History Aint What It Was #25

Lemme tell ya… whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably not what’s gonna play-out here.

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  1. Ragedoll

    Perfect! haha! : )

  2. Kiriel

    I see what you did thar~

  3. Nero Angelus

    I knew it I knew it was lie!

  4. Sicarius

    *rubs hands together* This ought to be good…

  5. Topazert

    Who says Lance armstrong’s going to be pantced by one of the imps?

  6. keylaleigh

    …do I sense “little green men”…?

    Oh wait, that’s mars.

  7. NeoDarklight

    “One small step for man, one giant leap for the movie industry.”

  8. Wisdn

    Hahahahaha that is awesome. Finally someone (no, a lot of others) else agrees! I’m really curious to see what happens here…@keyla, I think your claim might have some validity in this strip. Great bonus comic, as well (as usual). I’m also going to take the liberty of continuing Animie fan’s post from the last strip, as I think it deserves merit on this strip, as well: “I think we should nominate Pain for an academy award. All in favor say aye.” AYE! AYE! AYE!

  9. Revok

    @Kiriel-(from last page)- What was I thinking, *face-palm* I actually forgot about the whole “dead” and “in hell” part… heh… I blame it on the video games… :(

    also,@Wisdn: AYE!

  10. keylaleigh


  11. Salisria

    I’m glad you’re not going to reference Capricorn One here. (Or are you?)

    I do suspect Studio 11A may be significant. Was that where Walter Cronkite did his coverage of the moonshots from?

  12. dale_mettam

    I have returned from the insanity that is Comic Con International. Courtney is a day behind me (it is usually the way that where I lead, he follows – I think he got lost in the hotel lobby). We had a couple of sit-downs and discussed one or two things that I am thinking you guys might like… a LOT! But I am sworn to secrecy. Glad to see the plants and goldfish survived. Now I am gonna go back and read what you all have been doing while we were away.

  13. comichero

    Oh ho ho sworn to secrecy well that sucks man i hate gag orders any who welcome home

  14. Chameon

    Why do I think that the exit actually IS to the moon, and the spacecraft just looks wonky?

  15. keylaleigh

    They are MEANIEBUTTS!

  16. Wizard

    @Topazert I think you mean NEIL Armstrong. Unless the imps are headed to the Tour de France next…