Deus Ex-Pletive #10

It looks like Kevin is getting close to his LAST CHANCE.  Let’s hope he can keep it together, do the good stuff he’s supposed to, but not trash the body he’s been given to work with.

SHYA!  Like THAT is gonna happen.

And now on to the BIG news.  First, we wanna tell you about the book we’re working on.  It will be the complete collection of Luci Phurr’s Imps strips from this year plus a whole bunch of extras we’ve been working on.  You should see a new tab up above and link on the left of the page that takes you to a new page on the site that will give you updates on where we’re at and when the book will be due out… and while we don’t have a set date locked in, you might wanna think about adding it to your Christmas List.

The second and more immediately awesome news is we have a range of Luci Phurr’s Imps shirts available.  Check out the link on the right there and head over to the Penny Farthing on-line store.  We’re really excited about the shirts and hope you guys will like them too.

And as usual, we’ve got a new bonus comic up (which we know will make some of you VERY happy).  What a way to start the week, huh?

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  1. Kiriel

    Since it’s my birthday Oct 2nd.. maybe I’ll see if I can somehow get one of the Tears shirts 😉
    *teases* or you guys could do it for me? ;P (I’m joking, dun worry)

  2. Kiriel

    Also I can’t wait to see him in the junker body (when ti gets down to ti.. xD)

  3. Sicarius

    …Hmmm…I think I’m going to place at least ten grand on the blue star maintaining that annoyingly smug look while simultaneously managing to further degrade and irk Kevin upon his (Kevin’s) return….

  4. viper

    ill place ten grand on kevin not lasting more than one strip in his new body…..

  5. comichero

    i bet he shows up as a random hobo and get tossed under a bus also happy eairly B-day Kiriel my puppies birthdays are the 4th of oct. also im rather intersed Dale which page fasinated your inker so much in Tobin’s Spirit guide and also since team g love to cheat and the betting i decline to place a bet on how long he’ll last

  6. keylaleigh

    First off, I’m betting a minute. Maybe he’ll be careful with a junker.

    Oh yes, and that Pain shirt is totally mine when I have money.

  7. Ragedoll

    I hope he get’s a junker this time : ) I would love to see him as Paris Hilton or something hahaha.. and Plushie is ftw! Super cute I want one too! haha.

    Do the shirts really only come in one size? I don’t want to be swimming in a mens shirt :(

  8. Courtney

    @ Kiriel: Funny you mentioned birthdays, as today is mine. I too will be getting a Tears shirt and singing, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” 😀

    @Ragedoll: I see what you mean. We’ll get all of that cleared up today (hopefully). We currently have S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Oh, and they come laced in star dust.

  9. LydaLynn

    Okay – I so need a star plushie!!!

    My birthday’s come and gone too recently to be a good excuse for a shirt – maybe my anniversary or Christmas would be a good occasion for a shirt – shall have to whisper into hubby’s ear.

    HAPPY NATAL DAY Courtney!!!

    So for you, a birthday dirge:

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    Doom and gloom and dark despair
    People dying everywhere!
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    May the candles on your cake
    Burn like cities in your wake.
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    Burn the castle, storm the keep
    Kill the women, save the sheep
    For your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    Birthdays come but once a year
    Marking time as Death draws near
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    Now that you’re the age you are
    Your demise cannot be far
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    Burn, then rape by firelight
    Add _romance_ to life tonight
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    Indigestion’s what you get
    From the enemies you ‘et
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    We love children, yes we do
    Baked or broiled or in a stew
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    May your deeds with sword and axe
    Equal those with sheep and yaks
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    This one lesson you must learn
    First you pillage, then you burn
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    While you eat your birthday stew
    We will loot the town for you,
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    When you’ve reached this age you know
    That the mind is first to go
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

    It’s your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)
    So far Death you have bypassed
    Don’t look back, he’s gaining fast
    On your Birthday! (thud!) Happy Birthday! (thud!)

  10. Ragedoll

    Yay!!! I’m super excited, I think I might have to wait for the book, shipping to Canada is expensive… lol

    And I think the Imps would approve of Courtney’s birthday song!

  11. dale_mettam

    Well, there’s no way I can follow LydaLynn, so I’ll just wish my work spouse a Happy 63rd Birthday.

