Deus Ex-Pletive #8

OH MAN!  We’re back with those stars again!  Somebody get the art team on the phone now!

And the official time, marked by the official time keeper on the official stopwatch is….

15.1 seconds


Check out the new Bonus Comic and don’t forget to call you Mom and say we said “Hi.”

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Discussion (21) ¬

  1. Courtney

    Since technically we have no idea what actually hit Kevin Star, I’m gonna make a wild guess. I think it was a clown in a bumper car.

  2. Dan Genesis

    Most likely.

    Also, I’m totally quoting his little outburst somewhere.

  3. Kiriel

    Well eh said that.. not he or she.. so clown is very much a viable option… >.>
    *zooms over since her clingypeoples not be here and latches onto Courtney* hihihihihii~

  4. Topazert

    I say it was pain rolling around after eating something really big!

  5. Snowgods

    I Don’t Know, the crack in the road looks kinda like home at the moment.
    (I Hate Aftershocks)

  6. keylaleigh

    Hmm… clowns in bumper cars are fine and dandy, but bumper cars are usually attached to their attraction. It was definitely Alisdair in some way, shape, or form.

  7. Courtney

    @ Topazert: Perhaps Pain ate the clown and the bumper car, thus causing a snowball effect.

    @Kiriel: Sure, we can hang out and watch episodes of ThunderImps, until ComicHero gets here. The Imps are in the kitchen making snacks (which really worries me), and Dale is on his way back with the Absinthe.

    @ Keylaleigh: You’re absolutely right! Whether the impact was caused by a clown in a bumper car, a projectile unicycle, or a massive loogie released from the tallest building…it was definitely Alisdair.

  8. LydaLynn

    I don’t know why – but the angry star really just makes me want to cuddle it!

    As for what hit him, my thought is that he was trying to help and old granny – who though he was trying to mug her – and she pulled out her gun and shot him – cause . . . it amuses me to think that.

    *cuddles the Kiriel/Courtney combo*

  9. DktrAgonizer

    Aw, looks like nobody got the time.

    I’m lovin the incentive… and the idea of Imp puppets. :3

  10. dangerdoll

    OMG that is so full of WIN!

  11. Ragedoll

    *twitches* clowns… It wouldn’t surprise me though, clowns are mean mean scary things…

    and the bonus comic, is amazing : )

  12. Kiriel

    *nuzzles Courtney softly, giggling and gazed up* or we could force the Imps to watch Ulysses 31 with us.. >.>

  13. comichero

    id hace to dis agree no one hit the time dead on but dan was the colsest with 13.3 seconds * gives kiriel/courtney/Lyda combo i gaint bear hug* thunderimps ho!

  14. Ouroboros

    Hahaha….I just love the expression on the other angel’s starry face. It says everything.

  15. Kiriel

    *squeals and clings to comichero tightly, nuzzling into the grouphug and sighs happily* I miss talking to you on the phone, mister >C

  16. Enigma

    I going to say it was a truck loaded with high explosives *nods then moves FAR FAR way from the mass hugging* and umm ahhh I’ll be over here WAY WAY over here.

  17. Wisdn

    Definitely Alisdair…definitely, definitely Alisdair…wow, I wasn’t even close on the time. Great bonus comics recently, as well.

  18. Wisdn

    And yes, I will also be quoting that outburst slightly more than infrequently, as well.

  19. lovedove830

    I vote Alisdair. I mean c’mon, he’s Misfortune. Who else could it be?

  20. Kiriel

    Everyone loves Alisdair.. I love Tears but hell, he IS my cousin.. 😉

    (Also… Pain reminds me of Cartman..)

  21. lovedove830

    Maybe I should ask Dave on Alisdair’s dating status…

    …Oh! Did I type that outloud?