Deus Ex-Pletive #4

As we can see, just as Hell is a massive bureaucratic nightmare,  Heaven also has it’s rules and regulations that seem to make no sense to the employees.  And I think we’ve all worked someplace where you can see why they might have had some rule about wearing a hairnet while working in the early days of the company, but that was fifteen years ago, and you work in the I.T. department… but I digress.

You would think however, that Mr. G has near (if not completely) limitless resources – and even if he’s decided to be more of a hands-off CEO, spending his days playing golf and catching up on his reading (because come on, when you’re working for a living, you just don’t have time sit and read War & Peace, East of Eden (wasn’t what he expected), The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (he had a personal reason for enjoying this one) and the latest Nora Roberts) you’d make sure your upper-management team had what they needed to dominate the market.  But then I suppose this is possibly part of working in mysterious ways.

Make sure you check out the NEW bonus comic.  Hopefully you guys think this one is just as cute.

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  1. comichero

    lol that nice team -g worrying about limitless reasouces and how to porperallocate them well haveing limitless reasouces is a rather nasty problem cuz you know you have enough to do what ever you want but you wanna be efficent as well but thats were incentives come in handy like for example you have a team of uber doctors tellthem to cure cancer adn if they do their families wont have to pay taxes ever again nice insentive to do it quick and do it right tho i am much more of a fan for Mr.D’s Incentive progam get it done or i’ll through you in a pit of lava

  2. keylaleigh

    Why do I get the strangest feeling that the mushrooms grown from the Pain Plushie are of the Poisonous ilk?

  3. Revok

    HAH, loved the Pain plushie

    @comichero: odd… i always pictured a misbehaving imp being tied up and tossed into a pit of Carebears *shudder* …

  4. dale_mettam

    GOOD LORD, Revok! Even Mr. D. wouldn’t stoop to THAT!

    Oh, the humanity!

  5. LydaLynn

    *hides her ‘Good-Luck-Bear’ plushie*

  6. comichero

    lol that great a pit of care-bears i was more of care bear cousin person i stillhave my bright heart raccon *snuggles* and dot for get what ever dont kill yeah makes you stronger so me and Lyda have tempered ourselves in care-bears so if team-g wnats to play dirty and flood us with care bears we’ll be impervious to their cuddly goodness ha ha and ha bring it on team g

  7. Kiriel

    *zooms over and tackles comichero* YAY MINE >3> *snuggles, chuffing as her tail wagged* I wubs you :3
    *wriggles happily*
    Also… even with limitless resources.. maybe it takes too much power for Mr G as more and more people drift towards our boss instead? 😉
    Alsooo…… this is the pain plushie it says “having learned a valuable lesson from the PAIN plushie..” ?

  8. dale_mettam



    Would you buy that there was a time-loop anomaly?

  9. keylaleigh

    Seeing the mayhem of the previous arc, yes I would.

  10. comichero

    is tackled adn sunggled* oh hello there* huzzah i say for impish wub and i dont know limitless by defintion means with out end so Mr G cant get tired but i bet he would get serverly annoyed

  11. DktrAgonizer

    Hi-ho, just found this comic today and read through all of it. I completely love it! It’s funny, the art’s great, and all the imps (including the IMPosters) have really clever designs. You guys do great work. :3

  12. Courtney

    @DktrAgonizer: Welcome to the neighborhood! Glad you’re enjoying the strip!

  13. Kiriel

    Welcome to the depths of hell.. 😉 it’s actually quite fun here~ :3 Welcome to a devilishly likeminded(hopefully) group of outcasts and misfits.. I hope you enjoy your stay C:

    Also.. *snuggles on comichero more, licking his neck before hiding away* >3>

  14. Sicarius

    Outcasts and misfits FTW, neh! ^^

  15. Sicarius

    aaaaand….hehehe, Pain plushie ^^ woot!

  16. dale_mettam

    Lest anyone should worry, the Pain Plushie induced time/space continuum rift has been fixed.

    As have the typos. 😀

  17. LydaLynn

    *has nothing productive to say – but felt like posting anyway*

  18. comichero

    what ever happened to the tour guide that was set up all iknow is that girl has beeen doing her job all these nee people wandering right is not right this isnt limbo you know this is hell we are a highly orginized and efficent machine that loves to have fun at the water park and the roller coasters thatwe have here who is any suposed to find themif the tour guide lady its ding their job i know i did it once but that was for training purposes only some is getting a bad quaterly review thats all i know

  19. comichero

    *ps * pets kiriel and watches her run off and hide*

  20. Wisdn

    @dale I kind of liked the Crichton-ized version…but I like this one a lot, too. @Sicarius we are the most powerful group in the entire Universe. Ever. @comichero I too, have built up a resistance to carebears…you still have to watch out for the sentient ones, however. They can bite pretty hard.

  21. Ragedoll

    Awesome strip! – But I warn you I want to see a tears prototype plushie or there will by karma!

  22. dale_mettam

    @Ragedoll – You’ll need to take that up with m’ colleague.

  23. Wisdn

    @dale and @Courtney…how about a Forcas plushie? (The real one, not the outsourced one.)