History Aint What It Was #36

I’m gonna assume that in reality, Luci has no real idea what just happened to her History Teacher… but this is one of those weird strips where it’s not entirely clear if Luci is softening the Imps (see Alisdair and Tears’ reactions) or if maybe Luci is drifting to the dark-side.

We’ll be traveling through time again next year, but for now, it’s time to move on to a new story.  Make sure you’re here Monday, because we’re gonna introduce some new characters to the world of Luci Phurr’s Imps.  So far we’ve been focused on Mr. D’s team.  Next week you’ll meet some of Mr. G’s players.

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  1. Ragedoll

    I love it! Luci’s expressions are just priceless! This has got to be one of my favourites so far. Snort out loud funny!

  2. thedualityprinciple

    OMG this was AWESOME!! lol, I would love to have seen what the imps said/did to the teacher… 😛

  3. Kiriel

    Awwwh she’s so cute when she’s excited, not all jaded from seeing history :3 I wanna snuggle her, but then I’m afraid I might get put on a list for life after being hurt by police ;3; (they overreact SO much x.x)
    Tears looks.. disturbed or something.
    AAAND Alisdair does another headsmack YAY <3
    Pain's satisfied smirk is awesome, too..

  4. Kiriel

    Also. .this is the 102nd strip o.o

  5. twichyfan

    really looking forward to seeing how “Mr.G’s” team is completely dysfunctional.

  6. twichyfan

    hit permalink on accident just ignore it

  7. Anime fan

    Very effective

  8. Bismarck

    Oh NO! The “other” team is going to show up!
    Lets get ready!
    —Sharpens knives—

  9. Sicarius

    Okay, this strip is full of twenty kinds of awesomeness…*grins*

  10. Scott King

    I’m a tad disappointed we didn’t get to see the scene with the teacher.

  11. dale_mettam

    @Scott (welcome) in the same way we had some interest in seeing just what the Imps had done with a certain “celebrity” …while Courtney and I DO have some ideas on what happened, we think occasionally you guys would likely have more fun deciding for yourselves. 😀

    @twichyfan (also welcome) what makes you think we won’t show Mr. G’s crew won’t be a tight, smooth-running organization that is efficiency incarnate? Beyond all evidence in the strip so far that points to the complete opposite of that being likely. 😀

  12. Lisa

    Today’s incentive is definitely the BEST one yet!

  13. webchecker

    I totally love the bonus comic !!!

  14. purplerose133

    awww lucy is so happy …

  15. Ragedoll

    Ok Bonus comic is amazing! I loooove it! Ali is pretty strong. Impressive!

  16. Kiriel

    Ok my fellow Impers, I need your help with something, if at all possible… I am trying to find my father..
    He is in Seattle, Washington from what I can find online..
    His name: Alexander Lesse Smith
    Birthplace: Athens, Greece
    Birthname: Something along the liens of Alekos Lesse something(we don’t know his last name before he came here with his mom and her new american husband)
    Birthday: Either March 25th or 27th, 1965, he’s an Aries.

  17. Revok

    -in regards to the comic- Very well done, absolutly loved it.

    also: random thought (blame the breakfast pasta) but will there be “posters” for team G. or is that strictly a team D. …perk…?

    -@Sicarius(from last page): I suppose you do have a point …
    -@dale(from last page): NO I haven’t seen who took it … I also probably havn’t seen which photo your refering to (I don’t do much…)

    -@Kiriel: for those who can help any idea where to start?

  18. dale_mettam

    @Revok – Wait until you see Team G. BWAH HA HA HA HA HAR! And lemme just say before you DO see them, THIS is the result of me talking Courtney DOWN.

  19. Wisdn

    I am interested in seeing how relatively well together the Imps are, compared to the other team. Re the blurb: I think it’s a little bit of both (Luci slightly softening the Imps as well as them bringing her ever closer (asymptotically, of course, assuming she stays the same age, relatively, throughout the strip’s entirety). Great bonus, as well. @Kiriel: I second Revok. Any suggestions of your own for those of us who want to help? @dale and @Courtney (via @Kiriel): Happy (over) and belated 100th strip. It is a great accomplishment, and everyone who works on the strip should be very proud. I will now have a celebratory drink in honor of all of you, and I’m looking forward to many more Happy multiples of 100.

  20. keylaleigh

    Hee… if only I could’ve had that done to my Psychology teacher…

  21. Courtney

    @Wisdn and Kiriel: Thanks for the 100th strip recognition! I had no idea. I’ll gladly join you in a celebratory drink. “Here’s to the next 100 strips!” Huzzar!

  22. Melkior

    I do hope that “team G” won’t be the stereotypical “dysfunctional wusses” which so many stories and comics depict them as these days. That would be boring. Making “Team G” seriously dangerous to the imps would be far more interesting.

    After all, according to the only records available, “Team G” kicked “Team D’s” butts well and truly in the War In Heaven before kicking them out.

    What’s more, if those same records are to be believed, “Team D” has already lost the war and are only going for “spoilsports of the Universe” status now. Kind of “Misery Loves Company” on an eternal scale.

    Hmmmm….. maybe Luci has been under the unseen protection of an Angel all this time completely unknown to the imps? Perhaps the whole “Team G” plan all this time was to use Luci’s innocence and love as a weapon against the imps? After all, as mentioned already, they do seem to be softening up (except Pain, but he’s not smart enough to realise what a jerk he is). :-)

  23. SamB

    Nuts! I’ve caught up!

  24. twichyfan

    @ dale
    I did not say Mr.G’s team would not be efficient, just dysfunctional. My personal image of them is having some lose screws but being quite capable of dealing with the imps. . . but for some reason i can not explain I think Luci will be a BIG problem to G’s team.

  25. dale_mettam

    @ SamB – the plus side to catching up, you get to see all the bonus comics as they happen. You probably missed about 50 so far. So there IS a silver-lining.

    @twichy – Don’t worry. You’ll get to see how things begin to play out on Monday. However, characters evolve… and the way things start out might not be a good indication of how they end up. We have VERY big picture plan that is running under the strips and the stories as they play out.

  26. NeoDarklight

    Nyeheheheh. I can’t WAIT to see the results of your… development. BTW, I don’t think it’s so much that Luci’s going to the dark side OR that the imps are softening up. I think they just started to drift closer together. After all, the difference between good and evil is only how you perceive them.

  27. dale_mettam

    Here’s the situation on the WEEKENDERS and BEHIND THE IMPS. Facebook will change the way the pages work on Monday, meaning we’ll have about half the space (width) to play with. That kinda makes it hard to see the whole strips, so we’re not gonna post them here anymore. HOWEVER, we’ve already set up an alternative and that should be up and running very soon. Watch this space.

  28. dale_mettam

    We now have new links up there on the right. WEEKENDERS and BEHIND THE IMPS are back, complete with two new strips (one for each) for this Saturday and Sunday.

  29. Wisdn

    @NeoDarklight I think you and I are saying the same thing here with regards to good and evil. Great minds think alike. Also, is “NeoDarklight” supposed to sound like the name of one of the Mighty Ducks (from the cartoon series)?