History Aint What It Was #32

I think this strip need no commentary.  It WAS a dark day indeed.

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  1. Melkior

    I think that “very a dark day” probably should be “a very dark day”.
    Mr Squeaky the hamster says that he thinks so too, but what does a hamster know about grammar anyway? 😉

    Methinks Luci is rather fed-up with the imps gloating about all the disasters they contributed to, directly or indirectly.

    Me also thinks that Luci would have been better off reading a few history books while not watching “Real Housewives”. :-)

  2. Ragedoll

    I personally like the way tears says it! He always makes me giggle. It seems more like the end of the world kind of thing when he says very a dark day. :)

    and blasted I always seem to check it before the daily comic goes up, I’m to eager… is that an issue?

    ps when are the imp plushies coming? I want my very own tears! 😀

  3. jjmblue7

    *remembers that day and shudders*

  4. jjmblue7

    Oooh, and in the bonus comic, I noticed the pillow first and thought it was pains body. I prefer to look at it that way since it looks like a rag doll and makes me chuckle.

  5. Anonymoose

    Despite that fact that she looks more like a diminutive adult then a kid right there, I freakin’ love that shot of Luci~

  6. Sicarius

    Dark day…yep, that’s -exactly- what it was…Satan himself cried…

  7. dale_mettam

    Typo is fixed.

    Welcome Anonymoose (careful with that name… Melkior might think you made a typo). Technically aren’t ALL kids diminutive adults? Really just the timing at that point.

  8. keylaleigh

    Well, I’m not sure Luci’s history teacher would accept a project on “Real Housewives”….

    When I become an elementary school teacher, though, I just might!

  9. momcat09

    I can’t wait to see Luci’s school project…!! I think the poor kid has a parent- teacher conference in her future…!

  10. Wisdn

    Great shot of Luci there. And I, too, prefer Tears’ first method of phrasing (sorry @Melkior and Mr. Squeaky), but it seems to me that Tears (along with everyone else) was so scarred by that dark day that he is barely able to articulate his distress.

  11. comichero

    wellim pretty sure pain dreams wouldbe wonderlands of destruction and mayhem but his nightmares those would be terriffying and i aggree totaly with tears it was indeed a dark day in human history

  12. jjmblue7

    @keylaleigh: Based on my student teaching experience with second graders, you very well might get a project like that, lol! Just wish there were more teaching positions currently available in my state. >.<

  13. Revok

    the horror… THE HORROR!!!
    *wimper, wimper, sob*

    ooh, and pain does look kinda cute, in the bonus. :)

  14. thedualityprinciple

    Oh gosh! It was a dark day indeed!

  15. Kiriel

    A very very dark day.. when the power and light and hope around the world died.. Oh, and comichero.. *tackles down and snuggles* youu <3
    Poor Luci she seems so disenchanted with the world now.. xD

  16. thedualityprinciple

    How else do you suppose the seeds of teenage angst and cynicism are planted? I am pretty sure it happened very much like this for me lol.

  17. webchecker

    I think that Pain was really cute and I hope I can figure out what he is thinking.

  18. Byakugan01

    So is it Pain or Misfortune behind reality TV?

  19. dale_mettam

    I think it’s safe to say that whoever’s behind it, our guys have a great appreciation of that work.

  20. Insanity

    ohNay ommentCay