Deus Ex-Pletive #1

Welcome to the start of a new story arc.  Meet some of TEAM G… and specifically Kevin Angel.  Bet you weren’t expecting him to look quite like this.  Don’t worry though, this is only a temporary look.

Check out the new BONUS comic.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you regulars how to find the bonus.  And if we have any new readers, a) Welcome; b) Hope you’re enjoying the strips; c) Say “Hi!” to us in the comments below; and d) You were smart enough to start reading Luci Phurr’s Imps, you’re therefore smart enough to work out how to get the bonus (CLUE: check out the bonus comic button just below).

Finally, we have a new location for THE WEEKENDERS and BEHIND THE IMPS.  Now if you don’t like Facebook, and never went there, you can see the mini-archive we’ve built up and follow the new strips as they appear.

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Discussion (32) ¬

  1. Ragedoll

    I really have to stop checking this before the new bonus comic comes out… haha Great strip! They’re adorable!

  2. Kiriel

    Ah.. our mortal enemies finally show up.. >3 time for us to wage a war guys~ ;D

  3. Kiriel

    Haha, at the bonus comic.. very funny guys about the plushie.. but..but ;A; IT’S SO CUTEEEEEEE…..

  4. LydaLynn

    *waves and gives a dutiful*


  5. dale_mettam

    Well “Hi!” right back at ya, LydaLynn! 😀

  6. Wizard

    Meh, the disclaimers on the doll weren’t half as scary as your average pharmaceutical commercial. I watch those and think to myself, “What does this drug cure that could possibly be worse than these side effects?”

  7. Revok

    … and here i’d thought He’d been playing paper mario…
    regardless, VERY well done!!!
    seeing team G. as a bunch of floating stars … mmmm…. :)

    also: where can i get one of those “prototypes” ?

  8. Courtney

    @Wizard: Wait til’ you see the PAIN doll. 😀

    @LydaLynn: *waves back with a smile*

  9. Sicarius

    …*closes open mouth*…”It’s a Wonderful Life”?! Bleh, I say! BLEH!!

  10. Sicarius

    …Oh…and…*girly squeal* Alisdair plushie!!! …Okay, so it’s not a reality, but still…

  11. webchecker

    I just looked at the bonus comic and I think that the alistair pulshies are cute (Even though it is toxic and filled with rusty nails,gravel,and syringes from the testing lab !!!)

  12. LydaLynn

    *wary grin to dale and Courtney then goes back into hiding*

  13. dale_mettam

    See, Courtney. You HAD to get fancy and do the waving and frighten one of our readers. SHEESH!

  14. Kiriel

    *zooms over Lyda and pounces, snuggling* welcome to the family!! 😀

  15. Mitul

    Hi Dale…
    love pain…. dat guy’s is d awesomest cool dude around…. :-p
    This will surely help me beat my post-lunch-drool in the office… :-p

    keep up the EVIL work… :-)

  16. dale_mettam

    Hey there Mitul. You would LOVE Courtney then… Pain is based heavily on my partner in crime. At least that’s how it feels most of the time. Mostly in my nether-regions. (That said, I believe he has said the same about me… so on the plus-side there, at least we’re well matched.)

  17. keylaleigh


    I’m a day late, and there’s a double-dosage of cuteness waiting for me!

    I love you guys.

  18. Qualo

    Love the comics, the bonus comic in particular.

  19. dale_mettam

    Thanks, Qualo.

  20. LydaLynn

    *haz been pounced and cuddled by a Kiriel – tries to decide how to feel about that*

  21. Revok

    wow… three people in one day… cool

    @Kiriel: your traumatising her…

  22. LydaLynn

    *tries out feeling traumatized . . . decides it doesn’t fit, continues contemplating*

  23. Kiriel

    Awh.. but..but *pouts up, her lower lip quivering as she whimpered, clinging tighter and puppydog eyes at Revok* but she’s cuddly…

  24. Ragedoll

    Ok finally checked the bonus comic, and I want one. But I REALLY want a tears one : ) ppppleeease!?

  25. Wisdn

    @Revok, let @Kiriel have her fun, once in a while. @Kiriel, you have my permission to continue non-traumatizing @LydaLynn. @dale and @Courtney, very well done. Great bonus, as well, although perhaps the Boss could have chosen a better show to watch. @Courtney I, too, am interested in the prototype of the Pain doll. And am I the only one who thought Kevin Angel was going to look like a cross (no pun intended) between Criss Angel and Sephiroth (sword included)?

  26. dale_mettam

    @Wisdn – This is Kevin “off duty” so to speak. You will see his more earthly form soon.

  27. LydaLynn

    Gahk! *suffocating*

  28. lovedove830

    Hi! I just started reading this comic and I just got done. I love it already. The humor and art is just fantastic!
    So to Dale and Courtney, keep rocking!

  29. Courtney

    Thanks! And welcome to gathering Lovedove.

  30. dale_mettam

    I’m blushing.

  31. lovedove830

    @Courtney No problem 😀 Keep up the good work.
    @dale_mettam Aw, you. (hand-swipe thingy)

    By the way, you all can just call me Brandi. That’s what I’m mostly known as :)

  32. Wisdn

    @dale SCARTH-CA-ROTH!