Deus Ex-Pletive #2

Because… y’ know… stylin’ is important… even for angels.  And that 1920’s look never really goes out of style.

In fairness, Will Smith can make pretty much anything look good.

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  1. LydaLynn

    I love Kevin in the last panel – angry star is so cute!

  2. Dan Genesis

    Oh you silly star.

  3. comichero

    and ive made my triumphant return to the land of the living Huzzah i say , a thousand huzzzahsalso if any one really wants to knife the G-men i sell the world best kitchent knives garunteeded to stay sharp for 10 years also @ Wisdn yes iw as the only special enough to resive Kiriel’s snuggle hugs till the cuddliness of Lydalynn bewitched her but i highly recommend to any and all whom are capible of getting on kiriel’s snuggle hug list to part take often as they are very nice i kinda miss it now but my fault really for traversing the path of the dead

  4. LydaLynn

    *gives comichero snugglehugs until Kiriel gets here*

  5. Ragedoll

    ooooh cute! I want a star!! 😀
    The bonus comic is also full of win. Much enjoyable today guys! Good work!

  6. Sicarius

    @ comichero *pats on back* Welcome back to the land of the living…hope you had a fairly easy go of it clawing through that coffin, after that having to dig your way out of the hard packed earth is a cinch, eh?

    *grins* Pain as Sinbad…That is freaking awesome! ^^

  7. Revok

    @comichero: soo… no grave robbing then?… :(

    Comic, woo
    bonus, woo

    LydaLynn being able to breath again, woo

  8. keylaleigh

    hehe… sinbad.

  9. LydaLynn

    *celebrates with Revok and the breathing*

  10. Laura

    Since the first day I found ya’ll (about a week ago) I read everything. You guys have a real gift. You managed to make me laugh out loud and smile. Thank you for your talented works.

  11. Courtney

    @Laura: Welcome and thanks a million for the kind words. I’m glad you were able to get a chuckle or two out of the strips. I blame the writer, Dale. When let free of his cage, chaos and humor are usually close behind!

  12. dale_mettam

    @Laura – I echo m’ colleague’s welcome and thanks, but have to concede, when he descends from his ivory tower to mix with us po’ folk, he adds a certain something special.

    …but yeah, mostly it’s me. SHYA!

  13. Kiriel

    *grrs and clings to comichero, giving him plenty of snugglehugs* mine >.> he’s the only one here to have heard my voice, even.. ;D He sounds adorableness <3
    Also… uhm.. o3o I forgot… I think we need to let the writer out of his cage more often.. we NEED plenty of chaos and humor in the world 😀

  14. Wisdn

    I personally would have gone with Starsky and Hutch as the show to watch…@comichero Welcome back. Good thing you learned the one inch punch, no? And yes, I will keep trying, though I doubt I’ll get in @Kiriel’s good graces as much as you anytime soon.