I was hoping pain would punch him, thuse making a thud or pow noise.Though a smack is still very funny!(No baracuda attacks…..)

  5. Kiriel

    Somehow in my just awake state I missed the SMACK o-O;; Weird.. Also, Pain looks sorta cute in drag C:

  6. Wisdn

    Again, awesome. The bonus comic as well. I, too, (almost) missed the smack the first time I read the strip. Interesting phenomenon…but anyways, half of the ICRW approves (as always), when the other half of the committee gets here, I’m sure the whole committee will fully approve.

  7. Revok

    LOVED IT!!!

    too bad your done with him i liked watching him get hurt :)

  8. Kiriel

    Revok.. he’s dead, this is a comic with Imps in it and hell.. 😀
    Do you think pain is REALLY done with him? ;3

  9. Sicarius

    *grins* Now -that’s- the way the movie -should- have ended

  10. Neroangelus

    Pain is a dick, lol. But a bad ass too.

  11. Ragedoll

    I don’t know which I like more this time, the bonus comic or the strip. It’s a tough call. All though I think it would been awesome if the movie did end like that- definitely in agreeance (stupid taking the work agreeance out of the dictionary) there.

  12. comichero

    nice like the sales pitch inthe last one and ya wack him good pain

  13. Animie fan

    I think we should nominate Pain for an academy award. All in favor say aye.

  14. dale_mettam

    The latest Weekenders and Behind the Imps installments are up over on Facebook. Check them out!

  15. Wisdn

    Aye aye aye!