History Aint What It Was #29

You gotta wonder… did those guys, standing across a grassy field from each other, have ANY idea what would follow.  Both in terms of the real events that would play out and in terms of the fictionalized mythos.

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  1. Insanity

    Three cheers for the red white and captain GREEN JEANS!
    THE END IS NIGH-Put your pants back on!
    I like to juggle babies, I like to – uh-oh

  2. Revok

    @ Insanity: ………………………………. o.o 0.o >.< X_X ……….

    in other news: like'd the strip, can't wait to see what happens next…. imma go…. sit down now…


  3. Sicarius

    *cackles* That explains quite a bit…

  4. Kiriel

    I’m starting to thing Pain’s secondary abilities are misleading.. (like misleading people)

  5. dale_mettam

    Nah… mostly he’s just an ass.

    And that assery usually ends up with someone getting hurt.

    During the summer he can be found at large Southern family cook-outs. When a decent sized mound of empty Bud Light cans has been formed, you will usually here, “Hey everybody! Watch THIS!” That’s his cue.

  6. keylaleigh

    What makes me think that Pain would make the GREATEST infomercials of all time?

  7. Dan Genesis

    @keylaleigh – Agreed. 😀

  8. Topazert

    It’s sad but true about the muskets they using. You did literaly have to be at point blank range to be hit by them.

  9. Lisa

    Hey guys! I love the incentive today! Reminds me of how my husband ‘trims’ the yard. 😉

  10. Iceburgh

    I thought I was the one that dealt with pain and alcohol? Or am I assigned to the Southwestern family barbecues?

  11. Wisdn

    Great strip, as usual. @Dan Genesis I second that. @keyla YES. Maybe we could hire him for Poker’yamom Clueopoly? @Iceburgh I thought your jurisdiction was pain and randomly appearing hot peppers.

  12. Ragedoll

    @Keyla – Seriously almost busted a gut thinking about that. Then it progressed into thinking about Pain and the shamwow guy fighting over infomercials haha

  13. Sori

    @Ragedoll and Keyla- That would be awesome! I have no idea how I got to this comic, but it gives me a fit of giggles every time a new one comes out.

  14. dale_mettam

    @Sori – However you found us (we actually have am Imp who goes around entering our URL into browsers when no one is looking – tell no one!), we’re glad you get the giggles here. Welcome.

  15. Byakugan01

    Wow. Is pain responsible for most disasters?

  16. dale_mettam

    Well, y’ know there’s gonna be a whole lotta hurt when that fuse burns down.

  17. DZ

    Okay, reading back from the beginning, it took a while to find one that made me laugh, but this one really, really, really did. 😀