    He doesn’t LOOK his age… but if you think about this comic and read between the lines, it ALL makes sense.

  12. Avarice and Charity 4ever

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Courtney and kiriel.

  13. Courtney

    @LydaLynn: In the voice of “Comic Book Guy” from the Simpsons. “Best Birthday Dirge Ever!”

    @Ragedoll: Just pick it up when you’re in town again. 😀

    @Dale: At 63 years old (as you put it), I still have a long way to go to meet the quota of good deeds needed to keep from meeting up with the imps. *trips old lady while typing this*

    @Avarice: Thank you! 😀

  14. Wizard

    I’ve noticed two things about the merchandise:
    a. Side effects always seem to include “death”
    b. Experiencing some of the other side effects might very well leave one wishing for the merciful release of death…

    Oh, and the shirt designs are nothing short of brilliant.

  15. DktrAgonizer

    I’m betting on four minutes this time.

    Also, those shirts are AWESOME, natch. And only ten dollars, really? Frickin sweet! Now I just need money… And I’m torn between Alisdair and Pain. Hrm.

    Oh, happy birthday to Courtney too. :3

  16. Kiriel

    *huggles to Courtney and licks his cheek, giggling* Happy birthday 😉 I’m glad you guys’re around.. and hmm how old’re you reallyyy?
    (Also if you ARE a closet stoner and Dale has semi suggested… ever try the K2 incense stuff that works the same as weed? ;P)

  17. keylaleigh

    I have my happies on the birthday thing on Facebook.

  18. Ragedoll

    @Courtney, Ima trying to get down there, but you know school kind of sucks up all my free time and money… Maybe during reading week… It would much much warmer there in February than here..

  19. Revok

    Happy Birthday Courtney! :)

    @LydaLynn: Woo!!! …maybe i just get out enough, but you are one of the three people (outside of Adria) i’ve met who knows that song.
    (T’is a tad cleaner than the one we sing though…) :)

  20. Revok

    woops ment to say “i don’t get out enough”

  21. Revok

    btw- i bet 10min

  22. Anime fan

    My money’s on about 20 minutes this time, he’ll try to be a bit more cautious.

  23. LydaLynn

    @Revok – actually – this upcoming weekend – I know of a good 100+ people who will be singing it – but it is rather rare outside a select group of folks. As for cleaner – I refrained from using all the verses.

  24. dale_mettam

    I’m sure our younger readers appreciate your restraint, LydaLynn.

    OK, I’m sure our younger readers parents, appreciate your restraint.

  25. Dangerdoll

    @Courtney You would be a number 13 baby associated with imps! Guess what the 13th card in a tarot deck is! lol Anywho, Happy Birthday! Looking forward tot he book and I’ll be rocking the Pain T-shirt! w0000tz!

  26. dale_mettam

    @m’colleague – heed the warning of Dangerdoll. BEWARE THE SALMON MOUSSE!!!

  27. Courtney

    I’m gonna bet…13 minutes. Just seems appropriate for some reason. 😀

    @ ALL: Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!!

  28. comichero

    Epic fail Dale it was salmon Paste, and two fo them didnt eat it Lydalynn epic song love it i can picuter at troupe of disgrunteled viking going town to town and singing that song to you my dear friend courtney happy 63rd as you are a senior citzen almost im sure you could convince people that you were i demand you go and give your self a heart attack in some slezzy strip joint if you and dale lived near me i would deffinatly tag along inthe celabratory events maybe get my brother to show his epic barfing skills he can run fulltilt and hurll with out missing a beat tis amazing to behold

  29. dale_mettam

    If it pleases the court, I submit the following.

    Around the 5:25 mark.

    Epic what? WHAT? Epic….?

  30. LydaLynn

    I lol at the epic mousse!

  31. comichero

    forgive me dale you have humbled me within my own dojo i am truely ashamed to call my self a Python the epic failure is mine not yours good sir

  32. Kiriel

    *zooms over and licks on comichero’s cheek* >3>

  33. Ouroboros

    Belated happy birthday, Courtney!

    Blue star says the archangels are watching…but what?

    Me? I say Buffy re-runs.

  34. Sicarius

    …20 grand on 17.35 minutes…just because I can…