History Aint What It Was #28

THIS is where Dale gets to have some fun at the expense of his American colleague.  It’s “squeaky bum time” whenever he hands in a script that messes with ANYTHING American.

Also, now we’re fully back from our West Coast adventures we have a brand new BONUS COMIC!


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  1. Sicarius

    …Epic indeed, Pain…epic indeed…

  2. Topazert

    Why arn’t they dressed like indians?

  3. dale_mettam

    Because that is the “official” story. Makes it seem more cunning and deliberate than what happens here, which amounts to something akin to a frat house prank.

  4. keylaleigh

    That would be the saltiest iced tea ever… bleh.

  5. Sicarius

    For the record…none of those who participated in Boston Tea Party never dressed up as Indians…they wore their normal clothes and were careful not to do any undue harm to the ship, even going so far as to pay to replace a lock that had been broken…*skitters off*

  6. Sicarius

    sorry, that ‘never’ should be an ‘ever’

  7. Kiriel

    That’s pretty awesome, actually.. well behaved anarchy

  8. Zorlond

    Weren’t we being forced to pay for that tea anyways, simply because it was going through our ports? My memory’s a little fuzzy on the issue…

  9. keylaleigh

    I just realized… Tears looks soo cute in a wig.

  10. Lisa

    But think of how itchy that wig would be on Tears…. it covers some of his eyes!

  11. Sicarius

    @ Lisa: That comment made my eyes start to water…

  12. Kiriel

    Ouchy.. e_e maybe he has areas where the underside of the wig is empty and the hair just sort of carefully folds over the top?

  13. Wisdn

    Awesome. Simply awesome. I like this version much better than the “official” story, even though well-behaved anarchy is a pretty amusing imaginative picture.

  14. Ragedoll

    Good strip : ) I love tea!

  15. Aslandus

    I dunno, I don’t think she’s going to get that great a grade on her project…