History Aint What It Was #34

OK, come on… did you REALLY expect anything other than an F, based on the field trip?

More to the point, do you REALLY think the guys will let it go at that?

Don’t forget to check out the bonus comic and get ready for next week as we wind up this story and start a new one a week from today.  And you don’t wanna miss next week… we introduce the OTHER SIDE.

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  1. thedualityprinciple

    Lol, nice. Can’t wait to see what the imps will do in exacting revenge! 😛

  2. Paige

    Man, I love how Lucy is so, well, awesome for such a little kid.

  3. Kiriel

    Time for the imps to pay Luci’s teacher a little visit~

  4. jjmblue7

    Glad I’m not Luci’s teacher.

  5. keylaleigh

    I got a D on a dream theory paper in psych because I invented my own theory instead of going with one of the two that we were supposed to write on, and I got the same comment that Lucy did.

    I feel for ya, girl.

  6. Ragedoll

    Poor Lucy, I suppose that’s what happens when you get to really see history instead of random people’s written versions. Haha. I also fully agree with tears :)

    The bonus comic is also full of win! I love the suit!

  7. keylaleigh

    Yeah… just read the bonus.

    It very much is full of win. Even though I’ve barely seen any Glee.

  8. Revok

    HA, i love the imps faces in panel 3. Well done!
    poor lucy…

    also: lol’d at the bonus
    the entire cast of Glee with broken legs… *shudder* ooh yeaaah…

  9. Kiriel

    Heh I just read the bonus, I find that relevant/amusing since my mom and I just started to watch the show through Netflix recently 😛

  10. webchecker

    ha,ha I love the bonus comic .I love how looks in the suit too,Ragedoll !!!

  11. comichero

    Oh kiriel thanks ther the cuddles a few pages back sorry ive ben busy as of late im really enjoying my new job i get to play with knives all day^^ also i fore see many sharp penciles in said teachers wheels

  12. comichero

    ps i also love Luci’s new shirt very cute wish i had one

  13. webchecker

    I also like Luci’s shirt is cute too,comichero !!!

  14. Wisdn

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Especially the bonus, Luci’s shirt, faces, the imps’ faces in panel 3, Tears’ comment, and the blurb. So basically the whole comic, in no particular order. I honestly wasn’t expecting an F, only because I thought teachers didn’t give out F’s too the younger grades. For me, it was always P (poor)/N (needs improvement), I (improving)/E (excellent)/CA (commendable achievement) up until around middle school. How the times have changed… Also, @Kiriel, is @comichero the only one who gets tacklesnuggles (nothing against you @comichero)? I could use some tacklesnuggles right about now…

  15. Kiriel

    Also I know this is Monday’s strip.. but.. ALL HAIL THE ONE HUNDREDTH LUCI PHURR’S IMP STRIP!!!!! DO YOU WANT SOME OXYCLEAN!?

  16. Sailorleo

    I’ve never heard of a school using a non-letter grading system before High School, myself, and even then, it was usually just P/NP (Passing/Non-Passing – generally used for classes where the subject is subjective, like art or music)

  17. dale_mettam

    @Sailorleo (welcome) the local Elementary School near me uses letter grades as early as THIRD grade. Not in all areas… there are some parts of the report card that have a straight S (Satisfactory) or N (Not Satisfactory). However, you’re assuming in this case the F stands for FAIL and not FANTASY.

  18. Wisdn

    @dale Of course…how could I (or we, if others want to take some credit for it) have been so blind?