History Aint What It Was #31

This one gives me no pleasure at all.  But it HAD to be done.

Make sure you check out our new POLL over on the right there and let me apologize now for the BONUS COMIC.  BWAH HA HA HA HAR!

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  1. dale_mettam

    When you get here… WELCOME charliez!

  2. Topazert

    Alidair got tears in the face with his spiked tail.(hurhurhur)

  3. keylaleigh

    Have you seen the Linkara and Filmbrain review of that? SOO EFFIN FUNNY!

    And I did the voting thing! On the poll and the comic.

  4. Revok

    liked the bonus

    not familier with “The Spirit”… gonna need to research dat

  5. Ragedoll

    Poor Frank Miller. I never saw the Spirit. I bet it’s better than the reviews say! : )
    As for the bonus comic, thank god that they haven’t attempted to steal my underwear! I never lose any of those, but I do lose the occasional sock…..

  6. Dangerdoll

    Y’all are so wrong. I had a good laugh on this one. I wanted so much for The Spirit to be good…FAIL!
    Oh, and Ragedoll I love you!

  7. Dangerdoll

    Also, the bonus is hella sweet! I de-pantsed myself on the spot :p

  8. Kiriel

    Well my panties are waiting for me to go shower in the bathroom.. if they were stolen say, before or during my shower.. 😛 We have a ton of undies we never wear here, the imps’re welcome to them (though the sockimps.. DAMN YOU SOCKIMPS!!!)
    I wonder, those people you can see shout outs to people ya know IRL? 😛
    Also Showing some love for the lady in the skull.. <3 I love myself some skulls C:

  9. dale_mettam

    I never expected to see so many pairs of underwear flying as a result of today’s bonus comic.

    It’s like a Tom Jones concert!

  10. Sicarius

    ….so -that’s- where all my good pairs of underwear have disappeared to…*shakes head*

  11. Nero Angelus

    Haha, doesn’t get much crappier then Frank Miller’s spirit. Though Frank Miller’s anything is pretty bad.

  12. Owen

    No wonder I have only TWO PAIRS of underwear in my drawer.I better watch out!

  13. Owen

    I ought to teach them a lesson!!!

  14. Wisdn

    I’m going to apologize to everyone for the sockimps over stepping their territory and going into underwear…I let a few of them watch the Gremlins movies. As a marathon. They got ideas, and, well….decided to expand their conquests. But if it makes anyone feel any better, I got some socks AND underwear stolen, so the teacher who teaches the students is not immune to the pranks of said students.

  15. Clockwork Master

    mmmm…. Fail and butter