Deus Ex-Pletive #7

Well, here it is, some fancy art from our resident art team and we get to see what Kevin looks like when he’s walking the streets, mixing with you and I.

Somebody start that stopwatch!

Check out the new Bonus Comic and don’t forget to call you Mom and say “Hi.”

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  1. comichero

    lol Kevin Angel nice well explains why he loses bodies so much angel boy has hero issues

  2. LydaLynn

    . . . I like him better as a star . . . *bricked*

  3. Kiriel

    Jeebus.. giant chin of doom.. *cries, hiding behind comichero as she clings to him, nuzzling* ;3;
    Why do I have a feeling he’s about to be hit by a car..?

  4. viper

    i foresee either a train, a car, or if theyre in california, a trolley hitting him xD

  5. LydaLynn

    LOVE the incentive!!! *shows my age*

  6. NeoDarklight

    Wow. He is completely different from what I imagined him looking like. Though I got the blond part right.

  7. Topazert

    Oh, God why….?

  8. Kiriel

    I just realized he looks like a blonde Gaston.. >.> Pull his hair back in a ponytail and dye it black(brown?) voila :3

  9. Ouroboros

    I love the halo over the word bubble in the last frame.

  10. Ragedoll

    Oh wow last three strips are awesome. He’s much cuter as a star! <3 I agree with Ouroboros, the halo is awesome! Can't wait to see if he walks an old lady across the street or pulls a cat out of a tree hehe 😀

  11. Courtney

    @Kiriel: Family Guy was on in the background when I was drawing this. I think Quagmire’s chin subliminally crept in. 😀

    @Viper: I foresee a steamroller.

    @Ragedoll: I was thinking he’d pull an old lady out of a tree. 😀

  12. Sicarius

    *cackles* That incentive is hilarious…

  13. DktrAgonizer

    That is one MANLY chin. He could probably use it as a weapon, nyahaha.

    Lulz-worthy incentive. Love it!

  14. comichero

    lol thunderimps nice reminds me that i have some thundercat actionfigures down in my room but i think its going to be a bus that or accident falldown an open man hole

  15. Ouroboros

    What is this incentive everyone speaks of? I do not understand. ;_;

  16. dale_mettam

    @ Ouroboros – scroll up to the MONDAY MAYHEM BONUS COMIC thing. Click it. Click the VOTE thing on the page that opened there and you see a bonus (incentive to vote… but really our way of saying thank you for voting). We generally do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s what we do… we’re just giving kinda guys.

  17. Ouroboros

    @dale_mettam – Of course! The bonus comic! It’s all becoming clear to me now…the fish, that stale sandwich in the fridge with one bite taken out of it…it all makes sense now!

  18. dale_mettam

    It is ALWAYS the fish.

  19. Dan Genesis

    Angelman, AWAY! *shot*

  20. Enigma

    *thinks* mmmm na I see him getting “killed” by infireing with the Imps or the “victiom” in some manner ^_^

  21. dangerdoll

    it’s fabio! who knew he was an angel- lolz

  22. dale_mettam

    But for how long, dangerdoll? For how long?

  23. Bismarck

    Good grief!!!!! I want into the Pool, put me down for 13 seconds!

  24. jjmblue7

    @ Kiriel: D’ya think he’s especially good at expectorating?

  25. comichero

    Okay Kevin is off in delusional hero mode adn fails to notice tehr crack next to himas soon as he make a move toward the troble he is going to trip and get ran over

  26. Kiriel

    *snuggles up on comichero’s lap, nuzzling his chest and murrs* Iii love you~

    And..and Courtney… I see whatcha mean about the Quagmireness of him.. I had.. a scary dream once where Quagmire tried to sleep with me.. e_e

  27. lovedove830

    ….Nice hair, Kevin. I wonder what shampoo he uses.

  28. keylaleigh


    I heard heroic trumpet music when I saw the last panel.

  29. LydaLynn

    Honestly – my problem with the angel is . . . not only is it not longer a cute star, but – I just can’t see him hanging out with a little girl and trying to persuade her not to listen to the imps – who are her size – unless he has ‘divine-age-altering-corporeal-form’ powers – and thus would hang out with her as another little kid.

  30. comichero

    *pets kiriel* aww thanks ^^ @ Lyda yeah im gonna have to agree with you onthat one it would seem a bit creepy then again the g man did knock up another mans wife sooo yeah

  31. Wisdn

    I’m pretty sure I basically nailed that description of Kevin Angel…he definitely seems like he has a Hero Complex (or Gaston Complex, if you prefer)…the compulsive need to save absolutely everything and everyone, in any situation….even those that need no saving. Great bonus comic, as well. Can’t wait to see what happens to him…I’m going with the situation of him trying to save something or someone, and injuring himself to the point of death, possibly by getting run over by a car or a trolley or something like that.

  32. Wisdn

    And yes, I will also be quoting that outburst slightly more than infrequently, as well.