History Aint What It Was #33

Y’ know, we should probably cut Basic Cable some slack… we got quite a bit of material from it for this story arc.

Don’t forget… a NEW bonus comic is just one click… OK, technically two… clicks away!

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  1. Kiriel

    As someone with just 20something channels, I can totally attest to that in the morning it’s Steve Wilkos, Maury and Jerry Springer on one channel, and when those are over, it changes to the horrifying Wendy Williams show.. and everything else is.. basically nothing, except some maybe Court TV shows.. e_e
    basic Cable is a very evil day indeed…

  2. keylaleigh

    Jerry Springer amuses me. And I have never seen Real Housewives. But yes, the creation of cable is a pretty horrific event. I don’t see the television anymore.

    And on the bonus. I always saw Pain as the Drummer.

  3. dale_mettam

    @keylaleigh – if you heard Pain play, you would know why he choice that instrument.

  4. Sicarius

    …I only turn on the television if I’m going to watch the history channel…or I want to be depressed and/or disgusted…

  5. Iceburgh

    I get Digital Cable, which means I also get the Science Channel. I usually park it on that or Food Network.

  6. Courtney

    I’m with you Iceburgh. I can’t cook, but I sure do like the Food Network. Especially the competitive shows, like Chopped.

  7. dale_mettam

    A new WEEKENDERS just popped up on the LPI Facebook Page. HUZZAR!

  8. dale_mettam

    And a new BEHIND THE IMPS just popped up. Just remember, never stand between Celina and cake.

  9. mightybearrr

    i totally agree with that last panel

  10. Ragedoll

    Cable is the downfall of society : p haha!

  11. Wisdn

    I agree with everything that was said here. Yes, even the conflicting opinions, if there are any. However, @Rage, I prefer to think that society (with the help of all the imps, of course) is going to be its own downfall, and things like basic cable, however much credit it deserves, along with Real Housewives, are just along for the ride. And yet, even though the imps may have given society the first push down the hill (and many more along the way, especially into the rocks and/or tree stumps), I think that society as a whole is better off than if the imps had somehow been able to resist temptation or defy orders to intervene in the first place. But if society isn’t better off, it’s at the least much more entertaining, and what more do you need than that?